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  1. Jim,

    The best way to handle the group is through email.  So I'm putting together an email list of the folks who are going to be involved with the proposal.  This will allow you to follow along and contribute if you wish.  Please forward me an email address for you and I'll add you to the list if you wish.  Mine is shipmodeler@sbcglobal.net

  2. JClark

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    Exactly Rusty, but be ready for it... And it's on their radar so that is encouraging.. Jim
  3. If you are on your phone then just surevthe volume button. If you are on your computer there should be a volume icon in the lower right corner to increase the volume
  4. Below is a link to the facebook page of the Nationals. In it you will find a short video on how to navigate on the train from terminal 4 to the hotel. https://www.facebook.com/IPMSNATSPHX2018/?hc_ref=ARRha2e6a3VTTQuAECYD8PwNg7ENNgUzxXUluejC_vyjFeF-qDseblvXQxGDm-jdp_8&fref=nf Jim Clark
  5. JClark

    Airport to Hotel

    For those interested follow this link "I hope it works" to see the video put up on the nationals facebook page … https://www.facebook.com/IPMSNATSPHX2018/?hc_ref=ARRha2e6a3VTTQuAECYD8PwNg7ENNgUzxXUluejC_vyjFeF-qDseblvXQxGDm-jdp_8&fref=nf
  6. JClark

    2018 Nats Decals

    Hi Tim They may be. We will have to wait to see how many go out the door at the convention. Jim Clark
  7. JClark

    A few questions

    Double sided sword Ralph. Why become a member if you can get it all for free? Membership has it's perks and admission to the seminars is one of them. Those seminar rooms cost money and for GA to take up seats that are being paid for by IPMS members who registered for the convention really isn't right. I always thought that was the rule for conventions. Jim
  8. JClark

    Airport to Hotel

    Was just looking at the myself. I guess they don't offer it anymore with the advent of Uber and Lyft plus the skytrain which dumps you off at the 44th street Light rail station for a straight shot to the convention center/Hyatt for $2.00. Jim
  9. JClark

    Airport to Hotel

    Point of clarification. Access to the sky train is in the middle of terminal 4, it's not really by a security check point. Simply exit your security point and head towards the middle of the airport. If you have any questions look for the big information desks at one of the 4 exits from security. There are a ton of signs in BLUE that will lead you to the sky train. Once on the platform (Don't worry it's inside) Take the train headed to EAST Economy parking. Stay on the train to the 44th street exit. That's where you will get off, buy your ticket for the west bound train to 3rd Street and Washington. Exit there and then head north a block and a half and the hotel will be on you left/west side. Hope this helps. My main point for posting was to look for the train in the middle of terminal 4. Now that's assuming you are coming in on Southwest or American. if you are coming in on Delta/Frontier/Jet Blue/ you will come in to terminal 3. simply look again for big blue signs that will direct you to the terminal 3 platform. Only one way to go from there since that's the end of the line. If arriving on United or Alaska that's in terminal 2 and you will have to walk to terminal 3 and again look for the big blue signs directing you up to the platform in terminal 3. Also check out www.skyharbor.com and scroll down to the sky train link. HTH Jim
  10. All The model entry forms are now up on the web site. Simply fill them out and print. To locate these simply click the Forms tab on the left hand side of the main convention page www.ipmsusanationals2018.org . Also please ask your respective clubs about category sponsorships to see if your club has done so. They go along way in covering costs associated with the Convention. Thanks Jim Clark 2018 National Contest Chair
  11. Bob Will you be needing a table for 2018 ? Jim Clark 2018 contest chair
  12. Dr. Soup I am the contest chair for 2018. As of right now we have 11,free tables for display only. 4 were taken this weekend by a gentlemen that will be bringing every 72 scale piece of armor ever produced. We can certainly put out an announcement on the web site asking past Best of show winners to bring their past winners. I want to say the Virginia guys did something like this back in 14 for the 50th. So I will ask our wen master to put it out there. Thanks for the suggestion.. Cheers Jim Clark
  13. JClark

    Banquet Logistics

    Paul> Jim - because I'm your friend and can get away with this, you need to think of this statement in connection with your concerns about "western nationals" - saying it "is what it is" about the banquet is the same thing as saying "is what it is" about the west. Yes you can get away with it ;-) But here's the difference. IPMS won't admit it's about the money when we all know it is. Sure we in the west can't compete, it is what it is but by doing that you are abandoning a whole section of the country and not just a few people at a particular convention. Jim
  14. JClark

    Banquet Logistics

    I like It Gil. I would save the money as I wouldn't need to attend the banquette any longer just to get a seat for the awards show. Jim
  15. JClark


    Gil> Add to that the fact that we now have no less than 3-4 semi-regular hosts over the last 10-20yrs (VA beach area, Columbus, and (yes) Phoenix) that the Eboard can turn to in a crunch. AAAAA you may want to re-think at least one of those sites. I know Va Beach/Hampton were/are mighty ticked off. I can say I'm not real thrilled at the moment either , especially if we here in Phoenix are only seen as "good enough in a pinch"..... They turned to us this year and we all see what happened. Just sayin Jim