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  1. It's not as much "hit and miss and guess" in trying to figure out awards numbers; it's just not a KNOWN number to start. We just started dealing with this at Jaxcon. We normally have 500-600 entries; so we figured that we'd need at least 500 medals, and ordered 300 bronze, 150 silver, and 50 golds. The other reason for ordering 500 medals was there was a significant price break there. Our first complication was that we had a record turnout of over 650 entries on the tables. Turns out we'd have still been perfectly fine EXCEPT for a second complication: ONE guy came in with 40 superb models (35 busts, and 5 airplanes). He skewed our expectations by taking home at least 15 golds and 15 silvers all by himself (he also won Best Figure)! We ran out of Gold and Silver medals, but even with the one guy making us run short, we only ended up 11 Gold and 17 Silvers short. So, we planned correctly for the show, and would have even been ok if that one guy hadn't brought so many entries that were top level medalists. But hey, GOOD FOR HIM! By the way, another nice thing about simple medals (without a box or ribbon) is that you can put them in a regular envelope and mail them with a couple of stamps on them if you run short! Cheap and easy! So, next year, we figure we'll up our medal order by another 100. We'll get 100 Gold, 200 Silver, and another 300 Bronze to go with the 58 left over. We're pretty sure that unless 750 or more entries show up next yer, we'll be well covered, even if someone manages to win another 20 medals themselves. The bottom line is, the"higher" the show, the more good models will show up. The Nats will have a higher percentage of "medalist" models than a Regional will, which will have more than a Local will. I'd estimate that at least 75% of the models on the tables at the Nats are "medal worthy" (depending on how strictly written the criteria is). Now "medal worthy" means Bronze OR better....and so you set it up along the following lines. Bronze: no big basic mistakes and only 2-3 small basic problems. The more something is visible and the faster it may be noticed; the worse it is. These are models that would probably make the first cut in 1-2-3. That's why I say at least 75% of the models at the NATS could win at least a Bronze. The bar is higher and people bring nicer entries. But, many of those are actually better than that and will place higher! Silver: You have to look hard to find a problem, and what problems there are are minuscule and not readily apparent. These are models you'd judge to be in the running for the 1-2-3 in most Nats categories. In other words, the top level of those that would make the cut in 1-2-3. So, figure that half of that 75% (40%) may be worthy of a Silver. Gold: These should be rare, but yet attainable. These are models that stand out at a first glance. You cannot find a basic problem AND they'll almost always have extra work done to them. These are models that you'd be nominating for Best Ofs in their genre. A Gold level build is sort of an intangible, but I'm betting most EVERY judge out there has an idea in their mind of what they think it is, and can spot that model that's just heads and shoulders above most everything around it. I'm guessing no more than 5-10% in the room at the Nats will qualify for Gold. So, figure on a record turn out (could happen in Chattanooga) of 3000 or so entries. Better plan on having 2300 medals on hand. Is there a price break for ordering 2500? Then do that! Personally, I'd go with the 2500 for the first trial (they left-overs can be used the next year). I'd order 500 Golds (probably enough for 2-3yrs), 900 Silvers, and 1100 Bronzes. Then you see what is left over, what you run out of, and adjust accordingly for the next year's order. Now I just did this "on the fly" without any "scientific" input or cross-discussion among a committee; which is what WOULD happen if a Nats host went GSB. I'm sure they could come up with more accurate predictions and percentages than I did on the fly. And with 2-3 years of experience, I'm betting a pretty reliable pattern would emerge allowing for some very close numbered ordering to be done. This is NOT a tough thing to do or figure. It's just an EXCUSE that 1-2-3 supporters want to throw down on. Their only true contrary point is that it IS more expensive than a "set" number of awards. Or is it??? Our awards company charges $2.50/medal for an order of 500 minimum. I'm guessing there's another good price break at 1000, and perhaps another at 2500 or so. But let's be conservative and say we have to pay $2@. So, 2500 medals will run $5000. Even if they're still $2.50@, that's only $6250. Heck, lets order 3000 for $7500. what's my point? Although it's been a while since I've seen a Nats report that listed awards cost, I'm pretty sure most of them are spending north of $5000 as it is now. (If anyone has a recent "bid" package from IPMSUSA, those yearly costs are broken down and listed in it. Please share to either confirm or contradict my thoughts). It could very well be that IPMSUSA could end up SAVING awards costs, especially over a period of years. Anyway, it's always fun to "hypothesize" about such things. BUT, one thing I CAN say with confidence is that we seemed to have MANY MORE people go home from Jaxcon happier this year! We didn't do it perfectly, especially since it was our first time. But, we set a goal to try to award more DESERVING builds; and we did. The impression given to us is that we're on the right track, and that we should see as many or more models in 2020! THAT'S why I think IPMSUSA can benefit from GSB. It rightly awards more models WITHOUT limiting the ability of any "honcho" to win a really big award. GIL
  2. Nicely written tip! Thanks for the link! GIL
  3. I think what's interesting is that the 1-2-3 description actually is written as a NEGATIVE towards GSB! Here are some examples: 1) " Entries aren’t compared to any “ideal”, “perfect-model”, or “national-standards” criteria". Strictly speaking that's true, but they make it sound like having a standard to WIN an award (NOT enter the contest) is a bad thing. Every club that does GSB KNOWS that to be false! And there IS a Standard in GSB... Those same BASICS! 2) "Judges are your IPMS peers"... Seems to imply that GSB uses wizards or outsiders from the GSB galaxy to judge at those shows. Nope! Turns out it's ALSO your "IPMS peers"! 3) " Recording results for just the 600 winners now requires 8 staff, transcribing scoring from just 200 sheets of paper" (etc)...Implies that GSB judging would be IMPOSSIBLE at the Nats because of the logistics of how 1-2-3 is done. FAILS to point out that EVERY GSB system used or proposed does NOT use that 1-2-3 system of recording. IF GSB were ever to be used at a Nats, the system would be entirely different. 4) " How many ‘extras’ of each award level should a host chapter plan to order, ‘just in case’? Just one per category (200 more)? Two or more per category? 2,350 awards – just in case?" This next paragraph rightly points out the differences between the number of awards needed between the two systems. However, it WRONGLY implies that you could NEVER know how much you need! This is dealt with by EVERY GSB show in the nation EVERY year; so it IS something you can "learn". Would GSB be a "higher cost" system? YES! But then THAT is the crux of the debate: Should IPMSUSA look to reward MORE deserving builds than they do now? And with the profits that are being made, IPMS CAN afford to by some more awards! The debate, and the PURPOSE of this survey is to try to determine if the general membership thinks that's a good idea or not. 5) " Our convention attendees want a ‘contest’ "; THAT is a BLATANT assumption, and actually not true! There's enough of a question about that to lead to this survey being done! It also implies that GSB attendees aren't looking to "win" (as opposed to "contest" attendees). Baloney! GSB contestants want to win as MUCH as they can; they just prefer to do so while NOT "beating" anyone else, and (when they do win) not limit anyone else's ability to win. 6) " How many ‘For Display Only’ entries do you ever see at any of our conventions?" What has THAT to do with models in a CONTEST, be it GSB or 1-2-3? People who want to compete enter the show, be it GSB or 1-2-3. Those who prefer to display do that, no matter what format is being used there! 7) " Want to be the one of the few entrants not even good enough to earn a Bronze award – ‘not up to national standards’? MISLEADINGLY implies that a Standard that determines WINNERS (not the ability to enter the show) is somehow mean. Well, how does it feel in a 1-2-3 show to go home EMPTY HANDED and not knowing if you even made the cut? BOTH systems still have "losers"...but GSB will have FEWER "losers" than 1-2-3! 8- " Our contest results and awards are a fair recognition of our entrants’ outstanding model-making accomplishments" BLATANT BALONEY! In ANY 1-2-3 category with 10-25 entries at the Nats there are 7-22 that go home with NO idea of how they did!! There are HUNDREDS of outstandingly built models that go COMPLETELY unrecognized because the judges decide that there are 3 there THAT day that are "better". The "fair recognition" is ONLY truly fair for the top 3 winners! There's a LOT of advantages for 1-2-3 in IPMSUSA, and the system has some positives that make it preferable to many. There was NO need to write the above in such a negative way. Instead of touting the positives and advantages 1-2-3 offers IPMS members, it's written to PUT DOWN GSB. As the IPMS USA Chief Judge, I could understand if Mr. Persechetti wrote an enthusiastic support for 1-2-3. However, he chose to write it as a condemnation, and actually showed his ignorance of GSB in doing so. I'm greatly disappointed and disgusted with his lack of character and honesty in this matter! Gil
  4. That came out super David! If I may ask, exactly how and what did you use to polish that canopy? Looks very sharp! GIL
  5. ghodges

    F9F-5P Progress

    You're off to a good start, and that color looks dead-on! Do you have any 1000 grit or finer wet/dry sanding pads or sticks? If so, you might try LIGHTLY wet sanding the paint job before applying the next coat. You can even use 600 grit paper IF you're really light on the touch, letting the paper do all the work. That should smooth out most of the orange peel look and that next coat of paint will look even better. I agree with Mark, regardless. This is coming along very well and is going to look the part! GIL
  6. Von: If you're talking about the 1/72 green Neptune with the open left engine, I can put you in contact with the builder if you have questions. Email me at: slowhandshodges@bellsouth.net if you want me to do so. GIL
  7. You have to realize that this thread is SEVEN years old! The original question and "wish" was made back in 2012! Since then, his wish HAS come true in 1/48 for the 106 and the 101. Unfortunately, some of the rest of the thread has also been proven true as some of those "newer" kits are NOT better than the older, Monogram kits. Relevantly (to a degree), I'm currently building the 1/48 Eduard release of the Hasagawa A-4E/F AND the older Hi-tech Monogram 1/48 Skyhawk side by side. One of them is the "latest/greatest" kit complete with colored pe interior parts, a resin seat, masks, engraved panel lines, and an expanded decal sheet. The other is the old 70's plastic with raised lines and a few pe parts thrown in to spruce up the detailing here and there. So far, I've not found the engineering or the fit of the components to be much different between the two. Outside of the cockpits, the other detailing is VERY much equal. My advantage here is that since there's extra cockpit pe in the one, I've rebuilt the Monogram tub to take a resin seat and use the Eduard colored PE! My goal, as with my F-14 builds, my F-8 builds, and my F-16 builds over the last couple of years is that once on the shelf, you can't tell at a glance which one is the "new" one! Here's pics of them all.... Half of those kits above are "raised line"; and half are recessed panel lines....... As for "wishes"....part of the original post.....most things are so well covered in 1/48 that only the very obscure, or less popular (re: unprofitable) aircraft are left to cover. That said, I don't know why there isn't a 1/48 C-46 Commando in injection mold yet, or a true SLAT-WINGED F-86A or F-86E model Saberjet. My long desired FJ-2/3 is due out later this year. While they're SURE to be better than the old ESCI Fury, and easier to get and build than the nice 1/48 resin Collect-Aire FJ-3 Fury; it remains to be seen just how correct they are, and whether they'll be better engineered than the "newer" F-101kits were. GIL
  8. ghodges

    F9F-5P Progress

    Shhhhh! There was never a problem, nor is there any "cut line". Trust me, if you don't mention it, no one will see anything. I'm looking, KNOWING it's there, and having trouble seeing anything! Excellent recovery! By the way, do you have any Tamiya Fine White primer? If so, I'd recommend a coat of that before starting with the blue. It'll cover easier over the white than the gray. GIL
  9. Here are the BIG winners from Jaxcon 2019... Best Aircraft Best Armor Best Automotive Best Nautical Best Figure Best Space/Sci-Fi Best Diorama Best Gloss Finish Best Camouflage Best Natural Metal Finish Best Detailed Best Junior Model That's all but the biggest of all ....can't post the Grand Award winner because the site says I've exceeded the limit, and even in another reply it won't do it (timed, perhaps?). So, I'll post that later. Meanwhile, y'all try to guess which of the above was picked to be the top dog! GIL
  10. Jaxcon 2019 was another record setter for us, with 135 people putting 652 entries on the tables! Below is a link to pics of ALL of the models at the show last weekend. Hope you enjoy! https://gallery.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/category/11518 GIL
  11. Nothing like that at NATS here in the states Noel....the "stash" sellers usually just buy a vendors table and sell their items. The table costs for the IPMSUSA Nats is too steep for most individuals to do that there, but those types of stash sales make up the majority of all the other local and regional model shows! Our club hosts a "kit auction" each November where people can put what they want up for bid at that meeting, and the club does take a 10% cut of those sales. But, since we do "pay-as-you-go", the seller gets paid as soon as his lot is done, and the club takes its cut at that time. There's no need to "inventory" anything that way. The down side is you're generally only going to get pennies on the dollar for what you sell, but you can also pick up some really great bargains! It's one of the more fun meetings every year! GIL
  12. Jaxcon 2109 was another hit, with a record 135 entrants putting just over 650 entries on the tables. Here's a 13+ minute video on U-Tube posted by Tom Jackson showing highlights of the show. We'll have pics of ALL the models here within a week or so, so stay tuned for more! GIL
  13. Holy cow! That's impressive and there's not even a model there yet! Looks like a well conceived "scene" and your figure painting is outstanding. The only item that jumped out at first glance is the side arm on the officer not in a flight suit. Looking forward to more on this one! GIL
  14. Great looking start, though those pe belts sticking up and out into thin air look odd! GIL
  15. ghodges

    F9F-5P Progress

    Yep, a little filler, or even a strip of plastic in that front gap and you'll almost forget it was ever there. Way to persevere! By the way, in the future if you're updating a project (like this one), you can simply post the new pics and info at the bottom of your original post and it will jump back up to the top of the topics when you post it. That saves having to "add" a new post when you do an "update". Hope this helps! GIL
  16. Noel: to answer your question, the IPMS Nats is judged on Friday evenings starting about 7pm. Thus, they have no time constraints on getting done for the public since the room is not due to open until the next morning. There have been times when the judges weren't done til after midnight and the final Grand Award winner wasn't picked until close to 2am, but that's rare now. Generally, they're all done by midnight. The ONLY time constraint I'm aware of is occasionally the VENUE will have a "lights out" policy for the entire convention center of midnight, and THAT does cause some headaches; but as mentioned it is VERY rare. By the way, many years ago judging was on Saturday morning and there was a "rush" to get done so that the people would have enough viewing time on Saturday afternoon. That's why judging was moved to Friday night, and it's worked very well; though it completely eliminates the ability for anyone to come and enter anything on Saturday. And Rusty, it IS possible to be overly zealous as a moderator. It's one thing if one member insults another directly by labeling them as deceitful, even if done with flowery language. But, making a point, even with a bit of sarcasm, is not entirely out of place. It's tougher to discern intent on a forum because there's no voice inflection, but I think a moderator can simply question a statement before accusing or warning someone about it. Stepping in TOO often can kill an ability to have a flowing dialog, which is the purpose of a forum like this! GIL
  17. A few things..... 1) The video does seem a bit more "relaxed" in its presentation after your tweaking, but the pace is still good. 2) While it tells of an exhaustive step-by-step process in building the kit, you don't mention whether it includes any other references on the C-46 itself; such as walk around pics. Does it? The reason I ask is because I have the 1/48 Combat vac kit. While I could use the detail parts as good building "references" for my own build, having reference pics would make it more usable for my purposes. So, my point is that extra references for any subject you do may make an E-book desirable to people with other kits than the specific one you do. 3) As to how to limit what subjects you pick to do, I wouldn't limit it to what you can buy only in shops and on-line. Many modelers have extensive stashes and many models not available in stores. I think the criteria is if it's a popular kit of a popular subject that you know a lot of modelers have and build. I think it also applies to those that have a rep for being a bit more on the "difficult" side; such as the 1/48 Monogram medium bombers. Many modelers have them, many of those kits have not been replaced with newer editions, and an E-book with reference pics that also shows where the problems are and how to either avoid them and/or overcome them would be desirable. GIL
  18. Sweet! That sculpt really captures his upbeat/laid back attitude. Is that shirt real, or painted? I cannot tell from the pics! Greta looking build and a nice homage....which reminds me.... GIL
  19. Very well produced! I too concur that adding 2-3 seconds more per pic will make for a more relaxing "browse" for the captions. I didn't have trouble keeping up, but was prepared by reading Ed's suggestion beforehand. Very pleasant music too, by the way! GIL
  20. That's a terrific looking Tweety! Great job on the SEA camo too; did you free-hand it or use masks? Congrats on a sweet looking build! GIL
  21. Tough way to build it, but I have no doubt you'll salvage it and we'll never be able to tell the difference. As I recall on the Monogram Panthers, it's the intakes that determine the order of the wing assembly. I believe I altered the construction sequence with the intakes (finagled them somehow) so I could put them in the wings and then add the entire assembly later on; which allowed me to work them and blend them into the wings easier. If I remember, all you need to do is saw off those protrusions at the rear of the wing roots and you can slip the entire wing in place. Looking forward to seeing you overcome this setback! GIL
  22. Oddly......many times the judges will move a model thinking they are doing the builder a "favor". This most often happens when a model is in a gray area of definition; like a 1/32 biplane, that's a "primarily rigged a/c" but also a "1/32 prop". Some judges will move it to the "less" populated category thinking: "it fits in there too and has better odds at winning with less models to compete against". A figure diorama with a vehicle or two on the base might just be moved to the vehicle diorama category for that reason..... I've never known a head judge, or a judge tasked with making sure things are in the "right" category to be capricious or arbitrary. They take that job very seriously. The people doing it generally have WAY more contest experience than the builders plopping stuff down on the tables (that's how they get the job of head judge/and or model mover; experience!). Also, in almost all cases, those moving models DO try to get the attention of the builder to notify them, or even (when time allows) to ask THEM to move it. In my many years of experience, the guys wandering around in the rooms pay little to no attention to announcements! Don't get me wrong...judges can make mistakes. The new rules for what turns a "display on a base" into a "vignette" or "diorama" has really muddied up the waters. Builders aren't always sure anymore, and judges are still learning EXACTLY how strict or lenient their head judge is about them. But it's usually the builder who thinks he's entering one thing, but has left it open to be seen and interpreted as something else. Or, you can do what we've done at JAXCON: got to GSB! There are NO categories, only Display Zones. So as long as an airplane or a car is among the other airplanes or cars, it's in the right place! And even if it's not....as long as the judges see it and judge it, no harm/no foul! GIL
  23. Welcome David! Glad to have you here with us! I think you'll find modeling it like riding a bicycle.....sure, you'll lose your balance and scrape a knee as you regain your balance; but you'll be popping wheelies in no time! Be sure to post your work as you start getting models built again! GIL
  24. That close to 60yr old kit is about as classic as they come, and you shined it up spectacularly! I'm with you....I've built no less than 6 biplanes and triplanes over the last 2yrs, most of them the newer releases from Eduard and Rodan. Their detailing is nicer, but Aurora beats them hands down when it comes to logical, easy assembly! Taking your route, with a little creative scratchbuilding and elbow grease, is just as good; as your beautiful result shows! Thanks for sharing! GIL
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