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  1. That's really a good one Richard. I worked on the old Demons in 61 and 62 as an Ordnanceman so I have no idea. Its an exhaust port probably from the engine compartment. It is exhaust soot that the plane captains would have to keep cleaned off. Mabye some mech will answer in .

  2. I just finished reading the most informative,gut wrenching,true accounts of our service men mainly the US Navy and Army. "Fire from the sky" is the history of Helicopter Light Attack Squadron 3 in Vietnam. I could not put this book down. I got it on Amazon. I had a friend who flew with them and the account of his being KIA in 1969 was in one chapter.I did not realize the "Huey" helo was that tough of a bird. The sailors who flew were so dedicated and thier accounts are gut wrenching. If you can get hold of this book and read it you will be impressed believe me.

  3. While pondering a way to replicate the quilting in the 1/24 Revell Huey I am building I took the top of a styrofoam egg carton and grooved some lines with a beveled tool the same as part of the interior that was already quilted and it turned out great, Then I used some of the styrofoam to make new seat coushions,The styrofoam egg carton is only about 1/8 inch thick and has a lot of possaibilities.

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