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  1. What's the name of your LHS? There's a guy I've been corresponding with lately and helping with advice in Springville - I'm betting it's the same LHS he goes to. I told him about the Salt Lake IPMS chapters, but he hasn't contacted them yet, or at least hasn't mentioned it. He's a complete newbie, and I think he may have that fear of being "not good enough...

  2. Brian -- Like I said, I have the Badger 150, hose, extra needle, crown tip and nozzle. Like the Paasche VL it has a trigger adjuster to essentially make it a single action. It's thinner and lighter than than the VL, but the part I don't like about Badgers/Thayer & Chandler is the top of the trigger button is too small and flat, and my finger slips off it. Other than that it's...

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