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  1. Accuracy all the way....and I am not a "non-ship" modeler, I am a modeler.
  2. Shouldn't this be in "Wants and Disposals" area of the forum?
  3. Already a topic for this....http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/11410-my-favorites-from-the-nats-what-were-yours/&do=findComment&comment=66907
  4. People that think good paint work(and nothing else) makes a prize winning model. When one "judge" is obviously campaigning for a friend's model. People who forget to bathe\shower before they show up at an event. Events where Automotive categories are still called "Civilian Vehicles" People who think "scratch built" means an automatic prize. Poorly placed ejector marks. Judges that don't know some cars have toe in\toe out and caster\camber. Judges that don't read documentation. At least skim it over. "Hoverers"...we all know one. Last and most important...jud
  5. Chris.....please check your PMs.... Yes it is a great vid, and at the very end you can see a couple of my fellow club members adding the comic relief... You can also see my ugly mug in there as well.
  6. Is there a website? Looking forward to attending with some fellow club members.
  7. Just Google Cosworth DFV F1 and you should find plenty....Even Rob Walker 72C will get you plenty....remember...F1 car configurations, especially back in the 60s and 70s changed from race to race and even practice session to practice session, qualifying, etc on a race weekend...it is fairly easy to find configs for certain races for the 72C To decals....I would consider Indycals...a good product and a very helpful guy in Mike the owner of the business.
  8. Sorry, but I have to disagree...I built a couple of Pochers, and while they are very detailed, they were very poorly engineered, with metal screws going into very brittle plastic parts, especially the frame rails. Pocher kits need a massive amount of work and there is a large aftermarket industry for making Pocher kits "right". I wouldn't even take one if someone gave it to me....just my opinion.
  9. No sure what is going on here....I have models on display, in the open air, in my house, and aside from a good dusting every month or so, they look like the day I finished them. I mostly paint with MM rattle cans straight from the can, no decanting. They are not in direct sunlight, but the room is very well lit with indirect sunlight for most of the day. No of my decals are yellowed, and some of my builds are garishly decaled racecars. Some have clearcoat, but most I just polish the paint work.When I do gloss to seal the decals I use Testors. Maybe it's because I mostly do car models with
  10. IPMS Bay Colony Historical Modelers Baycon For more details click below... http://www.ipmsbaycolony.com/baycon/
  11. I would sand off that "Made in Korea" in one of the shots.
  12. What a surprise...this is still going on....I'm honestly beginning to think it will never end. Automotive modelers want what every other builders of all genres want....equality and fairness. That's it, nothing more. I also think the "bad blood" talked about here and in other threads is alive and well, and perpetuated by a small minority on BOTH sides of the fence., that DON'T want things to change. "Actions speak louder", so IPMS, if they are really serious about pulling in Automotive builders, need to add more Cats and KEEP THEM AROUND for a few years. IPMS does not need more
  13. I recently spoke with a couple of people that attended Noreastcon 2012, and they were wondering when the results would be posted. Also, they again mentioned ties in the award ceremony..is this true? Aren't ties not allowed per IPMS rules?
  14. Wow, last time it was anywhere close to the NE was 1981(New York) Sad, Really.
  15. I don't recall seeing any mention of the event at this year's Masscar contest I attended.
  16. Just read the show report on my club's site....107 entrants? Practically non existant Automotive entries? "Ties"??? What exactly are "ties"?
  17. The best yardstick of customer service is how long the business has been around. If you don't treat your customers right, you won't be around long. There are exceptions to this of course, but not many. I work in IT customer service, so when I am looking for help I know how to deal with the person at the other end on the desk\phone\etc. They just want to be given some respect, and unless they do something to lose that respect, they should be given it. In my field you are dealing with someone who needs your help quickly, and it's a very fine line to walk with users as they sometimes feel
  18. For the same reason we don't see many men knitting. There is a female hobby shop owner where I live, and she's a great person and a hell of a builder, but she is the exception to the rule around here.
  19. Janeway Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01 Uhura Tasha Yar Can you tell I like Star Trek? Oh yeah, Princess Leia.
  20. Yes I was. The guy with the hat was David Delang one of our club members. He was in the Vt national Guard and worked on the jet you entered. I was wearing a blue IPMS shirt with a name tag with my name. I was judging most of the day and was one of the judges that judged your model. Nice work. Congrats. I'll have to look you up at another show. Would love to talk. Chris Well, there's always Baycon coming right up on the first Sunday in November.... www.ipmsbaycolony.com click on Baycon tab for more info.
  21. You were at Granitecon? Myself and about 12 other guys from our club were there....were you the guy with the Green Mountain Boys cap? If so, we talked. I was the tall guy with the 1/48 Vermont ANG F-16C entered..ended up getting 1st in 1/48 Single engine jets, which was a pleasant surprise. If that was you, too bad I didn't put 2+2 together...well, I had a nice chat with whoever that was.
  22. As to support the LHS....they make impossible to do so...example....Minicraft 1/144 DC9....LHS price $29(and that is with a 20% discount for IPMS\Model club) Amazon price $20 WITH shipping. Preorders have always been used to gauge interest in a release...At least Sprue Brothers has fantastic customer service, lightning shipping, and real time in stock status.
  23. Just found out, 1 Vendor table available. See contact info on the website,
  24. Forgot to mention...located just North of Providence, RI, and 40 Miles South of Boston...Minutes off I95.
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