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  1. Steve,


    I too received my 50th Anniversary T-shirt and pin sometime ago. And I understand my Convention Packet will be mailed from the Convention folks a couple weeks before the Convention.


    The (50th Anniversary T-shirt and pin) and the (Convention Packet) are coming to you from two different sources.


    Trust the above helps.


    See you in Hampton and TAKE CARE,


  2. I first met Jim in 1967 when he helped us form IPMS/NorDel . Next we worked together drafting the IPMS/USA C&BLs, then on the first EB, Jim was a joy to work with during those early IPMS times.


    Jim's efforts established IPMS/USA's guiding principles we follow today. Jim was both our society's founder and inspiration.


    Jim was one of those rare individuals you meet, work with, and then admire and deeply appreciate the rest of your life. Jim will be sorely missed by those of us that knew him.

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  3. I'm looking to catch a ride with someone driving to the Convention;
    1. From the NorthEast
    2. Along I-95 South or New Jersey Turnpike
    3. Passing through Northern Delaware Wednesday Aug. 6th, AM
    4. and Returning via same route Sunday Aug, 10th.

    I can meet at a convenient pick-up location outside Wilmington, Delaware and will of course share travel expenses and Tolls.

    Please contact me off-Forum at ralf7@verizon.net

  4. I'd like to take this opportunity to both;

    1. Thank You Dennis for the GREAT job you have done overseeing and developing these boards and

    2. Thank You Mark for so enthusiastically "picking-up-the-rains" for this important tool from Dennis.


    I really enjoy these Forums and their continuously improving evolution. I'm very pleased that you plan to aggressively stay on that track.


    A suggestion for our consideration;

    Enhancing our Convention attendance with a "Convention Planning"(?) Threads aimed at;

    1. Encouraging attendees to consider Room-sharing.

    2. Facilitate Ride-shares for both the dive to the Convention and the Airport-to-Hotel


    Ive done both the above for years with a number of different IPMS members. I've never had a problem, made new friends, saved $$$, and enhanced my convention experience.


    Include other convention planning items. For example - my Convention Pocket Schedule (Excel format) I prepare each year ( listing my Meetings, Events, Appointments, Phone #s, etc.). I offered it (free) last year on the Forum. etc.


    A few other members have utilized the Forum for the all above but it's been on a catch-as-catch-can basis. Perhaps a more focused approach might increase member participation and better serve our members.

  5. Vladimir,


    Thank You for your Comprehensive Presentation of the Models and other Convention Activities. Thank You for all the effort and time you spent for us.


    About the National Achievement Awards presented at the Banquet? I couldn't find any mention of the Chapter, Chapter Newsletter, Regional Coordinator, and WebMaster of the Year Awards.


    Or was someone else covering those?


    Thanks Again and TAKE CARE,

  6. The 2014 National Convention web page (http://www.ipmsusa2014.com/) is up.


    Lynn Ritger has provided us with a superb Convention page in keeping with our 50th Anniversary show. Lynn has thoughtfully and appropriately paid homage to the year 1964 with the style of the site, a link offering "a nostalgic look back at our hobby and our world fifty years ago", and other Links on this visually attractive and well organized site. Lynn has been an outstanding chapter web master for years and it really shows here.


    Well Done Lynn. :smiley31: My congratulations and appreciation.

  7. I have a Convention Schedule (Excel) template I've used over the years. It's on one page, covers Tuesday-Sunday, Tri-folds up into convenient pocket size. And it's FREE. :smiley4:

    Use it to write in the Events you select, Cell phone numbers of people you'll call, Vendors Booth #s, etc. Anything you want to refer to on the run. I find very handy.

    Anyone is welcome to copy via e-mail attachment. Send your e-mail address to ralf7@verizon.net.

    Have a SAFE TRIP and See you in Colorado.

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