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  1. Ron,


    The upper turret was armed with the M6 37mm gun. The "tube" to the right of the 37mm gun is supposed to be a M1919A4 .30cal MG and the tube underneath is the recuperator for the M6 gun.


    Also, the Monogram kit is, IIRC, closer to 1:32 scale. I hope they release all the oldie tank & half-track kits, those were the first armor kits I built back in the early-70s.



    Have fun building the Lee,


  2. Simon, thx for the compliment.


    Mark, saw your Fledermaus....that's cool looking. I was actually thinking of painting the nose section(forward of the cockpit white) and a white stripe on each of the tail booms (aft of the cargo section.) I'm planning on using the P-47 nose art decals included in an earlier journal issue, since I don't build aircraft.

  3. Is that a Games Workshop or Forge World kit? I have only built armor subjects from the Games Workshop line with an occasional Forge World hop up. Love painting armored vehicles bright gaudy colors. Change from the sand or olive drab that I usually do.


    Mark, it's the GW kit - retails for about $58.00 (wife got mine for 45 :smiley20: )


    How about a wild "splinter pattern"?
    Hmmmm.....that would be interesting. I have toyed with the idea of a lozenge pattern on the upper horizontal surfaces (twin-booms, wings, elevators, cargo/troop area.)


    Today I installed the wings & upper nose supplimental armor.

  4. Well, here's what I've done so far on the Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Valkyrie:


    the cockpit is painted, but awaiting final paint & assembly of pilot & weapons officer



    cargo/troop bay and ramp



    left hand side




    Once I've installed the wings, I'll be able to start painting it. I still haven't decided on a definite paint scheme, but I'm leaning toward a desert camo - probably an Afrika grunbraun over desert yellow or Afrika braun.

  5. Greetings,


    I'm at an impass on a commision build - I can't finish it without the decals. I need recommedations on a good brand of decal paper for an inkjet printer. I need both white and clear paper. I prefer recommendations of paper that you've actually used (on an inkjet printer), not what your best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the boy that used it. :smiley2:


    I made the mistake of purchasing the Testors decal making system at HobbyLobby - thank goodness I used the 40% off coupon. The paper is just too thick and it kept wanting to curl under itself when applied to the model. Also, the software is really just a scheme to get you to buy more of their software - otherwise you can't use the features to their full extent.





  6. I tend to gravitate to the small Warhammer 40k stuff when I need a break.....
    I too enjoy the Warhammer 40k armor. I received the Imperial Guard Valkyrie for Father's Day. :smiley20: It's quater-way built, just need to detail paint the cargo/troop bay and cockpit before I do the final assembly. Comes with 2 door gunners and several weapons options.


    Mike, it was nice seeing your Sentinel in FSM's May issue. :smiley32:

  7. David,


    If you can find the Verlinden WARMACHINE No 13 "On the road to Kuwait" Marines in the Gulf War, it's a good reference. It has pics of 8th Tank Bn's M60A1's. It contains pics of A1's with the dozer, rollers and the MICLIC trailer. There are also pics of Amtracs, HMMWVs and knocked out enemy AFV's.

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