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  1. Gil,


    Looking forward to seeing you AND hope to see these two gems in Colorado in August. Very nice choices and beautiful reproduction of the GeeBee.


    The GeeBee has always been a special joy to look at and the B-45 was the first real Jet I saw up close after joining the USAF in Dec 51 - but that's another story...


    See you soon and TAKE CARE,


  2. Gil,


    Your skills with vac-u-form aircraft models is absolutely AWESOME. I'd love to watch you work through one with a step-by-step instructions on your techniques. If I lived near you I'd probably bug you to death. :-)


    BYW - Did you ever consider doing a Seminar Vac-U-Form Techniques at a National Convention? I'd be on the front row!


    BTW #2 - I also have one of the first vac-U-form kits (from he late 60's(?). t was a P-40(B?) kit from England. It consisted of a fuselage and canopy to be mated with other parts from the old Revel 1/72 kit.


    Thanks for sharing your superb models.


    Looking forward to seeing you again at a National.

  3. The official 2013 Convention web page came on-line today and is an excellent presentation of information on the event.


    My congratulations, to Eieen Persichetti, Webmaster, on her exceptionally well designed Convention web page. It's easy to navigate, well thought out, and above all; very informative at this stage of development.


    THANK YOU Eieen. :-)

  4. Ah - the ever useful spreadsheet. :smiley13:


    Each year I map out my personal schedule using an Excel spreadsheet. It has each day by half hour in a simple 3-fold one page (Tues - Sun) 3 days each side, pocket size schedule with space for friend's cell #s, must-see Vendors, etc.


    Anyone wanting my Excel template is welcomed - e-mail me directly at; ralf7@verizon.net


    See You in Orlando, have a SAFE TRIP, and TAKE CARE,


  5. John.


    THANK YOU for your quick response to Rick's query.


    It is very important for any one of we members to respond to a potential IPMS/USA member's questions ASAP. Nothing will "Turn-Off" a prospective member quicker than being ignored.


    TAKE CARE and Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.

  6. Hi Neighbor :smiley17:,


    Welcome to the Forum. You will find it both interesting and helpful. :smiley20:


    A Help - We have a small local model club, Cecil County Plastic Scale Modelers (AKA - IPMS Chapter Wanna-bes) here in Elkton, We meet the 2nd Friday night each month to share our models and talk modeling in an informal atmosphere. Our members have a variety of modeling interest.


    You are cordially invited to our meetings and we certainly would enjoy meeting you.


    Looking forward to hearing from you..:smiley4:





  7. YEA!! I received my Journal in today's mail.:smiley20:


    Looks like another delightful issue.:smiley17:


    Again my heartfelt THANKS to Chris, John, and crew for all their efforts for us. :smiley32:


    I'm really looking forward to Thanking You in person in Omaha.:smiley31:


    TAKE CARE and let's all have a Safe Trip.:smiley1:

  8. Bill,


    Welcome back into IPMS/USA.


    I remember you well from our old NorDelModelers Chapter days in the early 70's.


    I also recall you flew Seaplanes up/down the Delaware River in your time-off. Are you still doing that?


    I'm really enjoying IPMS and especially being retired. I'm now a real IPMS Convention Junkie (attended 14 out of the last 15) Nationals plus the Y2K IPMS/UK International. There are numerous local and regional shows within hours of us - all really enjoyable. Often we take group trips to the shows and they are always very enjoyable.


    We're just starting a new group - future IPMS ;-) in Northeastern Maryland (Elkton area). You are of course cordially invited to attend our meeting and I would be delighted to see you again.


    Our meeting are like our NorDel Modeler meetings - informal, no dues, no politics, all models and modeling info.


    Looking forward to seeing you again and TAKE CARE,


  9. A couple of those French Bombers of the mid 30s.


    BTW - the TRIPLE UGLIEST KIT I ever saw has to be Revell's 1/72nd P-51D of the mid-late 60s.


    Amazingly, Revell had the nerve to put a photo of the model on the box and continued to market the kit in spit of it's poor quality. It was the only 1/72 P-51D kit (or should I say atrocity?) available at the time.

  10. How do you determine the placement, and minimum amount, of counter-weight/s for your tricycle landing gear aircraft models :smiley25:


    What is your preferred choice for weights and glue/whatever to secure weights :smiley25: .

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