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  1. Wow I apologize for missing this thread and not checking the forum sooner. As Ed Grune mentioned in regards to the aircraft class, I have made some suggestions to the Head judge regarding OOB. Weather they are implemented or not is up to Mark P. I have personal feelings on OOB, but as a Class head judge I can't let those interfere with the administration of our rules in regards to OOB. As for now it's here due to it's popularity and participation. I Agree, the OOB rules are clear as mud and could do with some house keeping hence the suggestions to Head Judge. Hopefully some clarif
  2. And there you have it sports fans. Quicker than you expected. Hats off to the San Marcos crew and this gives you time to recoup for Aug 2nd/5th 2023. Jim
  3. Kevin AGAIN.... loose lips sink ships. If the Eboard says anything then that can and will be used against IPMS if a breach of contract suit is brought . So AGAIN... if they tell the membership anything and the reservations plummeted that information can be used against IPMS. David's post brings up the point where the show was cancelled once they got there. Inconvenient yes but it may have saved that shows organizers. IPMS can't afford to tip its hand whatever it may be at this point. Its really not a hard concept to understand. This thing can still go one of several ways. W
  4. Let's think this through and think ahead. What does everyone want the E-boatd to say ? 1) Were waiting to see what happens.... then everyone piles on them for not canceling now to save mankind as we know it. 2) Were cancelling. Great then what happens? everyone cancelles their room nights, the hotel sees whats up and starts asking questions as to why? which will adverse effect us in the contract. AGAIN it may very well be that the Eboard is planning on cancelling, But they 1) are hoping the state closes to save the 6 figures and 2) staying silent to protect their contract
  5. Two points of clarification on the last two posts. Nick, to us here in AZ anything east of the Mississippi River is "Back east"... lol All,,,, it has be said of the financial hit the Texas team will take multiple times here. That simply isn't true. Since 2010 all finances for the National convention have run through the national office. They control all monies related to the convention throught the convention account. That eleviates any financial burdens the host would incure due to some unforseen circumstance like what is happening now. Some minor expenses such as convention p
  6. Kevin Look at what you just wrote... First we can only be responsible for ourselves and make decisions thusly. If that is what you are construing as a me only attitude them I have to ask , really?. Your last sentence takes the cake because that is exactly what you are doing by advocating for the outright cancelation of the event. This whole "I can't go and feel safe, so no one else should be able to go either attitude" to me is mind boggling. How is having the event preventing you from NOT going? how in anyway is that dictating decisions others are forced to make? If anything
  7. Wow, this is intertaining. And I thought some of the things I posted on the forum in the 90's about OOB And Sweeps got things going, Ha! they don't hold a candle to this. So cloth masks,,,, Well (most) people in public who fart do so with some kind of cloth covering so yeah enough said about cloath masks. Next. surgical masks, well those bad boys were designed for sterile environments, we don't live or interact in one of those so yeah maybe good for about 30 minutes and need to be discarded after every use or 30 minutes whichever comes first. Next up the N95. Now you'
  8. It's really quite simple. IPMS has to wait as long as they can to see if The state will impose more restrictions that will allow IPMS out of the contract. If IPMS cancells now they are on the hook for 6 figures. At some point though if the state stays open then IPMS will have to make a hard call . But we are not there yet. It may very well be that IPMS intends to cancel, but they can't at this point since we are still hoping that the state will shut its doors letting IPMS off the hook. Now as others have stated, its all up to each of us to make a our own personal decision wheather t
  9. The problem still exists with cars, tanks and aircraft which are the predominant participants in hypothetical. Unlike models competing against each other is to me a bigger problem then if they were back in the regular category or in their own hypothetical category within their respective class. Jim
  10. David To answer your last question, yes. While I don't know them off hand the dates for 2021 and 2022 are part of the contracts that Las Vegas and Omaha signed. Now to the "Force Majeure". I'm not a lawyer "Thank god" but the way I read that clause it wouldn't apply to our convention even If it's in the contract. While IPMS may not fulfill the numbers required due to various reasons I doubt the center will see it that way. Since they are open for business (UNLESS) there is a major re-occurance of the virus and everything closes back up. Then IPMS may have an argument. For me
  11. Gary Nope not mad at all. I just take issues with a few of your points that's all. I'm sorry if you think I came across as ugly but again i was just making my points. I'll copy and paste your comments and answer them from the 1st post, then the second. Your first post> A few points and I will be quick. My comments are as a Modeler, IPMS Member, and a Vendor. Postpone the convention until 2023. Getting the already bought items like shirts, awards, etc for this years convention in 2023 would be a unique way to remember this time. So, all of it can b
  12. Gary if I may answer your points. 1) We can't postpone/cancel UNLESS you want to organization to eat a 100k bill. We (IPMS) would have to pay the convention center, decorators (IE Tables) not to mention AV costs , food requirements by backing out of the contract that was signed 2 years ago . Plus add in awards that are already manufactured WITH DATES ON THEM. 2) No one here or in IPMS would be taking responsibility for anyone attending, that is on the individual attending. It is your choice to go or not. We all have taken a chance every year by attending and catching anything
  13. As mentioned before , it's not as simple as that. You can't push dates around when contracts with venues have been signed. Plus the venue (In this case San Marcos) needs to make money to offset their loss the past 6 to 8 weeks so if they can be open they will expect their signed contracts to be upheld. If IPMS were to cancel it would be a huge hit on the society and one that a Go fund me wouldn't make up for. IPMS can't even rely on continued membership (people let thiers lapse and only reup if the convention is close) Let alone banking on a Go Fund me effort. Granted Dave your gesture is no
  14. It really is a pickle but If the city stays open then really IPMS and the planing hosts have no other choice then to go forward with it and hope to not lose too much money with decreased numbers both in attendants and Vendors. Gil brings up an interesting thought about judging with the whole distancing issues. I do believe there is a way with 3 team members to stay away from each other. The trick is in how to keep other teams from bumping into each other while out on the floor. It may require some organization of staggering categories while being judged so as to allow a one category s
  15. All My .02 cents for what it's worth. RC Boater hit the nail on the head. If it does get cancelled then move it to 23. But provided it gets cancelled by the hotel or local authorities. Now here is another no win factor for IPMS. Attendance, Vendors may and have pulled out, pre reg and actual walkins I would bet would be down due to fear and also genuine concerns of quite a few of our embers being up their in age and risk factors . So even if the facility goes ahead and lets it continue does IPMS have an out in the contract with these genuine concerns of loosing big bucks due to
  16. Wow Nick I think you went down a long path there, LOL. Ralph, you quoted George If that were truly the case then Why does Wonderfest give out awards? Why does AMPS give out awards, Why does IPMS and all the affiliated chapters give out awards? Because enough people want them. If it's not about medals then why is the Open system side advocating for wait for it, "The possibility of awarding More medals". Even the UK nats "Scale model world" where club displays outnumber contest entries by a large amount has a competition section. S
  17. Hi Pete I understand that a BIS from a 1,2,3 contest could on another day get skunked, It all depends on what shows up on any given day and any given event for a 1,2,3 contest. I'm just worried about the "Look" of it when something wins a gold at the local or regional and then it's brought to a Nats (If Open was being used there) and it doesn't match up. Because if IPMS is sanctioning the lower level event (and of course the national) then it needs to match up. If not then you'll have entrants wondering what's going on , then that can of worms tips over and that becomes the
  18. Good points All! I have posted a few thoughts over on the facebook page but I keep coming back to this in my head. You can make number say anything you want and I believe that is what Gill was getting at. So a survey , vote or whatever doesn't really say much unless it's a slam dunk mandate. Maybe it is like Gil said, Until we have more,"many more" local chapters doing Open conventions that are successful will leadership take notice. And again why as Nick stated should the E-Board or the NCC upset the apple cart of a very successful show as it is now. For me that is the one way the
  19. O boy where to start. LOL Personally I do feel it's time to go. BUT it is very popular due to the misconception you need extras to win. I did the math, when OOB was awarded within the regular categories 38% of the time one of the place winners was also the OOB winner. That tells me you don't need extras to win. But people want to believe what they believe so.... If judges are doing what they are supposed to be doing then OOB builds within a regular category should be at no disadvantage. Heck you could argue just the opposite since there is less to screw up. I would love to see those
  20. DAK The class head judge may have agreed with your choice. But did he know HOW you came about it? That's the key. You find whatever nit picky detail you can to make a decision. I have said my peace on how unfair this is to entrants to simply pick your favorite.... And all I am saying is in the final stages, depending on the entries, it always comes down to fining the one with the least weighted errors. That's defendable. Picking your favorite is NEVER defendable. I'm signing off from this thread. Really no more can be discussed... Later
  21. DAK You'll be hard to miss, LOL... We don't run out of awards because there is a budget per a set number of categories. We had 196 categories last year with 5 extras allots per the NCC. I requested we only do 4 since 5 would put us over (By1) our package requirement of 50 per block when ordering. If anything we had extras left over from categories not used. Each class head judge knows how many categories they have and the freedom the make changes on the spot but they have a budget to stay within. Right now that's a very positive thing for both the NCC
  22. DAK We are picky because these are points of craftmanship... Period. Not because they are not on the real things. Yes we are building models based off the real thing but in the end we are judging models in front of us not the real thing. And the models in front of us need to be constructed in a manner that do not have glue and seams because it's been established that in the course of construction you don't' leave those things behind. If we used your line of logic then accuracy would rule supreme because everything down to glue and seams is all about accuracy. I would stro
  23. Dak No, again we are picky because you can't leave glue behind while building "A model"... Comparing glue blobs to silicone used on real airframes is quite the stretch. If you want to use putty and paint it to replicate said silicone then that's another matter which should be pointed out on the entry form. Take credit for the effort put in . But calling glue blobs a non construction issue is simply not correct and is used in the handbook as an example of what not to do when building a model. It's not discussed as an accuracy issue. Your local guy is a perfect example of not re
  24. DAK > Well, I suppose that is how you look at them, so I stand by my statement. I would never judge the shade of paint, or put calibers to a model, but that big glob of glue is not accurate (generally) and is poor craftmanship as well. As the book says and it IS what we follow, Accuracy is historical in nature and impossible to enforce since we don't know all about all entries. Calling a glue blob an accuracy is issue is simple not the correct term. Glue blob is construction, 3 national insignia on one wing would be accuracy...This is the kind of thing that gets people confused
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