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  1. Bert Gil is correct.... It would be 111 or 113 (Medium Prop, Two engine Aircraft) provided the length or wingspan do not exceed the 11" in 72nd or 17 in 48th. Parking, it is my understanding there will be parking at the hotel/convention center. Supposedly there is a fee per day, But I also have heard that it can be waved by the local staff ?? This may be a good question put to the organizer directly. HTH Jim
  2. Ron You have to read the whole rule and take in to account the spirit of the rule. You said> but according to this you could not add rails/rigging from thread even if called for in the instructions.... But in the above post I said it can be added if called for in the instructions. The Main point of this is the first question everyone asks in the old OOB categories was, What can I add ? . Well the spirit is to get away from that , you can't add anything unless its referenced in the instructions. OOB and now BKB has casued more issues and questions with people trying workarounds that its time has come and really left a long time ago. But here we are still having to deal with it all because people think you need to add extras to win so we have to have a complete whole set of categories to cater to that misnomer. Look me up in Texas if you're going and we can chat further... Jim
  3. If the instructions call for it then it's ok, per the rules... Any kit with PE is NOT, a basic kit so thats why they are omitted.. ai agree with the wording, it probably should be re-writen to say it's up to the entrant to decide what they are trying to do with the entry, tell a story or show a moment in time, or just display the model. Jim
  4. Why would it? Over in Aircraft we leave it up to the entrant to decide where they want their model with the understanding that if its in the regular category then only the model is judged. So why make it mandatory if the builder isn't trying to build a dio or vignette? Example I will be bringing a LHD -1 Wasp to the Nats, its in water with LCAC's and LUC's? in the water too. I will also have figures on the deck. I am not telling a story , I had no intent of that, just showing what a LHD does. So if I get moved with a weak or non existent story then I am penalized for something I had no intention of trying to show. It's a much safer play to let then entrant decide... Jim
  5. Not to mention the burden on the local members who would be working the event every year.Sure you could "ask" for volunteers as most locals do now bit I would bet the turnout would be low plus you need people who know what to do in each respective job. from vendor coordi ator, to model registration to convention registration, collecting monies for admission to onsite registration. Then there is the coordination of the raffle and seminars. There is alot of behind the scenes stuff that happens with the convention that alot if people don't think about, and that's assuming IPMS had a contract with one facility and hotel year in and year out. Jim
  6. All I would say is this. It was mentioned to everyone that is a member of IPMS. It was shown in the new rules, for this year.THAT IS the official notification for everyone. As to why, well one reason may be that as DAK stated, the entries are getting larger. People volunteering to judge is not. By doing it this way it exposes more models to more judges since the other classes tend to have a larger pool of judges. And the judges that used to judge the Dio class will now be absorbed into whichever class they choose to now work in, if at all.I know I will use all the former Dio judges that volunteer for aircraft in the 3 categories the aircraft class has now inherited. I'm assuming that will be what happens in the other respective classes.
  7. Scott Well, after having a look around the internet.... scratching my head.... saying hummmm a lot.... I would have to say the small jet category. It most resembles a Harrier/F-35 than anything else. Anyone else with better info please chime in. But right now wearing the hat that I do , 1/72 small jet #121. HTH Jim
  8. ALL elevated entries will be entered in the Elevated entries class #175. To question one , yes it would fit in BKB. But if you Elevate it then it goes to #175 Jim Clark National head Aircraft Judge
  9. That's the fly in the ointment. It's a kit built as BKB by NOT using the included PE. I believe it to be gaming the rule. And I had to make a ruling this year in this very senerio. I personally don't like rules that allow people to purposely maneuver to get around with the very spirit of the rule is clear and thus play word games to get around. This is why I think that categories, that cater to the misconception it takes extras to win need to go. We in IPMS have been playing this game of what's allowed and now what constitutes a BKB kit since I joined in 95 all over a rule created in the late 70s and early 80's. It's the single largest issue we have to deal with as judges. It is a rule that is antiquated and irrelevant today. I would love to have those 13 ?(off the top of my head) bkb categories to use as splits in the regular categories where they are needed. Ok off my soap box Jim
  10. Yes, it disqualifies it. But yes, you can enter it in the BKB category minus the PE parts. You may want to go so far as the tape them to the instruction sheet that has to accompany the entry. HTH Jim
  11. I'm not sayin who but I did see a cooler in the room after we were done, Haaaaa..
  12. But my point being Pete, I need to be at the convention hotel. Not off campus. Jim
  13. I waited until the rooms opened up for this year back in October. It all opened at 6am , By 6:03am I couldn't get rooms for the 5 nights needed. That's ludicrous! Fortunately this year there was an overflow hotel connected but next year we won't have that option. So I have the real possibility of having to drive back and forth everyday including when judging for best of concludes at ?am. Plus lets hope they don't charge non hotel staying people parking each and every day. Jim
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