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  1. Someone I know also contacted SC Johnson and they told him the formula was the same just a name change. He was contacted my a diffirent person from SC Johnson than I was. So, we have two diffirent answers from SC Johnson. I quess the truth is in the testing.




    This was posted yesterday on HyperScale:


    After reviewing the response which was sent to your friend and fellow modeler, I wanted to follow up with you regarding the information that was initially shared with him.


    Future® is still being manufactured, but is now named Pledge® with Future® Shine. The formula of the product has not changed. It is true; however, that Pledge® with Future® Shine has not been tested for use on plastic scale models so we cannot recommend it for that purpose. As you know weve designed this product for floor care.


    It sounds as if Future® found a special niche with plastic scale model builders, and we are happy that it has worked well for you. Thank you for giving us a chance to set the record straight.






    Consumer Relationship Center

    SC Johnson, A Family Company

    Toll Free Number: 1-800-558-5252



    Which confirms what many of us have said all along, namely, that Future is still available, only the name has been changed. (But I ran out and bought three more bottles of "Pledge with Future Shine" anyway, just in case!)


  2. I made an inquirey to SC Johnson about Future. There answer is Future is no longer being manufactured or distrributed. It has been replace with another product with a diffirent formula. :smiley19:




    Future has been replaced by "Pledge with Future Shine" in the US. Only the name has been changed; the product is the same. The formula is no different in the US.

  3. While I don't live anywhere near TX, I think I still have a copy of this around the house. In fact, I am pretty sure I have the original and the update. One had a yellow cover & the other blue.

    I don't have a need to keep it, if anyone's interested in getting one for yourself... :smiley2:


    I can start looking if there is some interest.


    I'll take both off your hands if you are serious about getting rid of them.

  4. A friend is building a large scale, R/C P-51D for big-leagues competition in NMF markings of the 8th AF. He is aware that NMF P-51's typically had their wings doped silver and waxed.


    QUESTION: Was there a Federal Spec or ANA number for that silver dope? If not, I recommended that he eyeball it and attribute any errors to 'weathering effects.'


    Thanx for any help here.


    There was no Federal Spec (as in Federal Spec 595) because FS 595 did not exist until the late 1950s. None of my references show an ANA number for silver, either. Any old silver dope will do.


    The wings of P-51s were not just doped silver and waxed, either. Because the wing was a laminar flow airfoil and very sensitive to surface irregularities, many skin panel joints on the wings of P-51s were puttied smooth before painting.


    I believe both Hyperscale and the Aircraft Research Center forums have devoted extensive discussion to this topic.

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