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  1. Hi everyone.


    This is a longshot at best.


    Back in the 80's Testors Military models were issued with paint mixing information on the instruction sheets. An example would be something like this: 2 parts 1149 Flat Black and 6 parts 1169 Flat yellow give you this color.


    I have compiled what I think is all the RLM colors off old instruction sheets but were there any others like British etc.?


    Did anyone archive this rather trivial piece of information?


    I have emailed Testors but no information has come forth yet.

  2. Hey Gil. We can really date ourselves with this. I first saw the "Sub Sandwich, the Hero of the Soviet Union" in 1985 at the Nats in Indy.


    As I recall the builder used a vinyl type lunch meat food found in a child's play kitchen set.


    @Seadog: You could check around the dollar stores or Goodwill and maybe score.

  3. If you can find any, Polly Scale is good and brushes very well. You would need RAF Dark Green, RAF Dark Earth, Sky and Interior Green.


    Good luck with your build and lets see some piccies when done.

  4. I like Floquil Old Silver as it is very durable. You can buff it, tint it and mask it with no problem. It just takes a while to dry


    Alclad has the extra step of priming before painting. The shiny colors like chrome and polished aluminum can mar when masking, even low tack tape or post-it's.


    So.........if not in a hurry I will stick with the Floquil.

  5. This is the first time I have ever used Alclad finish on a model. I prefer Floquil Old Silver personally. Like most I have a hard time with the bare metal look but if you don't do it, you never get it right.


    At any rate, this is the aged Monogram 1/48th scale Sabre built for the Rattlin' Sabre group build over on UAMF. The decals are a combination kit, MicroScale and Aeromaster sheets.










    Thanks for looking and cheers

  6. I love 'em. Wish I had some to do all over again. Maybe Revell-Germany will release a bunch more. I also remember in the late 70's when a KayBee Toys store in Green Bay, WI sold Matchbox 1/32 scale kits for $5.00 a piece. Got the all.

  7. Hi Ying. The color scheme was confusing to me also. I start with the lightest color and basically use that as a primer coat to check for any building problems otherwise un-noticed. I mask the edge with blue painters tape. That tape is "low tack" and apply the next darker color. Again mask and put on the next darker color and so on. The scallops on the fuselage side was done by running a line of tape down the length of the fuselage, drawing on the pattern, pulling the tape off and layng it on the glass top of my workbench. Using a new #11 blade I lightly score the tape along the line, pull up what I need and re-apply to the fuselage. Add the next color. One at a time and before you know it, it all makes sense.


    Hope this helps you out and thank you for looking.

  8. Here is the Airfix/MPC Morris truck with Bofors 40mm Antiaircraft Gun. It is my first foray into 1/76 scale armor. My big fingers kept getting in the way.:smiley14:


    Box Art












    Overall shot




    The old MPC decals were thick, glossy and would not conform to Mirco products, Solv-a-set or Future so many were scrapped.


    Overall impressions were good. The many knockout tab marks were covered by kit parts so clean up was easy.


    All and all a good little kit.


    Thank you for looking in.

  9. Hi everyone. This is my F-4F. A long time ago in a galazy far away, I was going to build an F-4 in all the popular schemes of the day. SEA, ADC, Gull Gray, Euro 1, you get the idea. Well, I finally started the collection.


    This is the German experimental scheme simular to the Milk Cow scheme and features the special IPMS decal sheet (8.5 x 11) from 1984. Yes it still works well. If you have it be aware that it is solid carrier film. Cut close.


    Model Technologies mirrors were used on the canopy and True Details seats replaced the kit ones. Nothing wrong at all with the kit ones except they do not have belts and I was lazy. FOD covers were also simplized by using craft foam 1/16th thick,










    The kit was pure pleasure to build which will pump me up to do the others. Next one may be the F-4D in the 191st Michigan Six Pack markings in ADC Grey.


    Cheers and thanks for looking :smiley1:

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