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  1. Guys I don't think many of us would have a problem with someone adding a custom printed part. In a way that is what we do when we add aftermarket resin. Only difference being someone else scratch built it or designed it to replicate it en mass for the consumers. So you're scratch-building with a printer. I do see though where the argument could be made that the skill necessary to design and print that part are vastly different than what we did in the past and continue to do by scratch building. It's virtual modeling that is then brought into the physical world via the printer. So the question begs, are we virtual modelers and if so then I would argue what we do is dead. We assemble plastic , finish it, paint it ect. Those are vastly different skills than sitting behind a keyboard to then only hit a print button. An analogy if I may. You paint a portrait on canvas with paint. Or do you paint a picture on a computer screen and hit the print button. In reality thats two different things since it's two vastly different mediums being used to get to the picture. If and when full models are becoming the norm then I would assume a category would be created to enter them in just like vac form and scratch-built's have their own categories. Construction wouldn't be an issue since it's all ready built by the printer. Really the only thing you could look at is paint application. Jim
  2. OK But.... There is a difference between parts and the whole kit. I think we go down the slippery slope if we allow whole kits that are printed and already fully constructed right off the printer. Parts are different in that you are adding them as in aftermarket parts for conversions/updates ect. A whole printed model is (For me) much different. Jim
  3. Dak Ok. I'll give it a go as I try to wrap my head around your logic of 1)adding something to an OOB build and 2) only to ask for it to not be judged. I wonder why it would be done in the first place BUT with that said I would say that if it's done in other classes as you have shown with the photo's then I guess it would be allowed in A/C as well. But that is not my call. Now DAK , will you answer my question as to why you feel an OOB model wouldn't be competitive in a regular category when OOB builds openly competed in the past and won in regular categories 33% of the time? Jim
  4. DAK Certainly didn't want to come off as condescending. That was not my goal. Just to give you the insight you were looking for. If I did come across that way you have my apologies. I do have to ask, why do you think it wouldn't be competitive no where else? it's when you make statements like that (See below) that lead me to believe that you think OOB is looked at and judged differently. Jim
  5. DAK You pay your money, you take your chances. Here is what I would recommend. Build the model to the best of your ability.You stated > (During that time I have learned there are some areas you don't compete in unless you are prepared to go all in) Well I would counter that you should always go all in if you are competing at the Nats. Don't ever think you can enter something and not put your best effort forward as you have no idea what will show up from year to year. What areas at the Nats don't you have to be prepared to go all in??? . So add your figure, enter it in OOB. (IF) it gets moved into the regular category due to the addition of the figure then you are ready to compete there since you have built the model to the best of your ability. Always put your best effort forward. Don't assume because it doesn't have belts or other things added that it will be dismissed especially since you will have the instructions included with the entry and that your original intent was to enter it OOB. The team will see that and note it. My main point being don't assume anything one and two don't assume it's out of the running because it's an OOB build that got moved to a regular category. I have seen models stay in OOB with weapons added that weren't called for in the instructions. Unfortunately it's not all as black and white as I think we would all like it to be since every eventuality is impossible to plan for. So all anyone could really say is be ready for any eventuality. Or if you have quams about the distance then wait until the Nats are closer. That's what I had to do this year with 3 of my builds. I finally got the chance to enter two 32nd scale builds and a 350 ship dio. So there is my opinion, build it, bring it and show it "Sound familiar ? LOL" Jim
  6. DAK Unfortunately you may not find what you are looking for here. All we can do is only give our opinion. That and whatever a cup of coffee costs will get you said cup. It really is up to the class head judge and it may take some discussion amongst the judges and the class head to make the final call at the contest. So now it's really up to you if you want to bring it and take the chance. Yes as Nick said , where the entrant places the model shows where they want or think they should be. That is taken into account. And if I were a betting man I would wager that's "Probably " what would happen, it would stay put. BUT I nor any other judge here can't give you that info since we are not the ones making the call. What I do want to ask is why do you think your model wouldn't compete in a regular category? The same things are looked at in both. Just because extras are added doesn't mean yours or anyone else model wouldn't place. Many years ago when OOB's were in the regular categories ,over 33% of the time one of the place models was also a OOB build. Believe me, I did the math 😉 Jim
  7. Just when you think you have seen everything lol. It's a tweener. I remember one year there was a figure "Japanese ww2 pilot" standing beside his plane... (In a figure category) and I believe it placed. So if the figure judges can do it why not aircraft judges? I see the logic of it adding to the model so that could put it into a regular category. You may say disregard the figure but Gil has a point. Although we have pressident with the Japanese pilot figure. We also had a 32nd Spitfire this year with a pilot standing by the tail in a regular category where the pilot wasn't judged. So where does this go? Oob A/c, regular A/c, diorama, or a figure category?. Its a good question but I have a feeling it probably would remain where the builder put it unless it blatently violates a rule. Just my 2 cents. Jim
  8. Jim,

    The best way to handle the group is through email.  So I'm putting together an email list of the folks who are going to be involved with the proposal.  This will allow you to follow along and contribute if you wish.  Please forward me an email address for you and I'll add you to the list if you wish.  Mine is shipmodeler@sbcglobal.net

  9. Exactly Rusty, but be ready for it... And it's on their radar so that is encouraging.. Jim
  10. If you are on your phone then just surevthe volume button. If you are on your computer there should be a volume icon in the lower right corner to increase the volume
  11. Below is a link to the facebook page of the Nationals. In it you will find a short video on how to navigate on the train from terminal 4 to the hotel. https://www.facebook.com/IPMSNATSPHX2018/?hc_ref=ARRha2e6a3VTTQuAECYD8PwNg7ENNgUzxXUluejC_vyjFeF-qDseblvXQxGDm-jdp_8&fref=nf Jim Clark
  12. For those interested follow this link "I hope it works" to see the video put up on the nationals facebook page … https://www.facebook.com/IPMSNATSPHX2018/?hc_ref=ARRha2e6a3VTTQuAECYD8PwNg7ENNgUzxXUluejC_vyjFeF-qDseblvXQxGDm-jdp_8&fref=nf
  13. Hi Tim They may be. We will have to wait to see how many go out the door at the convention. Jim Clark
  14. Double sided sword Ralph. Why become a member if you can get it all for free? Membership has it's perks and admission to the seminars is one of them. Those seminar rooms cost money and for GA to take up seats that are being paid for by IPMS members who registered for the convention really isn't right. I always thought that was the rule for conventions. Jim
  15. Was just looking at the myself. I guess they don't offer it anymore with the advent of Uber and Lyft plus the skytrain which dumps you off at the 44th street Light rail station for a straight shot to the convention center/Hyatt for $2.00. Jim
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