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  1. I joined online and received a receipt via email. What is my "member number"? Where would I look for it, also does IMPS/USA have a member services area where you can review your account?



    Welcome to IPMS/USA. It's a wonderful group and I hope you enjoy all it's benefits as much as I have.


    You will shortly receive a Membership Card via regular mail and your correct Membership Number will be obvious on it. NOTE - The membership Number #2572, in the info on the left of your e-mail posting above, is not correct.


    The only IPMS/USA Member account is in the IPMS/USA Membership database, and members do not have access to that. However, member inquires about their account are promptly answered by the national office in Canton, OH.


    Welcome Again and TAKE CARE,

  2. I've got a MAC and want to start posting photos here. I have a photo bucket account all set up with some photos in it. I've tried using instructions I got from a PC person, but they don't work. Anyone have any words of advice/wisdom/instruction?


    PS: I know this has been asked before. It would probably be a good idea if there were instructions on how to do this somewhere on this site, don't 'cha think?



    I recently copied the following from here (or somewhere?);


    "For Photobucket: put your cursor over the pic you want to post and a set of URL's will appear below the pic. Highlight, COPY the DIRCT LINK url..


    When you come here, put the cursor where you want the pic to be in the "reply" box. Next, click onto the "insert image" box (2nd small box to the right of the smiley icon above the typing area). When you click onto it, another rectangular box will appear at the top left of the screen with a blue "http" in it. Put your cursor over that blue http and RIGHT click your mouse. Scroll down to "paste" and click it. The direct link url that you copied from Photobucket should appear in there. Once that url is there, click the "OK" button and the pic should immediately post into the reply box. If it doesn't, a step got skipped somewhere. Hope this helps!"


    I managed to get the image below to load (on my MAC :smiley4: ) using the above procedure.


    Good Luck, See you in Phoenix, and TAKE CARE. :smiley20:

  3. Many year ago a member of our club made a few stirrers out of a small ship propellers wedded to straight sections of steel rod. Mine works great in my battery powered drill. :smiley20:


    I also use the non-business end of a paint brush to break-up settled paint before stirring.


    See you in Phoenix. :smiley17:

  4. ..... All air connections seem complete no leaks are apparent and seems like plenty of air coming out the pointy end. .....


    An old trick :smiley2: for testing connections for leaks is to liberally use soapy water around them and watch for air bubbles while you run your compressor.


    You'll :smiley27: your airbrush once you've got it set-up. :smiley20:


    Happy Holidays.

  5. Gil,


    Love :wub: your step-by-step construction photos and very helpful supporting commentary as you go along.


    Thanks for sharing and I'm really enjoying following your build.


    Looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix and TAKE CARE,

  6. As a mater of fact , I still have and use some of those old T-pins and if you look close you might find the wax paper I used to keep the glues from sticking to everything. Even though I had duplicate or working plans made I still wanted to keep as clear as I could. :-)

    Yep, Ron. As I recall my building base was a couple layers of cardboard box laid out flat, the model plans laid over that, and the wax paper pinned over those, and then the assembly on top held in place by simple straight pins straight out of my mother's sewing machine drawer (with her permission and encouragement :smiley17: ).


    Occasionally I'd spread glue over my fingers because I enjoyed peeling it off after it dried. AH, the joys of youth!!


    Thanks for the memory jog, TAKE CARE and Hope to see you and Robin (I remembered this time :smiley9: ) in Phoenix. :smiley20:

  7. Nice old-school style build going there! ............!


    GIL :smiley16:

    Agree - and it sure brings back fond memories of my early (balsa stick and tissue paper) modeling days in the late 40s. :smiley20:


    Only thing missing is the building base for the straight-pins and wax paper ...... :rolleyes:

  8. .....

    Tell us who you are, where you live, what you model, etc.

    Let us get to know you better.

    Don't be shy, we were all newbies once!



    Start with your Forum Member Profile.

    How to complete your Member Profile -

    Click on your Forum ID - upper left hand corner at top of this page - (ex. Logged in as: yourForumID (Log Out) ) to fill out your info so we can get to know more about you.


    Do it NOW! :smiley20:


    You can see other Member's Profiles by clicking on their ForumIDName to the left (ex. ralph4hand above my photo on this post). You'll also see what "modest" folks we are. :smiley2:


    See you in Columbus. :smiley17:

  9. Dick,


    Boy - Thanks for the GREAT TIP on how to do biplane wings (a daunting task to many of us).


    Your idea fits into the "Geez.. Why didn't I think of that?!" - and I'm an engineer too!


    Psst - On my next trip to the Hardware Store I know what I'm gonna buy...

  10. I will be there both Friday and Saturday. :smiley20:


    While I'm not an armor modeler; I go to enjoy the models and talking with other IPMSers attending. :smiley17:


    Have a Safe Trip and looking forward to seeing many of you there. :smiley32:


    Look for me - I'll be wearing my USAF Vet hat with a a full array of IPMS Convention Pins, and an IPMS T-shirt - if it's not too cold! The IPMS shirt is great attire for the AMPS Convention :smiley15:

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