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  1. Very nice job on a very basic kit.
  2. Duke, The figures are pretty much 72nd, maybe a little smaller. The Armor was smaller (like the Rat Patrol kit), probably 87th or 100th. I had both of these sets in my teens and still have the sand dunes and some of the fortifications.
  3. Hi all, Looking for some markings that I can use on a couple of TSR.2s for the GB and Sci-Fi GB over at UAMF. First off, anyone have unused Spectrum decals (from the Airfix Angel Interceptor or other)? Thinking this version may fit in both GBs. Other need is for some EF-111 decals. Picked up the old Monogram kit for this but the decals don't look like they will hold up. This is the version I am thinking of. Also need 4 AGM-88 HARMs for the load out. Any and all help greatly appreciated and can reimburse shipping, etc. as needed.
  4. They do look good. Going to probably breakdown and get the Dragon M-48 but then again, I need crew for my Duster and M-706. Also need to figure out which aftermarket set to get for the searchlight and mantlet cover for the 48.
  5. This year is also the 70th anniversary of Operation Overlord. Lots of stuff for D-Day, land, air and sea.
  6. I built the Airfix Sam-2 many years ago and have a few others to put together. Also picked up one of the Trumpeter versions.
  7. philp

    The Invisible Man

    Agree, nice job. Love the broken beaker on the floor.
  8. Think it is looking good and love the What If idea.
  9. Kevin, It is a Spitfire, not a Hurricane and it was not used during the movie. It is a 1:1 scale Airfix kit created for James May's Toy Stories show. Actually a very cool episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzT3L3gGrew There were several items at Duxford that were used in the movie including a few copies.
  10. I think many of us had a little fun with that. And there seemed to be a severe washcloth ration at most of the hotels. Still not sure what that was about. Still, overall, the trip was great and the tour group and guides were also great. Now just got to find out who collected the email addresses and the group pics.
  11. Next batch is up. http://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/ScaleModelWorldTelfordUKPart2?noredirect=1
  12. First day of the show is over and I took a few pics. http://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/ScaleModelWorldTelfordUKNov2013 Bare in mind I have not had a chance to go through these so there are probably a few blurry ones that need to be removed and maybe reshot. I only got through Hall 3 and part (most?) of Hall 1. Tomorrow I will hopefully finish 1, shoot 2 and the Competition area, if my batteries hold out that is. So far the show has been good. Met quit a lot on the What If stand and haven't bought too much plastic (yet) though did order a few prints from the Airfix stand. Airfix had a big announcement, a 1/24th scale Hawker Typhoon with a decent amount of interior. Heard a release date on it for June 6, 2014, the 70th Anniversary of a pretty important date. I got some pics of the test shots and this one may tempt a few of you to go big. It looked really good and had a ton of options with it.
  13. Wednesday we hit Hendon and Duxford. We only had an hour and a half at Hendon and needless to say, I was a bit rushed. Also finally got my first decent internet connection in a while so got some pics up. The lighting in the main hall was a bit dark and I ended up shooting a lot with flash and haven't had time to try and modify any of the pics yet (and who knows if I ever will) but wanted to get them online so you guys can see some of the stuff we are seeing. https://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/RoyalAirForceMuseumHendonNov2013?noredirect=1
  14. Hi all. You may know that I am on the IPMS/UK tour leading up to Scale Model World in Telford. Today was our first day on the tour and we saw the sights of London et al. Since I have been in country for over a week already, I have done a little traveling including a tour of Duxford a week ago Sunday with one of my cousins. We are hitting the same museum tomorrow (as well as Hendon) but I wanted to give you guys a little look into what we shall see at Duxford. Due to the horrendous internet speed here in the hotel it took forever to upload these pics and several are out of order. There are also a few blurry ones in there that I will reshoot tomorrow. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the air and armor. https://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/ImperialWarMuseumDuxfordOct2013
  15. Already started. Bunch of pics from Duxford and around the areas. unfortunately I can't access the internet from my laptop right now and that is where all the pics are. When I get a chance I will add them to my Picasaweb albums and give links.
  16. Here I am sitting in the airport in SLC waiting for my flight. I am part of the IMPS/UK tour that ends up at Telford for Scale Model World, the 50th anniversary show. I am heading over early and spending time with relatives, some of which I have never met and some I haven't seen since '79. Will be running around the lower east side of the country for 10 days and who know what I will get to see then. I was able to pack 3 planes, a wargame figure and one of my carpet monster trophies for display at the show. When not running around trying to photograph everything I will either be hanging out with the What If modelers, Classic British Kits crew or the Sci-Fi tables. Looking forward to meeting many of the people I have only interacted in the forums. If you are going to be there, say hey here.
  17. Mark, Oshkosh M1070 and its made by Balaton models from Hungary. Here is a link to the truck. http://www.balatonmodellshop.co.uk/spd/BM7220/M1070-HET and the trailer. http://www.balatonmodellshop.co.uk/spd/BM7226/M1000-heavy-trailer Little pricey but there you go.
  18. Mark, The transporter is a resin kit. I will check with Sean and see if I can get you the brand. Pretty sure the B-36 is Dick's of Dem Brudders fame.
  19. So this week I attended our local show up in Ogden, just a short trip this time. I took a picture of everything at the show but the lighting seemed pretty bad this year and I had a bunch of fuzzy shots. So, here is what was left. Some nice large planes. My buddy Sean had some nice 72nd scale vehicles including this one: And some Sci-fi pieces including: I also liked this F-16 dio even though Sean pointed out some inaccuracies with how the ground equipment was in use but he worked on the real thing so he ought to know. All in all a decent little show. 211 entrants and probably 240 models on the table. Got a chance to chat with a few guys and this time, only bought one kit in the vendors area though there were some pretty good deals going on. Rest of the pics are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/2013ShoconOgdenUT#
  20. Mark, They belong to the United Arab Emirates (not Jordan) and the AZ flash is because they did (do?) their training out of Luke AFB. The Germans also train over here but they flew out of New Mexico some place. Took these of a Luftwaffe Tornado at the Hill AFB Open House back in 2006.
  21. Check the links again, they both appear to work for me but I changed them from Google + to Picasaweb.
  22. Last weekend I attended this annual contest at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, OR, a little south of Portland. I met Steve Bakke at Uncle Rick's hobby shop in Calgary earlier this year. Steve has the awful day job of piloting a F4U-5 Corsair out of Kalispell, MT. While we were talking he mentioned the show in Oregon and as I had some time, I decided to check it out. First off, the museum this show is held at is awesome. Some of you may know it is now the home of the Spruce Goose and a lot of other stuff including an indoor water park where the start of the water slides is inside the fuselage of an actual Boeing 747 mounted on the roof. To top that off the host club ran a very nice show with a well stocked raffle including a special raffle of one of the new 1/32nd scale Zoukei-mura He-219 kits. I did manage 3 wins but not the Heinkel. The vendors were numerous and many seemed to just want to give away their kits. I bought way more than I had planned because I just couldn't pass up the deals. This was an issue as I had flown in but Steve came to my rescue offering to mail the large box to me. Not only that, him and his wife fed me dinner that night while we watched the Oregon St. game (his wife's alma mata). A very quick trip but a lot of fun, met a lot of nice guys and even walked off with a couple ribbons. Will have to see if I can make next years show. Steve's 48th scale Airfix Lightning took Best RAF subject. One of these 2 very nice 32nd F-16s won the category but I don't remember which. They were done by the same guy. This 35th scale Academy Stuart caught my eye and I even found the kit on one of the vendor's tables, sealed, for $10. The first time I have seen a USPS Jeep in 1/24th. Best Sci-Fi was this lovely AMT Klingon Bird of Prey (that is my little 6-wheeler behind it which took a 2nd). And this neat little Eggbattros took 1st in the Humor category You can see all of the pictures of the show are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/2013OregonHistoricalModelersSocietyContest# And pics of the museum are here: https://picasaweb.google.com/115549746726410540917/EvergreenAviationAndSpaceMuseum?noredirect=1#
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