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  1. John Watson in Sophia N.C. Retired U.S.Navy Aviation Ordnanceman. If it's got a tailhook I will probably build it. I am interested mainly in the A/C i worked on,the F-4B,J,S,F3H Demon,the early A-4,F9FCougar. IN my avatar I am in the upper left closest to the F-4 wing.

  2. Standard USAAF Bomb/Nav trainer from WWII! You didn't happen to get any snaps of the interior...?


    I took some outside pics and some looking through the nose then my battery went away. I'lltry to post them.

  3. Went to a local airshow today and it was just the usual fare of personal A/C. Nothing really impressive until this Beech AT-11 landed in Netherlands scheme. I've never seen one but it was like a miniature bomber, with a nose and top turrent, based on the old twin engine Beechcaft that I,ve flown in a few times.

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