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  1. Here are the links to the photos I took at the show. https://photos.app.goo.gl/UOwAed2BtU0THaHR2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/CoH96wMtLzMn6DnC3
  2. Ray, I have the 1/48th Revell B-17F Memphis Belle kit that I will let go for $15 plus postage. Let me know.
  3. All I can find is the Special set from Draw Decals. Just want to do a regular NATO E-3.
  4. Well that's too bad. I agree that I have not seen PE figures ever really look right. I know l'arsensl carries injection molded crew and have seen some from Tamiya which can be painted to look like US crew. Free Time Hobbies seems to have a lot of options on their site but I understand it is your model to do how you want and I am loving the air wing so far.
  5. This is looking great. Are you going to put some crew down in the hangers?
  6. I hit the Mad Dog Modelers contest last weekend in Boise. This weekend is Orangecon in Fullerton. The Boise show was great and I not only won some great kits in the raffle but also picked up some real deals from the few vendors that showed up. KC-135 for $6, that is the 72nd AMT kit with resin wheels Airfix 72nd E-3 for $8 Airfix 48th scale Seafire 47 but wait, two full kits in the box and the Hobbycraft Seafire XV. All for $8 The old Airfix Javelin in 72nd with the Heller version in the same box $6 Hasagawa 72nd Tornado GR 1 again with 2 full kits in the box, $4 Hasagawa 72nd F-16A plus for $10 Monogram 72nd F-16XL for $5 That and about 400+ models in the contest. Yes, I had fun.
  7. Nice stuff Mark. Maybe I will bring my 40mm to Orangecon just to have something to enter.
  8. Orangecon in Fullerton this Saturday. I am once again making the trip.
  9. I'm game again. Since Bill wants to shoot Sci-fi I will take Dioramas and Misc, SIGs and Display, The SAC Museum Tour and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy.
  10. Looks good Mark. Of course, now you have twice as many wheels to do at one time for both of those Japanese tanks.
  11. Man, you are all over the board now. Some great looking builds Mark. Hopefully I will get to see some of them at Orangecon if I can make it again.
  12. Looking forward to seeing you again Mark.
  13. Well, I was bummed not to get to the Nats this year, first miss since 2010. So how do you get over it, why attend a different show or two. The Salt Lake City club is holding their show this year down in Sandy and not only will I be there getting my usual bunch of pictures but I also will be vending this year (hope to cover the cost of the table at least). Then, two weeks from now Orangecon will be held at Cal State Fullerton. Normally I wouldn't make this show but since my oldest moved to Fullerton last November and still has an extra Disney pass and the show is a Regional i am making the exception. Who knows, I might even enter something.
  14. Hi Ron, Interestingly enough there doesn't seem to be anything out there even on my favorite site for B-24s, http://www.b24bestweb.com/ One site he might want to try is this forum. There are 105 pages and it is filled with pics and videos though whether any pics of Hell's Wench are in there they didn't show with a search. http://www.worldwar2.ro/forum/index.php?showtopic=1613
  15. Ok, a bunch of model kits that I would like to get moved out. There are some that are started and some with missing parts, all documented in the Notes column. Prefer PayPal but can accept a money order. If interested include your zip code with your request and I will get a postal cost for you (I use the machine at the Post Office to weigh the box but don't always get an accurate rate for overseas. If shipping is ever less than I quote you I will refund the difference). Excel spreadsheet loaded in onedrive. If you have issues or would prefer an emailed copy please let me know (include an email address). https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=A68182799AAE8687!1730&authkey=!AHPrBdJeasV7y4E&ithint=file%2cxlsx Thanks all for looking.
  16. Thanks Ron. I have the ESCI version that comes with the Desert Rats troops. It would need all the airborne modifications done to it and since I already built it with the trails out would need even more work so have been looking for an alternative. There are several good pics out there showing a 6 lbr being loaded into a Horsa. The usual method of getting out of the glider was to remove the back end and drive the jeep out that way. I always thought that they had them rigged in the glider jeep and gun but have never found a good pic to support that. A jeep and trailer I have seen but maybe the jeep/gun combo was too heavy? Though one of the responses in this thread says that the trails could be shortened so the gun and jeep fit together in a Horsa so who knows. Will probably build it already pulled out just to avoid confusion. I have only ever seen the 75mm howitzer with the Waco but that could just be not enough research.
  17. Help, planning on doing a Spec. Ops Chinook for the Desert Storm GB over at UAMF but needs a set of the EAPS filters. Seems the Aviation Workshop set is the only thing out there. Anybody have a spare set?
  18. Looks good Ron. I have a dio planned of a Jeep pulling a 6 pdr out of a Horsa on D-Day. How was the Milicast gun?
  19. Sorry guys, confused NCC with the EB, my fault for not going through the whole thread. While I didn't attend the presentations I have looked at bid packages from previous contests. I don't envy the EB in these cases. Phoenix has always been good and who doesn't love a trip to Pima. But then, I have had fun at all the Nats I have been at but the two Disney ones (Orange County and Disneyworld) stand out as the best because I had my two younger boys with me on the first and the whole family on the second. I can see how the vendors may have lost out on sales but for me, if I have to fly to a show, I probably am not getting too much in the vendors area (the last few shows I have attended back that up). Of course, I don't enter that much when I have to fly either. I just hope that we don't end up losing a bunch of members out west because they can't afford to attend a Nats. Yes we get the Journal but most other shows don't require you to be a member. I have been a member since the 70's and most of that early time stayed a member for the mags and the opportunity every 3 years to get to a Nats.
  20. I would love Salt Lake to do the Nats again but since the core club members are the ones who ended up covering costs for the 80 convention it would take a lot for the National Contest Committee to show how much support is now available. That said, when I first started to attend the Nats it was only the Western shows I could afford to get to. I looked forward to every 3rd year because I knew it would be back near enough for me to get there. Lately it has been a major investment for me to make it to the show and I have managed that the last 5 years (Denver was nice and close enough) but to go back to the east coast again this year is probably not going to happen and Omaha will be a wait and see. I would love to see what factors put Omaha over Phoenix if for no other reason than to let other chapters out west see exactly what they need to do to try and convince the Contest Committee that they can put on a good show. Maybe not the biggest but if nothing else a show that showcases what those of us out west can build.
  21. May have to get one of those Tiger kits.
  22. Nice to see her finally finished. Good job.
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