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  1. You sir, are an artisite! Not only do you have an amazing ability to sculpt, but you also have an eye for great poses! GIL
  2. Nice tutorial on bracing and filling! Question: what cement are you using? I've used liquid cement and then had problems with it running up under the rubber bands. If you're using liquid cement, how do you avoid that? GIL
  3. Phabulous looking Phantom, and a really sweet grouping of Sundowners too! Congrats, and thanks for sharing! GIL
  4. Very nice collection there! GIL
  5. Good looking builds! What scale are they? GIL
  6. Am I to understand that the 1776 Marine has been sculpted/carved/molded/scratchbuilt from sprue by yourself? And what of the WWII Marine pic posted also? They're both implressive looking as is. GIL
  7. Nice camo Duke! We have a South African in our club (also a 1/72 builder) who'd absolutely love this one! Congrats! GIL
  8. The dark red/primer color is most common on painted Japanese props, but I've also seen them painted very dark green and also black; especially later in the war on the later models. As for the tips, starting in 44-45 they could be/were painted at the tip in yellow just like their American counterparts, though they could also simply have the normal yellow stripe near the tip as used earlier in the war. Remember, Japanese aircraft production was in flux and quality control was rushed and or poor as the war dragged on, so all of these variations became the "norm". By the way, this all matches the info in the "bible" on Japanese markings, the Thorpe Japanese camo books. Hope this helps! GIL
  9. Excellent detailing. It's a model unto itself! GIL
  10. Welcome Andrew! So glad to have you jump into the fray! Make yourself at home and have fun! GIL
  11. ghodges

    F4U Corsair

    The later -1D Corsairs that carried rockets had metal plating added under the wings to protect the fabric from the rocket exhausts. I think the -4s and later were all metal. However, I'm no expert so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will have a clearer answer for you. GIL
  12. You've got these Tamiya kits down to a science, and you build almost fast as the Duke! I really like the lighter colored control surfaces. Thanks for sharing! GIL
  13. Dude, you just keep posting winners! Great work! GIL
  14. Excellent dapple camo! Terrific looking Tojo! GIL
  15. ghodges

    F4U Corsair

    Good looking build! The only suggestion I'd make on your next Corsair build is to apply the kill marks over the tape seal decal, or simply move the kill marks more under the cockpit and avoid the overlap all together. Or, was that the way it really was on the plane? I could see how it could happen in the field. Congrats! GIL
  16. ghodges


    Love desert camo and the "tail art" seals the deal for me! Congrats! GIL
  17. Cool diorama! The Columbus club is great! I lived there from '79-'99 and TJ and Ron were gracious enough to award me a lifetime membership as a Rickenbacker when I moved down here to FLA....as long as I don't move back! Have fun! GIL
  18. That whitish area is actually a ceramic coating, which then gets stained black and brown. Ralph's method should work perfectly! GIL
  19. Good start and what looks like a lot of tedious detail work ahead on those seats! Can't wait to see them! GIL
  20. Very eye catching scheme! Love it! GIL
  21. No problemo....The way people trade molds today it's really a Godsend to have the internet so we can find out whose plastic is in what box before we buy it! And with the Hobbico sale, who knows what type of box the Revell and Monogram molds will come back to us in the future? GIL
  22. That's why "Gil World" is in the garage! GIL
  23. Jim, I think you've mistaken HOBBICO, a multi-national and multi hobby company OWNER (owned Revell GER, Revell/Monogram USA, Estes rockets, etc.) for the Hobbycraft plastic model company. To my knowledge, Hobbycraft is still in business and wasn't a part of the break up and sale of all of the interests owned by Hobbico. Others can correct me if I missed that Hobbycraft was involved, as to my knowledge, it's still plodding on as usual, good kits, not so good kits, and all. GIL
  24. I've seen the B-25 in the vendors area on occasion, and it's usually not cheap. I've also seen a couple built up over the years, and they were quite eye catching and popular since they were also so rare. As for being "flyable"....not sure, but I also seem to remember Cox having several plastic U-line controlled flying models somewhere in the 1/32-1/24 size range, and perhaps these were molded with adapting a Cox motor to them. As for the $3.50.....in that day it would have taken me several months to save up my .25wk allowance to get one! GIL
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