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  1. 1) You don't have to use superglue to place cockpit PE. It's not really under any "stress" so you can use white glue, epoxy, or even Future to stick them in place. That lessens the chance of getting something stuck where you don't want it!


    2) If the parts you're using need to be bent or rolled, annealing them will make them more "pliable" and take the spring out of the metal. Anneal them by setting the parts (the whole tree) onto the burner on the stove while it's on med-high. When the metal discolors it's done.


    3) Paint them like any other parts, but be aware that sometimes the paint will rub off easier (compared to painted plastic) during handling.


    4) You might want to put the tree into a LARGE (gallon size) clear plastic bag while you cut off a part. That way, if it goes flying, it stays in the baggie!


    5) If you anticipate doing a lot of PE stuff in the future, a "hold and fold" tool of some sort would be a good investment. You can always get the job done with a steel ruler and a #11 knife, but multiple bends are easier to do on a platform designed to help with that operation.


    I'm sure others will be along with more helpfull info! Hope this helps!


    GIL :smiley16:

    Thanks Gil for the input.

  2. To all other newbies and novices like myself , I just wanted to impart some words of wisdom if you are serious about model building. I have several kits waiting to be built. I want to do the best job I can so I need to Practice. I found some cheap kits like some old Airfix kits on e-bay and some others I picked up at fleamarkets etc. It was quite a challenge to get the parts to fit right and to get the seams filled and all. I ruined one but it only cost me .99 cents . I think I am about ready to start on some more expensive kits now that my confidence level is up. I also scourred the tips & techniques coluums of several websites. I'm not ready for this years Nats, but mabye next year I will have a model worthy.

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