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  1. I look at it this way - The Banquet is a very good dinner, with modeling friends (old and new) around the table, is an excellent way to end an enjoyable Convention - and they all are IMO. Besides, the Banquet (one $$ price) really doesn't cost that much more compared to a nice decent dinner (Meal$$ +Drink$ +Desert$ +Tip$) outside the Hotel. BTW, How many of us spend more at the Vendors on a model kit/s (which we may or may not actually build) that costs as much as the Banquet Ticket.


    I go to the Banquet every year - Except one! I skipped the Banquet and ended up sitting on the floor outside the Banquet Room. I've regretted it every since and vowed "Never Again!"


    Now I look at it the Banquet Ticket as a good buy IMO.

  2. Jared, Ken, And James,


    Thank you for your very interesting plots. Obviously, the technology has really advanced since I did my plot over 45years ago.


    Ken, I hope the Omaha group has, and will provide their data from their last convention.


    Jared, I might be able to help with the National membership plot(?).My e-mail address is: ralf7@verizon.net I think all you really need is the member's Zip Codes --->>> stay tuned....


    Guys, I think we are on to something very promising here :-)


    More later and TAKE CARE,


  3. Eric,


    When I did the membership distribution map I used the following procedure;

    1. Using the active membership list (need only member Zip Codes)

    a. Sort by Zip Code

    b. Sum number of members in each Zip Code into minor groups


    2. Append applicable latitude and longitude to each Zip Code minor group

    a. Sort by minor Zip Code groups in decending number of members order


    3. Starting with the largest minor group

    a. Calculate the mileage difference based on difference in latitude and longitude) between the next Zip Code groups

    b. If the milage difference is less than, say 15/? miles, then

    add the second smaller group to the larger group

    and Delete the second group from the list

    c. Continua for remaining Zip Code minor groups


    4. Repeat Step 3 starting with the next largest group until all Zip Code minor-groups have been assigned to Zip Code major groups.


    The remaining Zip Code major groups will be central and include smaller groups within 15/? miles.


    Three further points;

    1. You only need to use the first 3 digits of the member Zip Codes to group members. I think I applied a break-point programming technique to do this.

    2. There are lots of formulas on the Internet that measure distance between two map coordinates

    3. Find a Plotter that will plot and size the Zip Code major membership group's coordinates on a US Map outline.


    Of course I'll be happy too help where I can.

  4. This is a Membership Map I did on a CalComp Plotter at work in 1969, and published in the Quarterly Memo prior to the 1970 Convention in Wichita, KA.


    The map shows membership, by number of members in each concentrated area of the US. I expect the distribution hasn't changed a great deal since then.



    Ulps - can't seem to get the I'mage inserted here???
    I will be happy to send it to anyone interested as a regular e-mail attachment.
    My e-mail: ralf7@verizon.net
  5. The earliest Chapters I recall, in the late 60s, were; Tidewater (Norfolk area), VA, and Seattle, WA. I can dig into my old Publications for further info.


    Back then there were no requirements for being a chapter, Any couple guys could declare themselves a chapter and be listed in the Memos as such. I recall attending the Louisville, KY chapter meeting (while on a business trip) in one members basement with two members in attendance.


    Gil - I attended the 1974 Convention in Columbus OH.

  6. When I was setting up the original IPMS/USA web site in 1996 I applied for "IPMS.org". But that URL had already taken by the "International Power Motor Squadron", a boating organization.


    That organization has (apparently?) since been re-named the "International Sail and Power Academy ISPA" .


    A minor incidental IPMS/USA history item. :smiley1:

  7. Eric,


    Good idea making your activities transparent. We all get to see how you are proceeding in implementing our suggestions toward making our web page even better. Your responsiveness is very much appreciated.


    Excellent job with the web page these recent years and glad you are sticking with it- THANK YOU.

  8. Steve,


    I too received my 50th Anniversary T-shirt and pin sometime ago. And I understand my Convention Packet will be mailed from the Convention folks a couple weeks before the Convention.


    The (50th Anniversary T-shirt and pin) and the (Convention Packet) are coming to you from two different sources.


    Trust the above helps.


    See you in Hampton and TAKE CARE,


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