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  1. Thanks guys. The weld in the superstructure is pretty much from the kit mould. The welds were highlighted using a pencil and some dry brushing. The mud is a mix of different combinations of a light spray of brown, and then some Tamiya model compacts. (greatest things I have used for a while!)





  2. Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Elefant (Sd.Kfz. 184) 2.Kp.Isch.Pzjg.Abt.653, SE Poland – August 1944.


    Finished today is my Trumpeter “Elefant” in 1/72 scale (#07204). This is an operational vehicle depicted from the 653rd Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion, with weathering and decals to depict a machine in Poland in late summer 1944. 2 Company was formed as a consolidated Elefant unit from usable machines located in that area, and had a total strength of 12 on hand at that time.


    The kit goes together well, and was one of the first Trumpeter armor kits released in 2003. Included are the correct photoetched brass parts for the updated Elefant engine grilles, and a somewhat complicated track system. (I timed it as about 104 minutes per side to assemble the tracks) The antenna was added, and the “221” translates, I believe, to 2 Company/2 Platoon/Vehicle 1. Really quite a fun build, with an enjoyable painting and weathering experience.


    Only one 1:1 Elefant remains today. Enjoy!





    Resized to 97% (was 800 x 498) - Click image to enlargeElefant1-stdbqrtr.jpg




    Resized to 97% (was 800 x 511) - Click image to enlargeElefant6portqrtr.jpg






    Resized to 97% (was 800 x 375) - Click image to enlargeElefant5stbdview.jpg






    Resized to 97% (was 800 x 481) - Click image to enlargeElefant4-stbdrearview.jpg

  3. Well, …just in time for the end of the year! Attached are a few pictures of my just completed Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Argentina - FAA) CH-47 Model 308 (similar to the CH-47C or BV-114). This was a somewhat lengthy conversion of the old 1/72 scale Matchbox Ch-47D, then a modification to rebuild the nose to the longer CH-47C. The rest of the kit is out of the box, except for the decals, which are from the Aerocalcas Argentina set.


    FAA H-93 (CG-073 B-802) was supplied to Argentina in 1980 for transport and Antarctic support. The machine was originally painted in the Antarctic scheme, then painted overall camouflage for its wartime use in 1982, then later repainted to the model. Markings changed slightly during this time, and also some external parts are clearly different. As you can imagine, getting good coverage and research photos are a little hard to find, so I did my best with what I could procure. It was a lot of fun to build, but the quality of the kit means lots of hard work too.


    The nose is built from the base of the old Matchbox Strikemaster, and then made up with modeling compound. The blades were revised to the later “square” version, and there was several other minor additions. I’m still on this kick of using what I have at the workbench, rather than buying more.. I managed to keep that concept true again.


    The model depicts as H-93 may have looked in the mid-1980s as a machine attached to VII Air Brigade, III Squadron, on Antarctic duties at Marambio base. It’s the end of the southern summer, and she has flown many hours on, and around the volcano’s of the Antarctic Peninsula. ….Weathered, dirty and about to be sent back to the mainland.








  4. Sheesh.... i just lashed out to buy the Italeri kit a couple of weeks ago... I guess if its the early version it is a little different than the standard one in the Italeri kit. In any case, I don't feel Dien Bien Phu'd' as I planned to build a French machine anyway.


    and todays eBay delivery bought me the Matchbox kit, which I think appears to be the early version.

  5. As you may know, the last surviving A7V tank from WWI is located in the Queensland, Australia city of Brisbane, inside the Queensland Museum. The Museum was recently flooded, and so was the famous Mephisto. Below is the press release on the status of this old warrior from Villers-Bretonneux, captured by Australian troops on 24 April 1918.



    "Mephisto, the sole surviving A7V tank in the world, was subjected to minor flooding on 13 January 2011 when the Brisbane River burst its banks and inundated the level 0 of Queensland Museum South Bank. Water rose to just above the tracks and then quickly receded. The surrounding interpretative environment has now been removed from Mephisto's display and the enclosure completely cleaned. Some minor spot rusting has received preliminary treatment under direction from Australia's top metal conservator. Mephisto remains in excellent condition and the Queensland Museum is looking forward to updating the display interpretation supporting this iconic artefact.


    Please be assured that Mephisto has been my number one priority since gaining access to the museum on 14 January. The Queensland Museum conservators quickly stabilised the spot rusting and are continuing with the detailed cleaning. They are being advised by the nation's top metal conservator. As indicated in my statement, Mephisto remains in excellent condition and will receive new display interpretation when the Queensland Museum returns to normal operations."

  6. Well.... It goes to show that there are great places for the hobby all over the country, and

    after this little exercise, at the end of the day, the best hobby shop is the one that has what you want, when you want it, the service you need when you need it, and at the end of the day they respect the hobby.. We all need to use them as much as possible.


    Cheers all



  7. Well. in no particular order, here is what was discussed, and are open today...


    Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville NC

    Spare Time Shop in Marlbourogh (Malburo), MA

    Pegasus Hobbies in Montclair CA

    Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove CA

    Tony's Hobbies and Toys in Baldwin Park CA

    AB Charles in Pittsburgh PA

    Esther's Hobby in Millvale (a Pittsburgh suburb) PA

    Top Shelf Models in Owasso, OK

    Colpars in Denver, CO

    Soapy's Hobby Shop in Marquette, MI

    Kit Kringle hobby shop in Asheboro NC



  8. (Ok... so my Saturday night is slow...which made me think of a Forum idea that perhaps many people could engage in.. so...)

    Q: What is the best plastic model shop in the USA?


    (defined as: at a minimum, a place where plastic models are sold, which has the widest range of scale, manufacturers, oldies, newbies, as well as supplies, reference materials, aftermarket, decals etc etc...- not simply the biggest, but the best in service too..)


    My first comment: is Hayes Hobby House in Fayetteville NC. Big range, and it checks the box on all the above. I also went to one in San Jose a couple of years ago that was awesome too..


    (and as the ideas and comments come it, I'll summarize them perhaps...



  9. I built the old Matchbox A-20 Havoc a couple of months ago. Had a blast, and seeing the old kits from my childhood building then building them (again) as an adult still have that "wow" factor. I have a great Airfix/Heller/Matchbox stash that I ponder way more that the releases from the last 10 years.. The new stuff is great, but the nostalgia for old (fun?) times seems to be the modelling thing for me.





  10. Wings: I think they are correct in length... why I think that. I am not sure.


    Pylons: iouter pylons 2 & 7 are shown as being able to pivot – they don't


    Nose: I recall something about the fuselage strake needing some work.... Google this, it may help.


    Good luck with the Pig!



  11. Finished recently was my Douglas Havoc A-20G in 1/72. The kit is Matchbox and was built basically out of the box. The model depicts A/C 39407/P of 675 Bomber Squadron "Dauntless Demons", 417 BG, of the 5th AF, SW Pacific, September 1944.


    Paint was a mix of Modelmaster enamels, and I also used the kit decals. Of course as a kit of this type it was relatively easy, and has its flaws, but I had always liked the paint scheme, and the markings were interesting. Plus I learnt a little more about Havocs. Enjoy.










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