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  1. John: Don't have an answer for you...but you may wish to contact the American Aviation Historical Society at: http://www.aahs-online.org/ AAHS, like IPMS/USA, is a non-profit run by volunteers, so their response can sometimes take a while and since they are only in "the office" on Wednesday afternoons. They produce an excellent Journal and are now converting thier photo archives to digital to ease access. In the mean time, I'll keep digging through my souces. It could be that the four photos illustrate more then one aircraft of the same type. The engine appears to be a Wright engine. Nat
  2. Though it is possible it might be in some library somewhere, it's not too likely as it was speicially done for modelers. "Calling All Spitfires - A Scale Modelers Guide to the Spitfire in 1/72 Scale" was a document privately produced by a gentleman named John R. Beaman Jr. back in 1973. There was also an "Update" published in 1975. Though much of the information can be found in the Merlin and Griffon Spitfire volumes of the Modeler's Datafile series done more recently, the "how-to" convert aspects of Calling All Spitfires is pretty valuable. As a result of it being privately done, there probably aren't that many copies running around and it has no ISBN number to help track it. I've already passed the message along to SkyKing that if none of the locals can fill his need, to let me know. Nat
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