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  1. JClark

    Airport to Hotel

    Point of clarification. Access to the sky train is in the middle of terminal 4, it's not really by a security check point. Simply exit your security point and head towards the middle of the airport. If you have any questions look for the big information desks at one of the 4 exits from security. There are a ton of signs in BLUE that will lead you to the sky train. Once on the platform (Don't worry it's inside) Take the train headed to EAST Economy parking. Stay on the train to the 44th street exit. That's where you will get off, buy your ticket for the west bound train to 3rd Street and Washington. Exit there and then head north a block and a half and the hotel will be on you left/west side. Hope this helps. My main point for posting was to look for the train in the middle of terminal 4. Now that's assuming you are coming in on Southwest or American. if you are coming in on Delta/Frontier/Jet Blue/ you will come in to terminal 3. simply look again for big blue signs that will direct you to the terminal 3 platform. Only one way to go from there since that's the end of the line. If arriving on United or Alaska that's in terminal 2 and you will have to walk to terminal 3 and again look for the big blue signs directing you up to the platform in terminal 3. Also check out www.skyharbor.com and scroll down to the sky train link. HTH Jim
  2. All The model entry forms are now up on the web site. Simply fill them out and print. To locate these simply click the Forms tab on the left hand side of the main convention page www.ipmsusanationals2018.org . Also please ask your respective clubs about category sponsorships to see if your club has done so. They go along way in covering costs associated with the Convention. Thanks Jim Clark 2018 National Contest Chair
  3. Bob Will you be needing a table for 2018 ? Jim Clark 2018 contest chair
  4. Dr. Soup I am the contest chair for 2018. As of right now we have 11,free tables for display only. 4 were taken this weekend by a gentlemen that will be bringing every 72 scale piece of armor ever produced. We can certainly put out an announcement on the web site asking past Best of show winners to bring their past winners. I want to say the Virginia guys did something like this back in 14 for the 50th. So I will ask our wen master to put it out there. Thanks for the suggestion.. Cheers Jim Clark
  5. JClark

    Banquet Logistics

    Paul> Jim - because I'm your friend and can get away with this, you need to think of this statement in connection with your concerns about "western nationals" - saying it "is what it is" about the banquet is the same thing as saying "is what it is" about the west. Yes you can get away with it ;-) But here's the difference. IPMS won't admit it's about the money when we all know it is. Sure we in the west can't compete, it is what it is but by doing that you are abandoning a whole section of the country and not just a few people at a particular convention. Jim
  6. JClark

    Banquet Logistics

    I like It Gil. I would save the money as I wouldn't need to attend the banquette any longer just to get a seat for the awards show. Jim
  7. JClark


    Gil> Add to that the fact that we now have no less than 3-4 semi-regular hosts over the last 10-20yrs (VA beach area, Columbus, and (yes) Phoenix) that the Eboard can turn to in a crunch. AAAAA you may want to re-think at least one of those sites. I know Va Beach/Hampton were/are mighty ticked off. I can say I'm not real thrilled at the moment either , especially if we here in Phoenix are only seen as "good enough in a pinch"..... They turned to us this year and we all see what happened. Just sayin Jim
  8. JClark


    Paul, you stated> Now - and most importantly - regardless of all this squabbling about who runs the show or where it's held, we do need to do everything we can to improve how attractive the national model show is. This is something that should be easily agreed to by everyone. We can improve the seminars, we can improve vendors, but most importantly we need to reach out to more modelers. Right now, and I'll stand behind this, IPMS is there to serve its own members and has lost track of the bigger picture of modeling. the IPMS convention is there to serve long time members and does little to sell itself to new members or unaffiliated modelers. Well here's an idea, have the show out west once in awhile. Now that you have come out and said Atl is bidding or thinking about bidding for 18 or 19 then why should anyone out west bother putting in the work to bid when all it will happen is to get rejected once again. The whole "Just the way it is" rational is Ticking a lot of western modelers off. We certainly don't see the attitude of IPMS as being inclusionary. And then questions get asked like yours as how to be inclusionary, REALLY? Paul, you are a good friend and I do agree with a lot of what you say BUT this one baffles me. If you want to truly reach out to modelers then reach out and come west. Even if IPMS has to take a hit from a projected profit of 20K down to 7K. As it Is now we're only good enough if no one from the east bids and they (IPMS) is forced to pick a site out here as they have no other choice. Who knows it may be time for IPMS/(Western USA)... And not as a chapter of IPMS/USA but more like an independent society like IPMS UK. Jim
  9. JClark


    Good points Vlad but as it is now ( and you know this living on the west coast) how many members will still be waiting for a Nats by 2018 that live where we do? The rotation kept the west relevant, now granted if no one bid from the west then the west had no room to complain. But as it is now I don't believe we will see one unless we're (The west) the only ones bidding on one. Is there a perfect answer? probably not but the society needs to figure out what they want and then go down that road. Don't say you're for the members and then do something else alienating a chuck of the membership for money. If it is about money then Omaha has provided a great venue to pursue that option. If you want to spread it out then see if we can get a deal with the Embassy suits and see how many venues like the have in Loveland and Omaha are around the country and we then plant ourselves there??? That way you spread it and make a ton of money. Provided they will deal with us. But really lets look at it. Those two venues are out in the middle of no where, that's why we got the deals we did. Those places are starving for business and we provided it. But if I had to look into a crystal ball and venture a guess then I would say nothing will change. Once we miss a convention then maybe something will change but until our hand of forced nothing will happen. I do not bet but I would on that ;-) Jim
  10. JClark


    Dave, You can spin numbers anyway you want. I can draw out your number out to 16 years and the east and Midwest get 4 more conventions while we don't get any. What I am saying is the E-Board doesn't always have to award the show to the best bid IF they can go west once in a while and not loose money. The society will be looking at a situation in 2018 where there hasn't been a show in the west since ours in 2010. * years is way to long and the Presidents message of "Just bid" doesn't cut it since the west has made very acceptable bids. The E-Board may not be bias towards the east and Midwest but they don't always have to follow the money. That's my point! if both make money why do they pick the one that will kill it and alienate the modelers in the west for the sake of $$$... Jim
  11. Yes that's why the rotation was done away with. But the unintended consequence is this. You list as an excuse for the elimination that there isn't enough time for someone to bid if no one for the region that was up fails to do so. Well that goes for the whole society and I would say look at this year when NO ONE bid in time. In which case we put a bid in with only 7 weeks to work with. Only to find out , well we all know the rest of the story. Anyways the main point is this. Why "since IPMS did away with the rotation" do acceptable bids get turned down form the western region when the only thing better about another bid is the bottom line. Both bids projected profit, one modest, one outrageous (IMHO). As I said in other threads money will always win, I get that but when you have a chuck of the society ignored when viable bids from the west come in then expect blowback. That's why I say it's always about the bottom line and nothing else. The society was more than willing to shun one part of the country once again for a bigger profit plain and simple. So if that's the case we need to focus on Omaha every year. Sign multi year deals and have national convention committees to plan this. That's if it is about the bottom line.... Jim
  12. JClark


    One thing the rotation did was kept the west relevant. Even if no one bid we were still in the mix. Now with an at wide bid we can't compete. At least if someone in the west bid in the rotation it forced IPMS's hand. Now they are free to do as they wish. So would argue that's life deal with it. Well that's true but I didn't think alienating members is what IPMS was about. We have contest rules so no one take all the prizes so then why are we so willing to toss legitimate bids just because more money can be made elsewhere. So sweeps is ok when awarding conventions but not models? It's still the same philosophy and if were about spreading the wealth then this should in my opinion go across all aspects of the society right or wrong. You can't have your cake and eat it too as they say. Jim
  13. JClark


    Contest coordinator/chairman sounds interesting. That was the roll I was to fill had we won 17. If this sprouts wings I may be interested in that spot especially so if there are more than one team for alternating years. Jim
  14. JClark


    That's why we do as Paul suggested and have a new board of 3 to 4 people run the convention and answer to the E-board. We could do as the NMRA does and have a group of member's who's job it is to coordinate the Nats. Those people for their efforts would receive free room and transport to the convention. I'm thinking that's a pretty cheap way to attract members to do this while avoiding a professional to come in and do it. Jim
  15. Paul, I'm not disagreeing with you but good grief once in awhile it wouldn't hurt to come west. . We have members and vendors out here too so Maybe that's why we may need to look at alternatives if we can't get easterners to come out here once in awhile and support their model building brothers out west. It goes back to what Gil was talking about. We need people to come out every year and not just wait for one close by. And vise versa we need to get the show across a wider path of the nation so all are not making big trips all the time like we have to. I thought IPMS was about attracting members , not alienating them. That is what is happening now. When you get chapters making bids and are routinely shot down for no other reason then a bigger profit then yeah that is called alienating members. I understand the need to make money but at what cost and how much is enough? The answer right now is (there is never to much) and (there's the door if you don't like) . And believe me when I say people are leaving even as early as the announcement came down Saturday night. So when I go to the business meeting on Saturday of the convention and hear people talk about attracting new members and retaining members I have to chuckle. I will always go to the National but the attitude from some in the east really gets me. O it's to far, I can't drive, I can't take a big models so it limits what I can take. Really? Well then once in 10 years build something smaller that you can take on an airplane. I would bet gas for driving and hotel costs along the way are equal to a plane ticket in costs. Flying has forced my hand in what I can take so why not give it up once in awhile and quit being selfish and do what I have to do EVERY year. That's all I ever hear on these boards .... It always revolves around what can I get. What went wrong, complain, complain, complain... Good grief be happy we still have these conventions as the days coming when we won't. Don't sweat small stuff that happens at the conventions, don't wait until they are in your area to attend and lets be a bit more inclusive to all in the society. Is that to much to ask? Jim