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  1. LHS's that carry the Pinewood derby car kits should have small weights that are used on those cars. I use fishing weights,been useing lead but if you heed the caution that has been aired you can find tungston weights that are smaller in size for the equivalent lead weight size. I just go by what I feel will hold the nose down,better to much than to little.

  2. I've used enamels and switched to acrylics then back to enamels and am back to acrylics now mainly because of easier cleanup. If you use acrylics you need a retarder and the proper thinner. I use Model Master acrylics and thin with 91% alcohol with Liquitex medium from Hooby Lobby for retarder. I usually don't have any problems as long as I get my airbrush set right. I thin about 60% paint to 40% alcohol with 2 or three drops of Liquitex. If brushing about 90% paint and 10% alcohol. But that's me,someone else willhave thier own formula. Search all the info available and find what works best for you. There are alot of cheap kits from different sources to experiment on. Everyday is a good day ,some are just better than others.

  3. I purchased avery small set of brushes from Harbor Freight that are ideal for cleaning airbrushes. I made a mistake when I got in a hurry. I was spraying acrylic and just shot some laquer thinner for a quick clean then changed to enamel,all of a sudden no paint comming out. Complete clog with a gooey mess.

  4. Your impression is mistaken!


    OOTB means you use ONLY the parts that came in the box, as they were molded. You can thin kit parts for a more scale appearance, but you cannot surgically alter them to another configuration (in other words, you could NOT droop the elevators on the stabilzers, nor could you slice open the closed engine cowl to show off engine details). Also, if you add ANYTHING in the way of detailing (with the exception of seat belts/buckles), it's no longer OOTB.


    The full rules can be found at: http://ipmsusa.org/NCC/NCC.htm (just click onto Contest Rules and scroll down to the OOTB rules).


    There's NOTHING wrong with your project, it just wouldn't qualify for the OOTB category. Cheers!


    GIL :smiley16:



  5. Does the kit come with an engine, and removable panels? Otherwise, if you're adding them as aftermarket, it's no longer "OOB" according to IPMS rules. You also mentioned you wanted to "add some detailing"....again, when you do it's no longer OOB.


    Regardless, I'd like to see some pics of it as you do the project!


    The Tamiya kit comes with an engine and I'm under the impression that some detail can be added as long as you don't use parts from another kit.

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