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  1. Welcome Tom from the snowy, cold U.P.
  2. I apologize for not letting you all know . The camera has a setting for 4.4mp which is the correct sizing for a 4x6 print. Problem solved. Thanks again for all who helped me out.
  3. JeffS

    Completed P-47

    Holy Schmolies, that is very sweet. Well done
  4. Can any F-4F Phantom experten guide me in the right direction? A long time ago I thought I saw a reference to Bundesluftwaffe F-4F painted in what was called the "Milk White" scheme. I can no longer find such reference and a Google image and internet search proves zilch. Could this be a modified Norm81 scheme? I have the old IPMS/USA Phantom sheet from 1985 with several NORM81 subjects. Thanks in advance and cheers everyone.
  5. Well Tim, I'll stick my neck out on this. I bought William Green's Warplanes of the Third Reich in 1970 there abouts when it first came out. I think it holds up well today in the black and white genre of reference materials. I have the Monogram/Merrick book on Luftwaffe Colors that I like alot also. Last reference i bought was the Eagle Paint Chip guide which is pretty better. I doubt that there will ever be a definitive reference
  6. Thanks for the quick response John and it was perfectly understandable. So, I read the instructions (go figure). Model builders don't need instructions right? The manual listed the settings. I was at 5.0MP and expecting the processor the sandwich it all in. I changed the setting to 4.4MP or 2576x1716 and that works out to 3:2 AR. Maybe I fixed the problem for the 6x4 print size. At any rate. Thanks.
  7. Don't panic :o This is model photography related. I have not had any difficulties when uploading digital pictures for web posting. However when I take the SD card or Disk to a developer and/or kiosk they get cropped rather poorly. The clerk tells me "Hey, we use Fuji equipment and you give us a card/disk used in a Kodak." I do need to add here that the pictures have not been altered or edited prior to this point. Now a friend tells me that there is setting in the camera called "Ratio Aspect" that needs to be changed so the pictures won't get cropped. My camera is the Kodak Z740. So what is the skinny on this. And please, plain english as I am a point and shot kind of guy. Cheers
  8. Well done Steve. Great looking 'stang.
  9. Thanks everyone. Chris: The Kalamazoo Air Zoo has the entire Cat line. Wildcat, Hellcat, Bearcat, Tigercat and Tomcat. They all flew once in formation. I have to admit I have not seen the Tigercat or Bearcat there in a while. Maybe in restoration.
  10. Wow Jim. That almost qualifies as a Blitzbau/Death Build. Excellent job.
  11. JeffS


    The ol beast scrubs up very well after all these years. Great work Michael.
  12. JeffS

    Type 22 Zero

    Super work there William.
  13. Nav lights were first painted silver. Tamiya clear red and green was applied over that.
  14. Here is the very old Monogram F7F-3 Tigercat in 1/72 scale. Built OOB for the Summertime Blitzbau over on the Unofficial Airfix Modelers Forum. Total lapsed time of 13 hours. Old yes, but the kit is one of Monograms best. Bill Koster and company really did their stuff. Here is the link to the build: http://gregers.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=13271 Thanks for looking everyone.
  15. Hi Kurt. Welcome to IPMS from the few, the proud in the Upper Peninsula.
  16. Saw that one in person. Quick build, great weathering. I bet the builder does great armor also.
  17. Why you should give Airfix another looksee. The kit was built with few additions and finished with Floquil Old Silver. To obtain the different shades to the panels, a little Model Master darker metalizer colors were added to the orginal color. The left inner wing fence was filed down in the center. This facilitated a view for the pilot to see the landing gear and flap indicators on the wing which I added. Kit decals were used and they include many stencil/data pieces. They went on very nicely. The National Insignia however came from an very old ESCI sheet. The red lightning bolts (which were on the decal sheet) were modified a little for use. They represent an excellent unit type award. Thanks everyone for looking
  18. Re-read Gil's opening thread and still can not recognize a problem here. Good on you Gil. Aren't Otaki kits fun? If you get good glass it is party bonus time. Love the Spit Mk VIII (I know, no gull wing), the Raiden, Ki100, well heck, they are all fun.
  19. Soapy's Hobby Shop in Marquette, MI. He has all the model building civilization you need. Flash your IPMS tin and get a good discount. If Craig doesn't have it, he can get it. If he can't get it you can probably do without it.
  20. Just a personnel preference here John, but I like to use the Viet Nam light grey (36622 I think) on the lower surface in lieu of the white. Kind of an off white color.
  21. JeffS

    F7F Tigercats

    Thanks for that information Stephen. Stuck a note in the box. :D
  22. JeffS

    F7F Tigercats

    Thanks a bunch Ken. Dang, I have that magazine but haven't dug deep enough for it. What I have learned is that both HEDRON FMAW (Headquarters Squadron First Marine Air Wing and MAG 33 both used the F7F-3P. Some black some glossy sea blue. Some with the ADF antenna on the spine others not. So there is life for my Monogram F7F as a "real" warbird yet. To all who responded, thanks you very much.
  23. JeffS

    F7F Tigercats

    Good morning IPMS'ers. I would like to know if there were any single seat versions of the Tigercat serving in the Korean War. Google, in action etc only show the two seat night fighters. It would stand to reason there must have been single seaters around somewhere right? Cheers
  24. Here is my Hasegawa Sea Harrier FRS.1. A wonderful build if you haven't done one. The kit is scribed, as fair amount of detail and several decal options. This one is done in 800 SQDN, HMS Hermes in 1982. And we all know what was going down on HMS Hermes in the spring of 82. The kit comes with a boarding ladder which is a nice touch. Thanks for looking
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