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  1. Very sharp! I can't help but notice that it (like a lot of other Italian camos) has a different pattern on each wing. Was this done purposely, and if so why? Cool looking patterns regardless! Thanks for posting! GIL
  2. While I can't speak specifically to the TSR.2 gear, all of the SAC gear that's been offered to date have been done to serve 3 purposes: 1) to provide stronger gear; 2) to provide better detailed/accurate gear; and 3) to correct sit problems. It's a good bet that they will do the job (IMO). I'm sure someone who's building the kit will pipe up shortly. Best of luck! GIL
  3. ghodges

    1/48 P-40F pics

    Started this because the Merlin engined "F" model of the P-40 is my absolute favorite Warhawk, especially in desert camo (as this one will be). This is the HobbyCraft 1/48 P-40F. I eagerly sought out this kit because the fuselage is a long tailed F version, without the need to use a tail plug or nose conversion as in previous kits. That said, my eagerness was misplaced..... The fit is pretty bad.......the plastic is VERY soft overall, which allows for some warpage in the parts in the box; especially the bottom wing. The only good news here is that the plastic is soft enough to bend back into shape by hand!The fit of the wings to the fuselage is horrible at the roots, until you get the cockpit floor installed. That spread the fuselage somewhat to the point that the wingroots are merely terrible.....the leading edges of the wings at the roots will require heavy sanding. I wasn't able to get all of the alignment problems ironed out...just too many of them! Luckily, I'm building this as a break from the T-28 and to try out my new BS airbrush on that desert scheme in American markings (checkertailed!). The interior is mostly a spare True Details set, with the exception of the main panel and the armor plate. For some reason, there was no resin main panel in the TD set, so I drilled and detailed the kit panel. The kit armor plate fit better than the resin one, so I used it. Interestingly, the resin floor is slightly wider then the kit floor, so it probably improved the fit of the wings more than the kit cockpit would have! The seat is from Ultracast and is just sitting in there for the meeting this evening. Overall, I bought this kit trying to get away from the "fit" problems associated with other P-40 kits due to their modular construction. Instead, I traded those fit problems for another set of them, and gained warpage and alignment problems to boot. If Hasagawa ever kits a long tailed "F", even with the plugs, I'll have to recommend it over this one! Still, I expect it'll be a colorful addition to my old vacuform "F" built @20yrs ago! I'll post more when it's done in a week or two! As always, comments, critiques, and questions are welcome! Cheers! GIL
  4. Nice jig! Looks relatively simple to make and cheap too! GIL
  5. ghodges

    Peruvian Tiger!

    Love the camo!Thanks for posting! GIL
  6. The Lindberg biplanes were heads and shoulders above the rest of their kits! Years ago (pre Roden, Eduard, etc) when I wanted to build an SE-5A I compared the 1/48 Aurora and Lindberg kits. The Lindberg kit was not only better detailed, it also had better fidelity of detail, such as thinner trailing edges, etc.. The Jenny is looking good Dick! Keep the posts coming! GIL
  7. ghodges

    1/32 Resin T-28

    OK, got the rudder 99% done. The T-28 is unique in that you can see the lightening holes in the rudder post when you stand behind the plane, even when the rudder is in the neutral position. That meant the rudder had to be chopped off, the hinges and acuators built up, and the "holey" rudder post installed. Yep....a LOT of grinding was needed (and it won't be the last time for that!) It's a tight enough fit that you can't see through it from the side view.... But you can see the rudder post quite easily. Also note the rear position light and the trim tab actuator have been added. I'm really hoping that a lot of the "roughness" will fade once it all gets primered and painted....Almost ready to tackle that big gaping hole in the fuselage where the cockpit goes! Maybe this weekend over the holiday.....Cheers! GIL
  8. THAT'S what makes IPMS so great! He shoots, he scores! GIL
  9. ghodges

    On-line Group Build

    Absolutely no need to feel sorry. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Best of luck and hope you can get back to the bench sooner than you expect. Cheers! GIL
  10. Hold da boat Tim..... According to SqSig "Fighting Colors": USAF in Europe '48-'65 (vol.1); the 116FIS was renumbered the 78FIS in the 81rst FIW in 1952. At this time, ALL a/c colors were replaced with yellow bands edged in black on the tail (fin?) and wings (it doesn't specify). This sounds very similar to markings in Korea at the time. It also says that the sq. colors were crried on a band on the nose, behind the intake ring and ahead of the gun panels. Again, it doesn't specify if the colors were plain, outlined, had stars, or whatever. Squadron badges were sometimes carried on both sides, as was a small version of US AIR FORCE mid-fuselage on both sides. The book doesn't have a side view rendering of the 78th F-86's (but it does have a lot of their F-84s!) Perhaps you might find a pic that you've missed up til now, based on the above a/c discription. Hope this helps! GIL
  11. Now DAT'S a 'Nam Sluf! I think you nailed the essence in your markings, camo, weathering, and weapons load. EXCELLENT! Thanks for posting! GIL
  12. ghodges

    Zero Eggplane

    What an eggsactingly scaled model! Looks great and sounds like you had a blast building it too. Thanks for posting! GIL
  13. All: Thanks for the suggested mods to my annealing suggestion. My experience is with a/c, and as the saying goes "if it don't fit, hit it with a hammer. No one will notice at 10,000ft!" Sort of sums up my approach to model building too....Cheers! GIL
  14. In a word: ingeneous! Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming! GIL
  15. The camo looks great! I'm glad to see big new kits like that doing well (sold and built). That means that somewhere down the line they'll have the money to put out something right up my alley. Are you using pre-cut masks, or doing it the hard way? I know the thought of cutting my own masks for clear parts like that is almost daunting enough to make me shelve the project! Yours is looking sharp! I look forward to the final pics! GIL
  16. The basic technique to roll pe is to "anneal" and use a "pad". Annealing takes the spring out of the metal, which makes it easier to bend or roll the metal and have it stay in the position you want. Put the entire fret onto the stove burner (electric) or hold over a flame (gas or candle). When it discolors, it's done! You do have to be more careful with annealed pe as it will bend easier, but it's also lost some strength. Repetitive bending (90dgs+) will break it easier than before annealing. The pad you need can be a small sponge, or simply a paper towel folded over onto itself several times. Pick your "mandril" (paint brush handle, brass tubing, etc.) slightly smaller than your desired diameter. Put the part onto the pad and start to roll the mandril back and forth GENTLY. DO NOT apply direct pressure at first, as it will bend the part. Gradually add pressure as you roll across the part from one end to the other and it will begin to curl. Keep going, adding pressure until you get the curve you need. It might take a pretty good amount of pressure to get a part (like a machine gun jacket) to curl back completely onto itself. Go slowly and you should have few problems. Hope this helps! GIL
  17. I'll take your results every day of the week and twice on Sundays! Looks great! GIL
  18. An eye catching scheme on a very pretty build! It don't get better than that (unless you have a Hooters girl to hold it in the pics! ) Congrats! GIL
  19. ghodges

    Another Flyover

    Cool! Haven't seen one of those since going to the Warner Robins AFB museum a few years ago. Wish they'd make the air show circuit again. Thanks for sharing! GIL
  20. Comments? VA-VA-VOOM! That's a couple of sharp '51's! It appears you used a wash in the panel lines. If so, what did you use, and did you use it over a "sealer", or directly over the NMF? Congrats on a couple of great looking models! GIL
  21. ghodges


    When I think "helicopter", THAT"S what I picture! Looks dead-on to me! Did the green glass come tinted in the kit, or did you do it yourself (and how)? I start hearing "Paint it Black" (Tour of Duty) just looking at it......Cheers! GIL
  22. I wouldn't know what's right or wrong about your X-15 as far as accuracy goes. What impresses me is how well you incorporated those changes! The fact you can't see your work is a sure sign of some serious skills! I particualarly like the NMF shades on the tanks. Congrats on a fine build and thanks for posting! GIL
  23. Thanks for the airbrushing info! Now I know why I've been having such a dry spell, I cut out the Cutty Sark! Actually, I switched to Jameson's Irish Whiskey (courtesy of RB) after an ugly night of worshipping at the porcelin altar after tangling with most of a bottle of CS (obviously, I lost!). I just refilled my CO2 tank this afternoon and just received a new Pasche Talon airbrush, so I hope to be able to spray it as close as you can next time out. All my paint jobs will now have a touch of "BS" to them (yes even more, if you can believe it!). If ya see me at a show, ask me and I'll explain it! Cheers! GIL
  24. I have the same experience of continually "looking upward" here in Jacksonville. My mail route is on the southern edge of NAS Jax and stuff is continually in and out of there. I hardly ever notice the drone of the P-3's anymore. Haven't seen a S-3 Viking now for a couple of years, but they were very prevelant before that. You could tell when they were overhead by the sound of the engines changing pitch in auto-throttle on landing. There's a reason they called 'em Hoovers! There's always the proverbial small VIP stuff coming and going and what appears to be 737 trainers for the new P-8's that will be arriving in a year or so. But, on the brighter side there's usually at least several F-18's blasting off every week and at least one EA-6B Prowler a week since the repair facility in St. Augustine is so close. Then there's the occasional FANG F-15's and C-130's zipping northward too, as well as T-45's dropping in from P-Cola (usually on Saturdays). What's even more exciting are the "aggressor" a/c that come and go about once a month! A company called ATAC flies them and bases them at Cecil Field when they're in town. I've seen 2 Kfirs, 2 Hawker Hunters, and even an A-4E! I had to do a double-take when the Skyhawk flew over and then ask some base personell if it was true. Know what's the loudest? The dang Prowler! I guess it has to go "full military" and doesn't have an afterburner so it's sounds like a rocket. The Skyhawk, Hunters, and Kfirs are cool because they "purr" in comparison to the F-18's. Gotta love military air! Cheers! GIL
  25. Ha! If they took me, YOU'RE in like Fynn! GIL
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