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  1. Bob,


    As the spare vision block holder (part A32) is just an open ended box, you could get away with painting it just the interior color. As for the base coating of the glass part of the vision blocks, in 1/35 scale, I paint them in semi-gloss black adn over coat in the clear green. In regard to the switch from #3 to the #5 lens, I may have to do the same thing soon. :huh:

  2. When I built this model I was told that the part A32 in these instructions was a box holding spare clips for the grease guns (parts B33/B34) that they have clipped to the side next to the driver and radio operator.
    You were told incorrectly. The magazine holder was flat pouch that held 4 mags that was mounted on the starboard wall below the MP40. ("Grease guns" should only be used when referring to the M3/M3A1 SMG.)
  3. I believe you are looking at the radio. should be green(sort of OD) or german grey with a black face.
    Here's a pic of the directions (courtesy of Hobby Search):


    If his part A32 is the same as shown in these instructions, it's not the radio. The radio colors were already discussed.



    Bob, looking forward to seeing your 251 when completed. Of course, I have to send you a bill for the consulting fees. :smiley2:




  4. So far things are working out ok. I did forget to ask one other question. What color are the gas cans that are located on the exterior of the rear doors supposed to be? Were they ever totally rust covered? Thanks again for the help. Bob

    Gas cans were usually dunkelgrau or dunkelgelb. Water cans would have a white + (full height/width of the can) on them and the can would have been made with "wasser" indented on it.

  5. Concerning the fire extinguisher, the dark green and dark grey, are they Panzer colors or can I use either RLM 71 dark green or RLM 82 dark green? I also have RLM 66 for a dark grey. If I need the Panzer colors I guess I'm taking a trip to the hobby store. I'm guessing that the gas cannister fieldgrau ( green shade is also one of those colors specific to armor. Is there a RLM crossover? I do have RLM 79 for dark yellow but I might be needing the Panzer yellow. Thanks for giving me enough info to get started. I'll wait to hear back before I go to the Hobby store to spend any more $$

    For the fire extinguisher, I prefer to use Testors/ACRYL Marine Corps green, but you could also use forest green or dark green. The RLM paints, as you already know, are Luftwaffe colors. The armor colors have RAL numbers. I've never heard of anyone making comparisons to similar name paints. For the gas mask cannister, you could get away with using the forest green used for the fire extinguisher or lighten it a bit for variation. If you're interested in doing a 251C with Afrika Korps markings, you could use the RLM 79 sandgelb on the exterior with a dunkelgrau interior.

  6. I never have done armor before, but I was given a Dragon kit to build. It is a 1/72 sdkfz 251 c. I'm working on the interior and I was wondering what color to paint the cyllander on the rear door. I've seen some photos with it painted red, and others with it painted the main body color. Is it a fire extinguisher? It's a fire extinguisher - they were usually dark green, dark grey, bluegrey, or dark yellow(dunkelgelb)

    What color is the radio dials: black - gauges: white - face: light grey - housing: black


    What is the cyllander looking thing on the left ( port ) side of the dash and what color is it supposed to be? It's gas mask cannister, they were feldgrau(green shade), dark yellow or feldblau(darkish-blue shade - for Luftfwaffe only)

    What color are the clutch and brake pedals? I'm guessing main body color with worn metal showing through. Is that correct? well, you can't go wrong painting them flat or semigloss black

    It looks like the gear shift lever and the other levers are body color with black knobs and black floor boots. Good to go with your color selection

    The seat backs show the springs. I guess that the seat frame and springs are body color with the exposed padding being visible. What color should the leather seats be? ( black or leather brown ) The seatpads were a faux leather, like vinyl - paint them whichever leather color you prefer

    I have to do some painting this weekend so I need some Divine help!!! I'm not out for a show stopper, I just want to get it pretty close using the TLAR rule ( That looks about right ) You can e-mail me directly at henryfamily1@netzero.net Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom. Bob



    Good luck, Bob & welcome.....to the dark side! :smiley15:





  7. How in the world did you come up with the green lightbars? I have been looking around for different colored lights, but haven't been very successful. Nice job on the modern style truck. I need to try one of those some day.

    Dave, thanks for the compliment. The lightbar came molded in clear plastic in the Lindberg Ford Crown Victoria kit and, as Ed stated, I painted the exterior green using Tamiya's clear paints.



  8. Ed,


    Nice Tahoe! :smiley20: Is that the cage from the Lindberg Crown Vic? Is that a reflection, something else or did you put a red dash light on the passenger side dashboard? What color did you use for the interior, I'd like to use it on a future cruiser- the usual tan/dk blue/med grey sometimes gets old.


    My wife's first model was the Revell Snap-tite Ford Expedition with Border Patrol markings.


    I bought Tamiya's Jeep Wrangler hardtop just because I had another set of BP decals.


  9. Thank you all for the compliments, they are greatly appreciated.


    John, I got the "odd paint scheme" from a pic of a San Diego PD Ford F-250.



    Next up on the emergency service vehicle "to do list" is 2004 Chevy Impala (plain car) and a 1995 Chevy Tahoe with Circleville EMS markings.

  10. Built this for a friend in the business. It's AMT/ERTL's 1997 Ford F-150 extended cab.



    Added the following to interior:

    • modified radio & siren controls from AMT Chevy Caprice kit
    • wired microphone
    • PR-24 from Taurus kit
    • CruiserMate modified from clipboard in AMT Caprice kit






    The chrome was striped off the wheels and bumpers, afterwhich they were painted semi-gloss black. Code 3 MX7000 lightbar and A-post spotlight came from Lindberg Ford Crown Vic kit. IBM and Ohio licence plate are self-made using VitaCal decal paper. "Emergency" and roof number decals are from Chimneyville Hobbies. Interior painted British ocean grey and floor painted grimy black. Lightbar painted using Tamiya clears (green, red and yellow.)



  11. Mark, it depends on the type of loaders hatch used on the T23 turret. IIRC, the periscope only was used on the late-style T-23 with the oval loaders hatch. The earlier T-23 with the split-hatch had an intigrated periscope in the hatch itself.

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