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  1. HOLY COW! THAT is impressive as all get out! That last picture needs to be offered as "wallpaper" for model builders!

    As impressive as the lighting is, I have to also say that the choice of an overall matte finish really adds to the "cleanness" of the overall look. I like the look , and it was probably just as authentic after a month or two at sea anyway. I suggest wearing thick shirts at shows because you can expect a good number of pats on the back when folks see it! Thanks for sharing!


    Gil :smiley16:

  2. Robin: your story I think is VERY typical for a lot of members..especially the "local drama" stories. IPMSUSA may have had some drama, but not nearly as often or on the level of local clubs. I've been a member since '77, and have been extremely blessed to have been a member of 2 clubs with almost NO drama...the Rickenbackers in Columbus and IPMS First Coast here in Jax. But, having attended many, many local shows and regional contests, and spoken to hundreds of other "local" members; their stories are legion about the "drama" in their clubs. Many clubs either fail, or split off due to those internal problems.  And who can blame members like yourself for not wanting to deal with such things in their hobby?

    One of the biggest, if not THE biggest problems with the IPMS "reputation" is the idea that the drama experienced at the local level actually reflects IPMSUSA at large. What's worse, MOST of these stories are perpetuated by the NON-members who attend local and regional shows and go on to bad mouth an organization they're not even a part of based on some story they heard (true or not) at at one of those shows.

    While all of the "problem" stories in the history of IPMSUSA add some spice, they do not reflect the true overall history of it. Considering IPMS has never had anything but volunteers at ALL levels, just existing for going on 60yrs is an accomplishment. The fact IPMS has grown into the an organization with a first class publication and who puts on 6+figure National conventions is amazing! It's had to reinvent itself too....when it started, historical documentation for model building was scarce, and IPMS led the way in providing it. At times, until the 80s, it was one of the ONLY sources of info for model builders. Since then, IPMS, and its Quarterly and Jounal mags have had to survive competing against a bevy of commercial magazines and subject specific publications that give model builders an alternative source for both subject data and kit reviews. And with the  internet and its on-line clubs, IPMS is having to evolve once again to remain relevant to the model builder.

    I hope the history that's recorded accentuates the positives as much or more than the negatives over the decades!


    Gil :smiley16:

  3. The Nats has been cancelled, below is the official email I just got...


    The following is a joint announcement from the San Marcos 2020 Convention Leadership team and the IPMS USA Executive Board.


    We jointly appreciate all the feedback we received regarding this year‘s convention. We’ve taken your comments and concerns into careful consideration, while maintaining an ongoing dialogue and negotiation with the Embassy Suites convention center in San Marcos. These negotiations have been proceeding carefully due to the significant financial exposure that IPMS would be subject to if we simply decided to cancel the convention unilaterally.


    We are now prepared to announce that the 2020 National Convention is officially canceled. While this may disappoint many, including your authors, we believe it is the prudent, safe and sensible thing to do.


    On a more positive note, we have been successful in negotiating the use of the Embassy Suites San Marcos location for the 2023 convention. Therefore, the rotation for the next three years, circumstances permitting, will be Las Vegas in 2021, Omaha in 2022, and San Marcos in 2023. Tentative dates for the 2023 convention will be August 2nd through the 5th. We are currently finalizing details of the contract with Embassy Suites and expect a finalized version within a week.


    For those who have registered already for the convention, we will be processing your refunds. For those who have booked hotel reservations at one of the convention center hotels, it will be up to you to cancel those on your own. Vendors will be refunded their money for tables as well through our vendor coordinator, Craig Gregory. Chapters and individuals who have sponsored contest categories may also receive refunds for their sponsorships.


    Again, we want to thank you all for your patience and support during these trying times, and hope that you recognize we have made the best possible decision for all under the circumstances.



  4. Most NMF are smooth enough to decal over directly. The problem I have is that most clear overcoats will alter the NMF look, basically nullifying all the work you've been doing! You might want to put some Alclad on something as a "test", overcoat it with the gloss, and see if you like it before doing it on the model.

    Gil :smiley16:

  5. Kevin....I've been as vocal a critic of past Eboards as anyone (and been fired as an RC for it!), but I think you're not giving them any credit and asking for something they really cannot provide at this time.

    First of all, WHAT can they say that has not been said here? The situation is in flux, data and info is changing week to week, if not day to day, and yet it sounds like you want to have them give some sort of "definite" statement. The same goes for the San Marcos hosts, who HAVE stated that they are in constant touch with the hotel and the local county officials and do make periodic statements.

    The financials that (mostly) drive the wait to cancel have been explained, so what else could they say at this time?

    If you're looking for a simple "we're cancelling for the safety of our members and taking the 6 figure hit" announcement, then say so;  IF that is the "stonewalling" you're accusing them of. And while there does appear to be a "second wave" from the virus as states like Texas have opened up, how serious the consequences of that will be is very debatable at THIS time. The only real mitigating factor is that MORE IPMS members fall into the "vulnerable" category...but then the members themselves KNOW if they fall into that group, and can act accordingly. So are you looking for a "stay at home if you're over 65, obese, have diabetes, bad health, etc." announcement from the Eboard?

    You can certainly debate whether they screwed the pooch by not canceling when things were closed. You can also rightly question why there was no cancellation insurance for this year. I'm betting that IF the show is held those will be just a couple of the uncomfortable questions they'll need to answer at the business meeting.

    I also can't really believe you think that the Eboard and San Marcos are not working together....as in one wants to cancel but the other is hanging on tooth and nail; so I can't see the Eboard making any announcement to override any info San Marcos has already provided; or vice-versa. So I don't see any lack of "leadership" in this area either, at this point in time.

    Like you, I DO expect some sort of statement from the Eboard, but NOT until about 2 weeks out from the show. That would seem to be the time when they need to get definite info out in "time" to the members, but also have waited long enough to have the latest and most up to date info to base their decisions and announcement on. My suggestion to all is to show a bit more patience with some folks in a VERY tight spot that NO Eboard has ever had to deal with!


    Gil :smiley16:

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  6. While I can see your tape problem, it looks like overall you're getting the "look" you're shooting for. I always use the lowest tack tape I can when masking over any NMF, and also remove it ASAP after painting so that the adhesive has the very least time to interact with the surface. The "polished" types of Alclad are much more susceptible to tape marring than the regular Aluminum shades, and I usually also try to reduce tape tackiness by sticking it on my forehead (applies skin oil) and then pulling it through my fingers (removes excess skin oil) before applying it. Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing your final triumph!

    Gil :smiley16:

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  7. No David.....NO one "wins"....and NO ONE is in denial.

    It's simply a matter that this is still the USA, and you cannot make DEMANDS on others in order to make YOU feel safer. If you are SO concerned, as you sincerely seem to be, then you should not attend. With your point of view, and sincere concerns, I do not see how the convention planners could EVER take enough precautions or make enough changes to make you feel completely safe, and that deosn't even include the travel "risks" you'll have to deal with coming and going.

    And seriously...are you actually trying to compare the size of paint particles to VIRUSES?? THAT is truly intellectually dishonest! But then you seem so intent on making everyone else as fearful as yourself, it doesn't surprise me. You may not like the dissent in thought on the virus, but it is EVERYWHERE, in the medical community, the media, the government, as well as among we individuals. So if you cannot accept the fact that not everyone feels as you do, but MUST conform to your demands so you can feel better or safer, then as I suggested before; stay home and build models for 2021.



  8. Ok...I've held off this far.....but this "DEMAND to wear masks" is going too far. Yes, it IS a BAD idea!

    The data and the consequences of exposure is at BEST undecipherable at this time. There IS a spike in CV-19's spread....BUT, that doesn't mean more people will actually get sick, need hospitalization, or die. In fact, that has NOT been the case despite the headlines....SO far. A month from now will tell us more......

    The data on what works and what doesn't to prevent its spread is also inconclusive, with medical "experts" divided pretty evenly on do/don't wear masks, do/don't quarantine; etc, etc., depending on who's being interviewed and even what week it is.

    I personally know of local medical situations where masks/ppe are NOT being worn by medical personnel...one is actually a Covid testing site! My sister, an RN, was exposed at her hospital (along with most of the staff on her non-Covid care floor) just over a week ago....and they have NOT sent her home nor asked her to quarantine herself, and she can work her normal shifts. My point? It seems the medical people themselves realize that "the cat's out of the bag" so to speak and CV-19's "spread" CANNOT be stopped in any manner. Part of this reaction also has to due with it's overall lack of lethality among 99% of the population.

    The only true thing everyone seems to agree on is that IF your over 65 and IF you have any serious health complications (any age), then YOU are more vulnerable to the virus. Now, that DOES represent probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the IPMS demographic, so IPMSUSA does need to take that into account for ALL shows in the future.

    IPMS is stuck in a hard place due to not taking any decisive action earlier in the situation. That said, the options going forward are pretty clear:

    1) IF the state of Texas and/or city of San Marcos "close" up again, and IPMSUSA has the chance to cancel without monetary penalty: CANCEL!

    2) If things stay open as they are now, and continue to open up (which seems more likely); hold the Nats, bite the bullet, and try to limit the financial loss as much as possible.

    3) Put in as many common sense precautions as possible and practical, spacing tables as much as space will allow, and having signage asking everyone to be as considerate to others as possible when it comes to social distancing. This will only be partly possible due to the nature of our shows, but that doesn't mean we personally cannot adapt as much as we can.

    4) If YOU want to wear a mask, fine. I will then also show you additional respect and try to maintain my distance since you are obviously more concerned than myself. Do NOT tell me I HAVE to wear one just to make you "feel safe".  If you don't think you can feel safe around others without them, STAY HOME. After all, HOW do you function in you local community where you have to deal with others not masked? You certainly cannot demand THEY all do so, and you cannot make that demand on your fellow convention attendees.

    5) Judging will be tough....but there again, if YOU don't feel you can judge, with or without a mask, and feel safe, DON'T JUDGE!

    6) Keep in mind this is going to be one of the SMALLEST Nats in decades....and that lack of attendees will HELP the situation by reducing the crowding we're all used to at the Nats. It will not eliminate it...but it will be easier under the circumstances.

    The National convention, if held, should be a simple reflection of America at large. YOU have a choice as to whether or not to attend, just as you choose where to go in your local community, depending on where you feel is safe or not. Going anywhere at any time involves risks, and you take precautions accordingly; whether that's being sure your car has good tires so as not to hydroplane in wet conditions, or masking yourself in order to feel like you're doing all you can to maintain your health. I hope that this is the spirit in which the San Marcos hosts are finalizing their plans.

    If NOT, they better start putting forth their exact demands for attendees!



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  9. I think you have only 3 choices in 1/32....Fly Models, PCM (Pacific Coast Models), and Revell.

    Fly Models is the newest 1/32 Hurricane, and most likely the best....BUT....you need to define Mk. I.....because IF you mean a very early Mk.I with the rag (fabric) wings and 2 bladed prop, then the PCM kit might be the way to go. For BoB, you can get away with a Mk.I or early Mk.II, which means the old Revell kit can also suffice IF you're not a stickler for precise accuracy. If you Google search any of the above manufacturers for the kit reviews you can then decide which one you think will give you your best bang for your buck.

    In 1/48 you have a much wider choice for good Hurricanes...the new Airfix (or even the 70s issue in the light blue plastic isn't bad), Hasagawa, and Classic Airframes (rag wing) all did Mk.Is and Mk.IIs, and there's many other 1/48 kits out there too. Once more, do some on-line searches to read the reviews to see which one has exactly what you're looking for within your budget. Hope this helps!


    Gil :smiley16:

  10. There ARE some warts, particularly in the "olden" days of the 70s and 80s, when IPMS had gotten just big enough to start having problems. But one thing you'll need to do is to sort through the apocryphal "stories" to find what was the truth behind them. I do know a couple good yarns, and believe I know most of the "truth " behind them, but then just what are you looking for? Colorful anecdotes, or simple data with names, facts and figures? Some of those names have passed....but many of them are still around, AND are still IPMS members!

    Gil :smiley16:

  11. Anthony: I don't think your problem has anything to do with your water at home....decals fall apart basically because the very thin clear coat that they're printed on is either too thin to be handled (bad manufacturing batch) or it may have simply gotten old and brittle. I've had this problem, particularly with older decals, and the solutions suggested by Nick (if you want to try to save THAT sheet) are an easy way to do that.

    The only thing I'd add IF you use a clear gloss coat is to apply them between 4hrs and 12hrs after you overcoat the decal sheet. That gives the gloss enough time to "dry" (can be handled) but not "cure"; meaning it'll have some flexibility at that time that the decals will lose once the clear coat is completely cured and hard.

    Of course the best way is also the most expensive way....if it's an important project, spend money on a new aftermarket set of decals that should avoid the problems in the first place!

    Gil  :smiley16:

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