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  1. Chris, will be watching this build as I have also thought about doing the movie tank. Which Tamiya Easy Eight did you get? Tamiya released one last year that was a reboxing of the Tasca kit (a very detailed, many part kit) before they released their own version this year (the one I picked up). One thing to watch for on either of these is that the track in the kits is correct for a WWII Easy Eight but not for Fury. The movie tank used the later T-80 tracks so if you want to stay true to the movie version you need to replace the tracks. Someone here might have some extras or you can pick up an aftermarket set of individual links. There is a series of youtube videos from Panzerbuilder regarding his build of the movie tank so you can see what he did if you like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CWs0T9dl-Y is the first one in the series which just goes through the Tamiya/Tasca kit and the tracks he is using. One other thing to add to what has been stated above regarding the resin bits. Use a respirator/mask when sanding the bits as resin dust and lungs don't get along. Also Google images gives lots of pictures of the actual tank both both from the film and from production and even as she is now in the museum. Have fun.
  2. So I have a ton of kits to get rid of but figured I would start with this one as it is one of only 2 1/32nd scale kits in the pile (other is the Hasagawa Komet if anyone is interested). This kit is new in the box. Box is open but all parts are sealed in their original bags. It is a large kit with many parts (see the IPMS Review here). Selling the kit for $100 USD plus shipping. Just an fyi on shipping, from here to the east coast is just under $40 for Priority 2 day. Will get an exact shipping cost for you when I have your zip code. Prefer Paypal but will take a Money Order. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks Bob but I am looking specifically for either the Turf and Sport Special (the original is in the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover) or for That's All Brother which the CAF is currently restoring.
  4. Still looking for the Turf and Sport Special markings. The Israeli build is almost done.
  5. Hi Brian, Welcome to the wonderful world of the IPMS Forum. Pretty much like any others out there, mostly good people who try to be helpful. Your question has garnered answers from many of the big guns so won't add too much on to that. Glad you had fun in Columbus, I did too. I have been lucky enough to attend most of the recent shows with my first dating back to 1989. They have all been fun for me and I have made a bunch of new friends on the forum that I have had the pleasure of meeting at a Nats or three. Still hoping to make Columbia next year but will depend on my work (currently lack thereof) situation. Probably will try Omaha again as was a good show if a long 2 day drive for me. One thing you can do is book early to make sure you have a room at the convention rate and you are registered for any tours, banquet, etc. If things don't work out and you can't make it, you can always cancel. Also done the room sharing and while you usually can get a decent roomie and have some fun talking plastic you do need to watch out for the snorers (of which my ex said I was one, who knew). Take care and hopefully I will meet you at a show someday.
  6. Mark A. She came out nice. I do love your Arab/Israeli stuff. There were a couple nice tanks at the Boise show. Mark D. Heller do the AMX-13 in the one true scale. Not necessarily the best of kits but the turret would be usable for a conversion. http://www.heller.fr/en/maquettes/scale-military-vehicles-model-classic/59-amx-13-105-3279510798746.html
  7. I had a great time at the Boise show, their first one. I also brought up the round tables at the after show club meeting I attended. Found out some interesting items. First, the venue was free, yes, free. How many shows can say that. The tables were what the church had available so no additional costs to rent tables. As an attendee this worked out great. $5 entry fee for as many models as you wanted to bring (just know Dem Brudders eyes lit up when they saw that and they definitely came through), vendors tables were $10. Even I couldn't resist that and packed up 8 boxes of kits in the back of my Elantra. Even managed to sell more than I bought (including the entry and table fees). Also, no cost for joe public to come in and see the show. There were only 39 entrants but they managed to put 400+ models on the tables and kept the organizers busy bringing out new tables to add models to. Judges Grand was a scratchbuilt USS St. Louis which was lovely and the People's Choice went to a Monogram 1/48th B-58 Hustler in camo. I saw several guys up from SLC in support but didn't meet anyone from Washington or Canada which I thought might come over. I did however meet a nice couple from England who were over on holiday. OK, I was the one who mentioned I would be at the show in Boise and they adjusted their travel itinerary to meet up with me. Mike (an ex Royal Marine) kept handing Margaret a couple kits to take out to the car and after a while she had to let him know that the backseat was filling up and they still had to find a way to get them back home. So, to Brian and the rest of the Mad Dogs. Was a great little show and I look forward to the next one you guys do.
  8. Nice job Mark. Not sure if you have seen this video that was taken at the show. You might recognize something. Did you get any pics of the other entries? As you see I didn't make it down there last week. Am going to the Boise show next Saturday. Only about a 5 hour drive and I am taking stuff to sell as a vendor so hopefully will sell more than I buy.
  9. I would check out Draw Decal. http://www.shopdrawdecal.com/searchresults.asp?cat=2162
  10. Ok, found out what was wrong. It wasn't set to share with public (duh). Please try it now.
  11. Huh, works fine for me. I went in and changed to link to non secure (http instead of https). Try it now.
  12. Hi all, Today was the Air Show at Historic Wendover Air Field. Some of you may have heard of this base. It was used to train P-47, B-17, B-24 and B-29 crews including the Atomic bombers. The base still has a lot of the original buildings from the 40's and some are under restoration. The show itself was fairly small but had lots of interesting stuff for airplane buffs, military vehicles and even some cars. The pics are too big to post here so follow the link to the album. http://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/WendoverAirShow2015# Oh yeah, I paid for a fight in a T-6 Texan. The pilot even let me control the plane for a bit. Definitely the high point for me.
  13. philp

    Bren Gun ?

    Looks like an accurate depiction. I have seen a couple period pics showing the drum, a couple with the clip and most don't show any weapon mounted. http://www.warwheels.net/humberscoutDrawingsHAUGH.html http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/tanks/tanks-g-j/39007/view/humber_scout_car_mk_i/ http://www.warwheels.net/humberscout_McNeilly.html
  14. Sounds fun. Looking forward to seeing this. I have had an interest in doing something similar but showing the missile actually being fired so that you can see the missile in action. Thought about TOW, Dragon, Stinger, etc. Since then I have seen a few pieces depicting what I was thinking about. Sometimes just the vehicle firing with no figures. I think that extra set of "in motion" adds a lot to the overall view and really sells the story. Course, just my opinion.
  15. Ok, all, I seem to have gotten a little confused (Ralph told me that happens as I get older). When did we move away from the area rotation of the Nats? My understanding was that bids were requested from the section (East, Central, West) on a rotating basis so that a Nats would almost always be in an area that people would be able to make it at least once every 3 years. A bid was only requested from other chapters if no bids were forthcoming from the current region. Quick check of my pins shows: 2010 - Phoenix - West 2011 - Omaha - Central 2012 - Orlando - East 2013 - Loveland - West (I know but Region 10 is considered West) 2014 - Hampton - East 2015 - Columbus - Central (seems more east but) 2016 - Columbia - East 2017 - Omaha - Central Think Mark is correct here. As Phoenix was the only western region chapter to bid, should have got the nod. If no one out west bid than Omaha gets it. But if the rotation has disappeared... Dick said: " I suggest that the better bid should always win out regardless of what part of the country it comes from. It is up to those presenting a bid to put forward a bid that they think is competitive and reasonable. It is up to the EBoard to select one bid as being superior. Not everyone will be pleased and that's the nature of the process." Now, from what I have been reading in here, a Central or Eastern location will always be able to put in a better bid because they can get lower pricing than someplace out West. I am sure this is not a correct statement as I am sure there are plenty of other factors the EB looks at before awarding a Nationals based on the bid. But maybe that is what everyone needs to see? What are the criteria that makes one bid better than another? Is it cost to members/vendors, cost of the facilities, location, nearness to an international airport, size of facility, possible tour locations, boots on the ground or what? Again I assume all of these are looked at but what is the weight of each in the final decision? I think if this information was made readily available to all it would possibly help clubs as they put their presentation together and might even stop a lot of the "well why did they get it over us" questions that lead to discussions like this. Of course, if the rotation system is no longer in effect then obviously the best bid, based on the above or other criteria, should win. One other point, before the settlement I would have probably only made Phoenix and Loveland. I would not be a Nationals Judge, I would not have made as many friends, seen as many awesome models and had as great a time as I have had at every Nationals I have had the good fortune to attend. OK Dick, I am going back down to work on those late reviews. ;)
  16. I cheated. I got the same result you did. So did a Google search and found a few articles and then checked into them to find what I found.
  17. Nathan, I would use the kit canopy with Kristal Kleer and then just make the side windows with the Kleer after painting. I haven't found any aftermarket decals for this kit but you can check with Minicraft or even Airfix (US Airfix) to see if they still have a copy of their sheet. As Ron said, you can do one in British markings. Or even US markings from WWII. Both images pulled from the web.
  18. I also got the Columbine. Gave it to the guy who put me up in Dayton for a couple days as a thank you (not my scale anyway). For those looking for Clipper instructions. Borrowed this off the Airfix Tribute Forum. If it is the Minicraft version you can try this. You can CTRL zoom to make the pics larger but they get fuzzy. Still, hopefully you can make out what goes where. OK, a bit of research looks like Minicraft used the Airfix plastic so these should be about the same. Also found this.
  19. When I first started being able to afford to go to Nats, it had to be a Western show. The distance to pretty much anywhere further than Denver was just impractical for the budget. I attended San Diego, Seattle, Alburquerque and Orange County as well as the last two Phoenix shows and had a great time at all of them (dry heat and rain included). A few years ago I lost my youngest son and received a settlement that allowed me to make shows back east (and Canada and the UK). Otherwise I would not have been able to go the last few years and enjoy the fun that I always have at a Nats and seeing the people I only ever see at the show. But money has been spent and now I am looking at the next two shows and trying to decide if I can really make those trips again. The possibility of Columbia might work if I combine a visit to my parents in Delaware like I did for the 50th. Omaha is a two day drive for me but I will probably make it. But, I would love to see another show nearby, heck, I would love for SLC to put on another but after the "fun" they had in 1980 I don't see the old guard buying into that in the near future. All the cities from Seattle to San Diego are within a good days drive (maybe 12 hours to the north or south but doable) and So Cal has the benefit of a possible night stop in Vegas (just saying). So, for those out west who want to try, I will be there. For those back east, going to be a big maybe but because the shows have been so much fun, I will try to do my best. Isn't that all we can do, our best, to attend?
  20. Mark, Was good catching up with you at Nats. Hopefully all the models made it back home safe and sound and Amtrak was a bit less frustrating going home. So, Omaha 2017?
  21. Hi all, Working on the new Airfix Dakota for a Review and the kit options don't interest me. Looked at what is out there aftermarket wise and there are several options but not sure I want to shell out $13 to 28 just for one of the options. Leaning towards an Israeli plane from 48 to 67 or possibly an Egyptian one from 48. Other options are small air forces such as Congolese or Libyan. If anyone has a decal option you are not planning to use that would fit, please let me know. The Review is already late so please help. PS. If anyone has the Tally-Ho sheet with the Turf and Sport Special decals they don't want, I have another copy of the kit and would like to do this plane as have seen it at the Dover Museum.
  22. Got a What if build I need two Penguins for. Know they come in the Fujimi F-16 kit with Norwegian markings. Not sure of any aftermarket options.
  23. Hi all, Just got back from the show last night (about 8 hour drive) and loaded up my pics. Had issues with the hotel internet just never wanting to stay connected until the last night so these didn't get online until yesterday. Was a really good show, made more selling than I spent (on models) and even took a couple medals (2 x 2nd and a 3rd). Had a great time hanging with the Tag Team guys and catching up with a few of the CoMMiES. Theme was 50 Shades of Green and there were a couple group entries that had 50 green models so I put it at over 600 models on the tables and I even had a few on display for different SIGs. Anyway, feel free to take a look at the pics. The big winner was the 1/87th Pacific Steel plant. Thing was awesome and took Best Miscellaneous, Peoples Choice and Best of Show. Here is a link to the rest of the pics. https://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/CoMMiESFest2015Region10RegionalDenverCO#
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