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  1. I'm not sayin who but I did see a cooler in the room after we were done, Haaaaa..
  2. But my point being Pete, I need to be at the convention hotel. Not off campus. Jim
  3. I waited until the rooms opened up for this year back in October. It all opened at 6am , By 6:03am I couldn't get rooms for the 5 nights needed. That's ludicrous! Fortunately this year there was an overflow hotel connected but next year we won't have that option. So I have the real possibility of having to drive back and forth everyday including when judging for best of concludes at ?am. Plus lets hope they don't charge non hotel staying people parking each and every day. Jim
  4. Alliant energy center in Downtown Madison. Jim
  5. It's posted on the convention website, look for the convention decal tab on the left side of the screen. HTH Jim
  6. Quick question, what did I miss in this thread about picking 3 locations? I have always thought it prudent to have a separate National convention committee that was fully in charge of the Convention with the local hosts and membership providing local manpower . And also picking 3 locations across the country with proven track records of hosting. Problem is the manpower issue then is thrust upon those 3 locations. Another problem with locations is facilities that can accommodate a low volume turnout people wise for the space we need. Quite simply if there were way to pick up the Chattanooga site and make 2 copies and place them in the mid-west and west we would be set. Who has a 3d printer that can get on that for us? Jim
  7. John Thanks!! Remember we still have to have that beer 😉 .. Jim
  8. Rocky Sec 3. #2. Paragraph D Finishes> All Painting/Finishing techniques are allowed. HTH Jim
  9. Thanks John 2 questions, is your position and Mark's position on the NCSC dependant upon both of yours positions? So once you and Mark leave your posts get filled by the new Head judge and 2nd VP or you guys stay on? Thxs Jim
  10. Agreed Ralph. We were shot down (pardon rhe pun) by AZ DPS as well by Phx pd when we worked on our sheet for the reason I gave. So we tried. we got lucky again after asking with the Bondurant school of doing to do some of their high performance cars back in 2010. We gave consideration to doing USS Arizona decals but seeing how you get those in the kit and their very basic nature we decided against it. Designing a decal sheet for the Nats as you know is quite the chore. We as a group knew that we wanted to appeal to as many different areas of modeling as possible, we had to keep color count at 8 and release on the sheet also had to be considered all while keeping the cost within a very small budget. It does seem that Omaha has taken a different tact thought with their past few sheets. Jim
  11. Various problems we ran into in 2010 and 2018 with decals, especially racing subjects was sponsor decals and licensing. Cop cars are problematic due to official seals being replicated for criminal purposes. Jim
  12. Who is on this National steering committee? I'm guessing these are appointed positions? Jim
  13. DAK It's up to you where you want the W.12. If you want it in 103 I'll let it stay there, just know that the only thing judged will be the actual aircraft. It's not in the entrants best interest to move something with a weak story. Why penalize them if that's how they wanted to display their model. Jim
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