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  1. I play 6-string and 12-string guitars (acoustic) and 5-string banjo, and am trying to get my 76-year-old fingers to learn mandolin. My repertoire is folk, country-folk, and folk-rock. I can also sing lead vocals and harmony.

    Having said that, I don’t know if I’ll be attending Madison in 2024. At my age, that’s too far ahead. But I’ll be at San Marcos next year.

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  2. While I sympathize with those who were not able to book a room, I also have to agree that the system worked as advertised. I was able to book a room for the August 2-5 block shortly after midnight on the 2nd. It took me less than a minute, and most of that time was taken by my fumbling for my credit card! I did not try to add additional rooms, however.

    Now, the question I have is: Does the hotel have a shuttle to/from the Amtrak station in San Marcos? I’m not fighting the traffic on I-35!

  3. 22 hours ago, EFGrune said:

    If you are planning on driving to next year’s convention in San Marcos, TX, plan ahead and add a couple of days to your itinerary. 

    About 2 hours west of San Marcos is Fredericksburg.  It is the site of the childhood home of Admiral Chester Nimitz and is the home of the National Museum of the Pacific War.   It is a wonderful museum with a good collection of hardware.   IMO, the description of the roots of the war – the conflicts between Japan and China -- are better explained than at other museums such as the WWII Museum in New Orleans.   There are also good food and drinks in the area.  Fredericksburg is the capital of the Texas Wine Trail.    There are numerous wineries, breweries, and distilleries in town and along highway 290 toward Johnson City. While the San Marcos convention will be offering a Fredericksburg tour, it really takes several days to do the area well.  Perhaps that is why the museum’s entry is a two-day ticket.  There are a number of hotels and B&Bs in the area.

    Speaking of Johnson City, it is the site of LBJ’s Texas White House.   The last time we were there, the buildings were closed and undergoing conservation but driving tours and access to the grounds are available. Out back of the home is the Boeing Jetstar, Air Force One-half, that was used to fly into the ranch.   

    If your significant other is a fan of Chip & Joanne, and all things Magnolia, Waco is about two hours north on I35.    Plan ahead to keep SWMBO happy and allow you free rein in the vendor room at the convention.  In addition to their Silos, Waco is also the location of the Texas Ranger and Dr Pepper museums and Baylor University.   There is construction on the Interstate in Waco which the State says will be finished ‘soon’.   (We’ve been waiting for 27 years for ‘soon’ to come.)

    About an hour east of San Marcos on I10 in Schulenberg is the Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum.   Stanzel was one of the major manufacturers of wood and tissue flying aircraft models in the first half of the 20th century.   The museum is at their former plant.  The museum is only open M/W/F and Saturday so plan your trip accordingly.

    If you are entering Texas from the northwest at Amarillo, divert a bit south to the Palo Duro Canyon. It is located, appropriately, in the city of Canyon.   Palo Duro is the second largest canyon in the US (see, everything in Texas isn’t the largest!)  The eroded cliff formations called “Mexican Dresses” are spectacular.  While in Canyon, check the Panhandle-Plains Museum on the campus of West Texas A&M University.   It covers dinosaurs to pioneers, oil to wind energy, Route 66, and the High Plains.  My wife and I found it very interesting and were there until they ran us out.


    Good suggestions, all.

  4. Star Trek Modelmaker Greg Jein Dead at 76:

    Also, it has been reported on Hyperscale that “AJ Aviation, formerly known as The Aviation Hobby Shop, is closing down due to the death of the proprietor Tony Eastwood. Tony was also the author and publisher of several books annualy on civil aviation through the AJ Aviation Publications business, which …will also most likely discontinue. We send our condolences to family, friends and regular customers.”

  5. 19 hours ago, EFGrune said:


    Mike - your posting is lacking context.


    “Context”?? Most modelers I know (and you are one of the few exceptions) don’t particularly care about “context” but are quick to complain if their favorite [insert any model building hobby-related item here] goes away. 

    My post was intended for users of Colourcoats who might not follow Britmodeller and were unaware of the discontinuance of these colors and might want to stock up on them before they are completely gone. I have to confess that I myself was not even aware that Colourcoats made  most of them.

  6. As posted on Britmodeller:
    “We are discontinuing the entire range of French Air Force, WWI Allied Naval Camouflage, Italian Navy, Modern Navy, Imperial Japanese Army, Australian Army, Israeli Self-Defence Force, Italian Army, Russian Army and United States Army and Marine Corps, alongside individual colours as named below.”

    C07 – Buff 
    C08 – Bright Blued Gunmetal
    C10 – Parkerised Gunmetal
    C11 – Blued Gunmetal
    ACGW05 – Beige
    ACGW06 – Chestnut Brown 
    ACGW07 – Dark Green
    ACGW08 – Light Green
    ACGW09 – Light Yellow
    ACLW07 – Hellgrau (L40/52)
    ACS05 – WUP Grey Interior Primer
    ACS06 – IMUP Blue-Grey Metal Primer
    ACS07 – ALG-5 Metal Primer
    ACS14 – AE9 Grey
    ACS22 – A.II Red
    ACUS10 – WWII USN Non-Specular White
    ACUS31 – Yellow Sand (FS20400)
    ACUS32 – Brown Special (FS30140)
    KM07 – Blaugrau Dunkel
    KM08 – Norwegian Blaugrau Mittel
    KM09 – Blaugrau Hell
    US37 – Slate

    As of this writing, some of these are already sold out at H & B Hobbies, but White Ensign Models has stock of the most common colors except French Air Force.

  7. On a recent modeling podcast, a modeler heard that S. C. Johnson is no longer producing Futre/Klear/Pledge Floor Care. Ge wrote to them to ask, and here is the reply he received:

    "Hi (name withheld),

    Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry to share Pledge® Floor Care is no longer being made. That said, your continued interest has been shared with the Pledge® team."

    It is the end of modeling as we have known it. 😢 You may send your unbuilt kits to me for disposal.

  8. 1 hour ago, EFGrune said:

    According to the product description these paints are reduced (thinned) with Acetone, Naptha, MEK, MAK, or Xylene; according to the product Q codes.  Cleanup with MEK or Acetone

    Definitely not benign acrylic paints  

    I never claimed they are “benign,” no paint is. But the chemistry does sound more like the old Floquil lacquers than anything else. What I found most interesting is (1) they are available to match all FS 595 colors, and (2) they are available in many quantities and a variety of application methods.

  9. The following are Ukrainian kit producers and related companies according to a post on the Britmodeller forum:

    Armory Models Group
    Big Planes Kits
    A&A Models
    Dora Wings
    ICM Models
    Roden Models
    Armoury Models
    Aim Fan Mode
    Arsenal Model Group
    Art Model
    Riich Models
    Printscale Decals
    BS Decals
    Metallic Details
    Dan Models
    Foxbot Decals 
    Roden Models
    Clear Prop!

    Some have posted on their Facebook pages that martial law has been declared and all deliveries suspended for the duration.

    Vendors such as HobbyTerra, Models.UA, Hobby.dn.ua, and Plastic Model Store are also affected.

    Russian companies including Zvezda and Eastern Express will doubtless be affected as well.

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  10. I think putting it in an action setting on a simulated sea with attacking aircraft as you have done makes it a diorama. Ed will have the answer, however.

    Beautiful model, by the way.

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  11. Earlier today I received the following via the 72ndscaleusmilair Google group. All of us who built the Airfix B-26 Invader in "Monie" markings were familiar with Bob. The official message from Chris Mikesh, Bob's son:

    "Hi All,

     "I have the sad news of telling the modeling community of another MIA.  My Father, Robert C. Mikesh, passed away this morning, one week short of his 95th birthday.

    "He served as an Air Force Pilot for 22 Years.  Was decorated in Korea flying B-26s ('Monie' often modeled) and later in Vietnam flying Forward Air Control in O-2s (2 tours).  His flying career included: T-6, B-25, T-11, C-47, B-26 (Douglas), T-33, F-100, A-1E, O-1, O-2, B-57A, B, C, & E versions, Cessna 150,172, 182, & 337 - just to name a few.  On retiring he became a Curator at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for 20+ years. His "collection" included the most historically significant aircraft in the world - and he got to play with all of them (so did I occasionally)!  In that time he wrote many notable books like Japanese Aircraft Interiors, B-57 Canberra, Flying Dragons, Japanese Aircraft Equipment, Excalibur III, Broken Wings of the Samurai, and Zero Fighter - just to name a few among his numerous articles.

    "He was an avid model builder - both flying and static since he was 7.  Many of his models are on display in the Ottumwa (Iowa) Airpower Museum, Smithsonian, and National Museum of the USAF.  Most if not all are scratch built-in numerous scales. During WWII, he built 1/32 scale Stearman N2Ss for graduating pilots at NAS Ottumwa - each with their soloed serial number (only $5.00 each). I have many models including a Betty Bomber in white with green surrender crosses.  Unique to this model is that the clear parts are made from the clear plexi from the real plane! (Documented). He produced many other unique aircraft models also.

    "Not everyone could have a career in aviation like my Dad.  In aviation circles, he is probably the most envied man in the world. Our family will miss his caring and humor, but I know he is without pain and regret.  Revelation 21:4 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.

     "God bless you guys - I'll stay in touch.

      "Chris Mikesh"

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  12. Want to know the exact colors for your modern French aircraft, ship, or armored vehicle model? They’re all here in this 186-page document, publication NORMDEF 0001, Edition 1, March 2009. Includes digital color chips and colorimetric data.

    https://ereverra.files.wordpress.com/20 ... def_fr.pdf

    Associated AFNOR color deck (scan):

     https://www.aluplex-signaletique.fr/pdf ... _afnor.pdf

    Edition 2, September 2017, can be found here:


    Edition 3, July 2018, can be found here: 



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  13. Hannant’s is my go-to shop for the items I’m interested in, mainly European kits and hard-to-find resin, photoetch, and decals that are slow to arrive in the U.S., if they arrive at all. I’ve also used Hobby Terra for the same reason. Service and turnaround from both is excellent. I’ve also occasionally bought from the Aviation Megastore (Luchtvaart Hobby Shop) in Amsterdam, but their shipping is very expensive although their service is excellent as well. My go-to U.S. vendor has been Dauntless Hobbies, doing business on eBay as Scott’s Model Workshop (seller i.d. “RebelAlpha). He also seems to have the stuff I’m looking for, and his service and turnaround times are excellent as well.

  14. As a former editor and sworn officer of the Grammar Police (motto: “To Serve and Correct”), I propose the following definitions:

    Kit: What comes in the box/bag

    Model/Contest Entry: What goes on the shelf/contest table

    (Disclaimer: I am not a National contest judge and was not involved in drafting the BKB rule.)

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