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  1. And there you have it sports fans. Quicker than you expected. Hats off to the San Marcos crew and this gives you time to recoup for Aug 2nd/5th 2023. Jim
  2. Kevin AGAIN.... loose lips sink ships. If the Eboard says anything then that can and will be used against IPMS if a breach of contract suit is brought . So AGAIN... if they tell the membership anything and the reservations plummeted that information can be used against IPMS. David's post brings up the point where the show was cancelled once they got there. Inconvenient yes but it may have saved that shows organizers. IPMS can't afford to tip its hand whatever it may be at this point. Its really not a hard concept to understand. This thing can still go one of several ways. We don't know the behind the scene things going on for a reason. The main one being need to know, and right now we don't need to know. You can cancell room reservations up to 3 days prior to the start. Im pretty sure we will know something by then. Drive time , let's say 2 days prior , we should also know by then. Airlines, I know some who haven't made their reservations yet just waiting to hear, once they do then they will make their decisions. So right now its only for convenience for the membership to know. Someone said were under a month out, well last I checked it starts on July 29 its june 25 so more that a month out. Let the elected leaders do their jobs. When the Ebaord is in a position to make an announcement they will, until then why berate the point. And ultimately if you don't like what they did dont vote for them again, or better yet, run for office and present your platform for what you would have dont differently to save the organization 100k or more. Jim
  3. Let's think this through and think ahead. What does everyone want the E-boatd to say ? 1) Were waiting to see what happens.... then everyone piles on them for not canceling now to save mankind as we know it. 2) Were cancelling. Great then what happens? everyone cancelles their room nights, the hotel sees whats up and starts asking questions as to why? which will adverse effect us in the contract. AGAIN it may very well be that the Eboard is planning on cancelling, But they 1) are hoping the state closes to save the 6 figures and 2) staying silent to protect their contractual position. This being fiscally responsible to the national membership as a whole , which is far from the accusations being throw at them for being silent. Give em a break and let it play out. Jim
  4. Two points of clarification on the last two posts. Nick, to us here in AZ anything east of the Mississippi River is "Back east"... lol All,,,, it has be said of the financial hit the Texas team will take multiple times here. That simply isn't true. Since 2010 all finances for the National convention have run through the national office. They control all monies related to the convention throught the convention account. That eleviates any financial burdens the host would incure due to some unforseen circumstance like what is happening now. Some minor expenses such as convention programs, t shirts, and any overage on the budget for awards would be on the local hosts but that's it. Everything else, venue rental, table rental, awards "to a certain amount" , AV rental, hotel room nights ect effect what the national office pays. What will effect the local host most is their 50/50 split of profits with the national office. It's very unlikely any profits will happen this year so all their hard work will go unrewarded. Jim
  5. Kevin Look at what you just wrote... First we can only be responsible for ourselves and make decisions thusly. If that is what you are construing as a me only attitude them I have to ask , really?. Your last sentence takes the cake because that is exactly what you are doing by advocating for the outright cancelation of the event. This whole "I can't go and feel safe, so no one else should be able to go either attitude" to me is mind boggling. How is having the event preventing you from NOT going? how in anyway is that dictating decisions others are forced to make? If anything its the other way around , YOU WANT TO DICTATE what others can and can't do by outright cancelation of the event. Jim
  6. Wow, this is intertaining. And I thought some of the things I posted on the forum in the 90's about OOB And Sweeps got things going, Ha! they don't hold a candle to this. So cloth masks,,,, Well (most) people in public who fart do so with some kind of cloth covering so yeah enough said about cloath masks. Next. surgical masks, well those bad boys were designed for sterile environments, we don't live or interact in one of those so yeah maybe good for about 30 minutes and need to be discarded after every use or 30 minutes whichever comes first. Next up the N95. Now you're talking protection. Best thing going out there, but wait sham-wow users there's more. They have a pesky little thing called an exhaust port so in the unlikely chance you are infected you are now protecting NO ONE, which seems to be a big concern for some who base their whole argument on it's "not for your protection but to not harm others". Those N95 masks are good for about 3 uses then you need to sterilize them including that pesky exhaust port or ditch em. People want to feel safe in a world that never has been safe. We all take chances everytime we roll out of bed. So all of us , in a month or tomorrow morning , will roll out of bed and make that decision wheather to go or not. It's ultimately up to each of us ( insert dead horse here) What I do find amusing is the percentage of the population who feels its their duty to enforce their beliefs for the good of all upon others. Hummm when has that ever happened before? Be responsible for yourself. Because that's the only person you can be responsible for. Peace out brothers and sisters of Sprue Jim
  7. It's really quite simple. IPMS has to wait as long as they can to see if The state will impose more restrictions that will allow IPMS out of the contract. If IPMS cancells now they are on the hook for 6 figures. At some point though if the state stays open then IPMS will have to make a hard call . But we are not there yet. It may very well be that IPMS intends to cancel, but they can't at this point since we are still hoping that the state will shut its doors letting IPMS off the hook. Now as others have stated, its all up to each of us to make a our own personal decision wheather to go or not if the convention is held. So I would say don't wait for IPMS to make the decision for you, make your own informed decision based on your own circumstances. So let's all just wait and see what happens and let this play out. Jim
  8. The problem still exists with cars, tanks and aircraft which are the predominant participants in hypothetical. Unlike models competing against each other is to me a bigger problem then if they were back in the regular category or in their own hypothetical category within their respective class. Jim
  9. David To answer your last question, yes. While I don't know them off hand the dates for 2021 and 2022 are part of the contracts that Las Vegas and Omaha signed. Now to the "Force Majeure". I'm not a lawyer "Thank god" but the way I read that clause it wouldn't apply to our convention even If it's in the contract. While IPMS may not fulfill the numbers required due to various reasons I doubt the center will see it that way. Since they are open for business (UNLESS) there is a major re-occurance of the virus and everything closes back up. Then IPMS may have an argument. For me that's the key, the highlighted area, while it applies, it's hard to claim that when everything is open. ***BUT*** reading more into it if something like that is in the contract then it may be possible since IPMS may be affected Materially to perform giving the circumstances. It's just what both parties can agree to. Again if it's in the contract. It may come down to IPMS claiming something like what is written and the hotel saying tough , we're open and it's not our problem your membership didn't show up. A sticky wicket for sure. But I, Like you can only speculate at this point. Jim
  10. Gary Nope not mad at all. I just take issues with a few of your points that's all. I'm sorry if you think I came across as ugly but again i was just making my points. I'll copy and paste your comments and answer them from the 1st post, then the second. Your first post> A few points and I will be quick. My comments are as a Modeler, IPMS Member, and a Vendor. Postpone the convention until 2023. Getting the already bought items like shirts, awards, etc for this years convention in 2023 would be a unique way to remember this time. So, all of it can be used and we all will have a great story to tell. Who here wants to take responsibility for someone healthy coming to the convention, getting the bug and either having the virus themselves or worse spreading it when they get home. Sure, some of you want to play fast and loose with it but until there is a therapy and/or a vaccine, it is a medical risk for everyone. In reality, while we all love to come to the NATS for the various reasons, it is not required to attend...it is for enjoyment. Yes there are many risky enjoyments that Many of us participate in. None of us will go flying without a preflight and none of us would go skydiving without checking the gear. If someone, with expertise told you there may be a hidden problem somewhere with the Plane or the chute rig, would you chance it?? No, no sane individual would. My wife and I are not in any of the risk categories for COVID-19, but our Doctors, including our Daughter who is a US Navy Doctor, say unnecessary exposure to others is to be avoided....period. To do otherwise is to take unnecessary risk.......and its is with your life people! Ok, Point one, What will people recieve? T-shirts already bought? Ok fair enough but you can't hand out already purchased and constructed awards. A decal sheet that may or may not have been produced? as well as programs that now would be useless. Also how would you distribute them? mailing would cost money and I would venture a bet that most people haven't registered for the convention yet and they would be the only ones to fairly receive them so now in essence you have maybe 700 to 1000 registration packs with how many registrants right now? and how many would register given the fact it may still be cancelled? So in reality there are not any "already bought items" save for whatever items the planning committee is selling. Point two, Not being mean here just reality, no one is ultimately responsible except for themselves. If you have a fear of contracting something then stay home, or if you fall into one of the associated groups that need to stay home then by all means stay home and do what is right for you. But what may be right for you isn't necessarily right for everyone. So that's when i take exception to your "Fast and Loose" comment. There is currently a vaccine for the flu and how many die of the flu every year? As I said we don't live in a sterile world, we all take chances. Point three, Experts can't agree on this let alone try to fix it as they have done with the flu, yes the flu that kills how many each year? And I agreed with you with on this being a required event, it's not. But my point is everyone is not in the same boat. So when you say Someone with expertise says not to go and I may feel otherwise then, (I'm not sane), or (playing fast and loose) And then finally (And it is with your life people) Those are inflammatory comments with the implication that those who disagree are all the things you just called them. Your second post> I have waited to respond until I had a free few minutes, as you are obviously mad and I wanted to try an understand why. First this is a friendly conversation and no need to get ugly. Second you need to read what I wrote, not what you think I wrote. If you don't like it address it, but be better than accusing me of writing something I did not about character. What does concern me is a 6 figure contact being signed with no legal consultation, and the fact that no contract insurance was purchased. I would be willing to bet though, that if the committee did sat down for a meaningful discussion with the facility, that a deal could be worked out for rescheduling the event until 2023 with minimal if any additional costs, given the current world environment. Cancelling the event completely, or going forward with a very small event that looses money are not in either parties best interests. I guess I would feel better if NATS Committee had a conversation to explore possible rescheduling until 2023 vs acting like we have no way out. So far all we have been told is that the convention center has been receptive to re-negotiation if there is a problem. I say that such a problem is here right now. You're correct it's supposed to be friendly conversation but I think I have already addressed the ugliness with your comments about being insane, playing fast and loose, and it is your life people comments. A 6 figure contract was signed 2 years ago without any thought to a pandemic occurring . I would venture that they probably didn't take into account a possible meteor strike either. Contract insurance, good question, i have no idea if it was bought but would take a guess that if purchased the insurance company would balk as they have with numerous travel insurance plans have balked at people trying to get out of and get money back for lost trips. They weren't covered because they were "Acts of god". So I'm not real confident on how insurance would help in this case. Now betting on the venue rebooking is a BIG assumption and we all know about assumptions. Not saying it couldn't be done or shouldn't tried but don't put all your eggs in that basket because the venue like everyone else needs to recoup lost revenue for the past two months. Letting IPMS off the hook when the city is open for business would be something I don't see happening. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last. The planning staff may be acting like there is no way out because there is no way out. The convention committee are the boots on the ground there and know the in's and out's of these issues better than any of us. You may say there is a problem now but the venue may not see a problem now especially as the city is opening for business . That's why I'm very sceptical of getting out of or re-negotiating a contract. Jim
  11. Gary if I may answer your points. 1) We can't postpone/cancel UNLESS you want to organization to eat a 100k bill. We (IPMS) would have to pay the convention center, decorators (IE Tables) not to mention AV costs , food requirements by backing out of the contract that was signed 2 years ago . Plus add in awards that are already manufactured WITH DATES ON THEM. 2) No one here or in IPMS would be taking responsibility for anyone attending, that is on the individual attending. It is your choice to go or not. We all have taken a chance every year by attending and catching anything that may be out there. We do not live in a sterile world. So no one is playing "Fast and Loose". Living is a medical risk until death happens. 3) Agreed it is not required to attend , so again you have the freedom of choice to come or not. What I do take exception to is this. Your assumption that anyone who decides to go if the convention is held in somehow insane because they may not agree with your opinion. We all take calculated Risks in life. I drove 5k miles last year to attend, and I would say the odds of being involved in an accident were greater than the odds of catching something and dying of it this year. Do I want the convention canceled? Well at the end of the day my or anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter. What matters are contracts and how local governments decide to do business which directly affects those contracts. Jim
  12. As mentioned before , it's not as simple as that. You can't push dates around when contracts with venues have been signed. Plus the venue (In this case San Marcos) needs to make money to offset their loss the past 6 to 8 weeks so if they can be open they will expect their signed contracts to be upheld. If IPMS were to cancel it would be a huge hit on the society and one that a Go fund me wouldn't make up for. IPMS can't even rely on continued membership (people let thiers lapse and only reup if the convention is close) Let alone banking on a Go Fund me effort. Granted Dave your gesture is noble, I just don't see it taking place on the scale needed for the reason given above. I'll use some rough numbers. Our expense for just the convention center a couple years ago was around 25K. Now factor in lost room nights for the hotel and the loss of the food requirement. Now add in the monies that IPMS would owe for table set up, already purchased awards and (possibly) T shirts plus AV equipment rentals that were forced upon us at an exorbitant rate of around 11K for just one evening. You start closing in on a 100K bill pretty fast. And these conventions routinely pass the 100K mark in expenses. So yes numbers probably will be down but even if they are down some kind of cash flow will come in to offset the loss expected and then IPMS will have to make up the difference. Granted its a bad situation but what choice is there? IPMS cancels and loses half of the monies in the coffers or hold it and take the lumps. The only way IPMS escapes in some degree is if the local government says people can't gather in more than a certain amount of people or conventions can't take place. That would force the convention center to cancel. Then it's out of IPMS's hands and then possible to get out of some or all of the already signed contracts. Then the center could offer up a deal for 2023. But with the start of gradual reopening of the economy I don't see the city saying it's closed 10 weeks from now after being close for the past 8 weeks. Jim
  13. It really is a pickle but If the city stays open then really IPMS and the planing hosts have no other choice then to go forward with it and hope to not lose too much money with decreased numbers both in attendants and Vendors. Gil brings up an interesting thought about judging with the whole distancing issues. I do believe there is a way with 3 team members to stay away from each other. The trick is in how to keep other teams from bumping into each other while out on the floor. It may require some organization of staggering categories while being judged so as to allow a one category space between teams. We will have to see the layout but "usually" they go fairly close in number sequence so we could assign categories with spacing allowances. Jim
  14. All My .02 cents for what it's worth. RC Boater hit the nail on the head. If it does get cancelled then move it to 23. But provided it gets cancelled by the hotel or local authorities. Now here is another no win factor for IPMS. Attendance, Vendors may and have pulled out, pre reg and actual walkins I would bet would be down due to fear and also genuine concerns of quite a few of our embers being up their in age and risk factors . So even if the facility goes ahead and lets it continue does IPMS have an out in the contract with these genuine concerns of loosing big bucks due to low attendance. Either way its a no win for us as an organization. Cancel and loose the convention, or hold hit and loose $$$$$. Jim
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