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  1. Well, I'm late to the party as usual, but I have used Weld-On 3 for years. I bought a case of 1 pint metal cans years ago for my club & still have a few left. For the price it can't be beat. I use it for 90% of the assembly work I do. The other 10% is mostly some sort of superglue (Zap a gap) when I tackle something with non-plastic parts.

    I have some others here, but keep going back to these two!


    Hop Bottom Pa.?

  2. Ok guys, here's a question I haven't seen kicked around before, so I'll ask it. What sheen values do modern US missles, bombs and the like have? By sheen values I mean flat, low luster, eggshell, semi-gloss, or gloss finishes.

    I've never seen this information published any place, and wonder what values everyone uses when they add the bombs and rockets. Maybe I've just missed it, but any light that could be shed on this subject would be apprecaited.





    I'm not sure about modern weapons as I retired in 82 and there have been alot of changes. Bombs are rough surface no-sheen,however the tailfins could be slick finish and a slight sheen. The older WWII bombs were actually a lighter olive drab I think from just aged finish and the tailfins were slightly lighter with a flat finish. Most missles are semi-gloss white. The missle warheads are usually flat. Nukes tend to have a higher gloss finish as they spend alot of time being cleaned and caressed. This is just my remembrance from my 23 years humping Naval ordnance up and down flightdecks.

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