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  1. Or This post got me thinking DAK. There was a figure put out by "If I recall correctly Andrea" of a Napoleonic figure mounted on a dappled grey horse to celebrate one of their companies anniversaries. The rider was pulling the reigns to the right and twisting to the right and the horse was starting to rise up as if to try and turn right to face a foe. Really cool looking figure that makes me wish I could do it justice and to justify the cost LOL, but my point here is this. That figure WAS based on an actual famous painting that I don't know the name of. So if you have a model of a pa
  2. Noel But Dak isn't wrong either. I too have seen what he is talking about. But then I do agree with Mr. Walker too. It's a multi faceted issue. Jim
  3. Dak Honestly I'm not picking on you and agree with the gist of what you're saying. But I think your use of the word "accuracy" is what bothers me. It is spelled out in the handbook that we don't judge accuracy. Errors in the build process are not accuracy issues. What we judge is the application of any finish from factory fresh to heavily weathered. I'll use autos as an example of the pristine. Paint needs to be smooth and without any blemishes as orange peel Ect. Now the other end of the spectrum is Armor that can go to a flat factory fresh product to once emerging from a mud bog.
  4. Whooo Hooo I'm on p.2 now... Dak Totally agree with your first paragraph.... Now You said that "we don't like seams and globs of glue because they are not are not accurate", No! We find those as build errors in the process of building a model. Not as accuracy issues. Accuracy is more in the historical context, not the process of construction or finish. As to your overweathering of said tank if the emphasis is directed at a really muddy tank IE one that's bogged down in ALOT of mud that carries over onto the tank then my question is are you in essence trying to tell a
  5. Noel Well we are passionate about our hobby. Granted maybe to much so. But "You knew it was coming" I would rather have this debate and get it out and talked about rather than just accepting whatever goes. I was watching a video of a British national judge being interviewed and was asked about judging. His last comment really struck me as very odd "and maybe a reason for your side of the pond to have more discussions" but he ended his remarks by saying that in the end its what the judges like. That really got me bothered since how is an entrant to know what any particular judge like
  6. Good points Gil Something that just popped into my head as it relates to the National and multiple levels. Again apologies if this has been mentioned as I am still on P.1... But if we do as suggested then we are doing more than tripling out levels, we are tripling our workload as judges. As it is now we go to a category makes cuts. That first cut "usually" gets rid of 75% of the category in relatively quick amount of time then we start nit picking ;-) .. Ok lets assume those 75% (O boy I'm in trouble now) that don't survive are your entry/beginner level that would be in ano
  7. Hi DAK I'm still on p.1 of this thread but this "The above quote" jumped out at me and may have already been addressed. I have to disagree on this one point because no where is Style mentioned in the judges handbook. Style is a personal "Like" and we don't judge likes. How is any entrant to a contest to know what a particular judge likes in whatever style and then how do they build to that judges preferences' ? You use weathering of aircraft as an example. I too prefer weathered aircraft BUT it has to be subtle. Now aircraft weather differently based on numerous factors up to an
  8. Guys I don't think many of us would have a problem with someone adding a custom printed part. In a way that is what we do when we add aftermarket resin. Only difference being someone else scratch built it or designed it to replicate it en mass for the consumers. So you're scratch-building with a printer. I do see though where the argument could be made that the skill necessary to design and print that part are vastly different than what we did in the past and continue to do by scratch building. It's virtual modeling that is then brought into the physical world via the printer.
  9. OK But.... There is a difference between parts and the whole kit. I think we go down the slippery slope if we allow whole kits that are printed and already fully constructed right off the printer. Parts are different in that you are adding them as in aftermarket parts for conversions/updates ect. A whole printed model is (For me) much different. Jim
  10. Dak Ok. I'll give it a go as I try to wrap my head around your logic of 1)adding something to an OOB build and 2) only to ask for it to not be judged. I wonder why it would be done in the first place BUT with that said I would say that if it's done in other classes as you have shown with the photo's then I guess it would be allowed in A/C as well. But that is not my call. Now DAK , will you answer my question as to why you feel an OOB model wouldn't be competitive in a regular category when OOB builds openly competed in the past and won in regular categories 33% of th
  11. DAK Certainly didn't want to come off as condescending. That was not my goal. Just to give you the insight you were looking for. If I did come across that way you have my apologies. I do have to ask, why do you think it wouldn't be competitive no where else? it's when you make statements like that (See below) that lead me to believe that you think OOB is looked at and judged differently. Jim
  12. DAK You pay your money, you take your chances. Here is what I would recommend. Build the model to the best of your ability.You stated > (During that time I have learned there are some areas you don't compete in unless you are prepared to go all in) Well I would counter that you should always go all in if you are competing at the Nats. Don't ever think you can enter something and not put your best effort forward as you have no idea what will show up from year to year. What areas at the Nats don't you have to be prepared to go all in??? . So add your figure, enter it in OOB.
  13. DAK Unfortunately you may not find what you are looking for here. All we can do is only give our opinion. That and whatever a cup of coffee costs will get you said cup. It really is up to the class head judge and it may take some discussion amongst the judges and the class head to make the final call at the contest. So now it's really up to you if you want to bring it and take the chance. Yes as Nick said , where the entrant places the model shows where they want or think they should be. That is taken into account. And if I were a betting man I would wager that's "Probably " wh
  14. Just when you think you have seen everything lol. It's a tweener. I remember one year there was a figure "Japanese ww2 pilot" standing beside his plane... (In a figure category) and I believe it placed. So if the figure judges can do it why not aircraft judges? I see the logic of it adding to the model so that could put it into a regular category. You may say disregard the figure but Gil has a point. Although we have pressident with the Japanese pilot figure. We also had a 32nd Spitfire this year with a pilot standing by the tail in a regular category where the pilot wasn't judged. So where d
  15. Exactly Rusty, but be ready for it... And it's on their radar so that is encouraging.. Jim
  16. If you are on your phone then just surevthe volume button. If you are on your computer there should be a volume icon in the lower right corner to increase the volume
  17. Below is a link to the facebook page of the Nationals. In it you will find a short video on how to navigate on the train from terminal 4 to the hotel. https://www.facebook.com/IPMSNATSPHX2018/?hc_ref=ARRha2e6a3VTTQuAECYD8PwNg7ENNgUzxXUluejC_vyjFeF-qDseblvXQxGDm-jdp_8&fref=nf Jim Clark
  18. For those interested follow this link "I hope it works" to see the video put up on the nationals facebook page … https://www.facebook.com/IPMSNATSPHX2018/?hc_ref=ARRha2e6a3VTTQuAECYD8PwNg7ENNgUzxXUluejC_vyjFeF-qDseblvXQxGDm-jdp_8&fref=nf
  19. Hi Tim They may be. We will have to wait to see how many go out the door at the convention. Jim Clark
  20. Double sided sword Ralph. Why become a member if you can get it all for free? Membership has it's perks and admission to the seminars is one of them. Those seminar rooms cost money and for GA to take up seats that are being paid for by IPMS members who registered for the convention really isn't right. I always thought that was the rule for conventions. Jim
  21. Was just looking at the myself. I guess they don't offer it anymore with the advent of Uber and Lyft plus the skytrain which dumps you off at the 44th street Light rail station for a straight shot to the convention center/Hyatt for $2.00. Jim
  22. Point of clarification. Access to the sky train is in the middle of terminal 4, it's not really by a security check point. Simply exit your security point and head towards the middle of the airport. If you have any questions look for the big information desks at one of the 4 exits from security. There are a ton of signs in BLUE that will lead you to the sky train. Once on the platform (Don't worry it's inside) Take the train headed to EAST Economy parking. Stay on the train to the 44th street exit. That's where you will get off, buy your ticket for the west bound train to 3rd Street and Washi
  23. All The model entry forms are now up on the web site. Simply fill them out and print. To locate these simply click the Forms tab on the left hand side of the main convention page www.ipmsusanationals2018.org . Also please ask your respective clubs about category sponsorships to see if your club has done so. They go along way in covering costs associated with the Convention. Thanks Jim Clark 2018 National Contest Chair
  24. Bob Will you be needing a table for 2018 ? Jim Clark 2018 contest chair
  25. Dr. Soup I am the contest chair for 2018. As of right now we have 11,free tables for display only. 4 were taken this weekend by a gentlemen that will be bringing every 72 scale piece of armor ever produced. We can certainly put out an announcement on the web site asking past Best of show winners to bring their past winners. I want to say the Virginia guys did something like this back in 14 for the 50th. So I will ask our wen master to put it out there. Thanks for the suggestion.. Cheers Jim Clark
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