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  1. I'll be there Chris, with 4 or 5 of my club members as well. Will keep an eye out for you.
  2. Hey Chris...good to see you at the North Shore event....this has been asked a few times here and via email by some fellow club members.....no answer yet.
  3. Last time in the Northeast was 1981....sad.
  4. I for one am happy everything can be done online, especially the Master model sheet and description forms. Most Clubs in Region 1 have their data sheets available to download and write up before you get to the event, so you can just pay the entrance fee and get to the vendors without having to worry about writing out the sheets.
  5. I got a registration acknowledgement so that's not an issue...what is an issue is there's no set schedule yet as to when the "doors will open" and a concrete schedule....what's up with that?
  6. I use Alclad for large areas....but smaller areas I use the foil....I always use more than I need and trim...the key is burnish, and then trim, and ALWAYS use a brand new #11 blade to trim....I just use the weight of the knife handle and it cuts like butter as long as the blade is new.
  7. From the IPMS online Store Registration page.... I just answered my own question...I should have read a bit further on.... Attendees pre-registered before June 1, 2014, will have their badges, tour and banquet tickets mailed to them about a month before the convention. As long as you remember to bring your badges and tickets with you, you won't have to stand in registration line; just walk right in and hit the vendors or get your models registered.
  8. Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but I searched and did not find any related content... I registered on 4/14/14 and received a confirmation number via email. Are reg packets being mailed out yet? If not, what is the plan? Any info is appreciated.
  9. Shouldn't this be in the For Sale area of the forum?
  10. Sorry, thought your pics were of someone's collection up for sale....a nice selection of Big Scale Tamiya and Protar there. That Alfa kit is worth it for that V12 alone.
  11. Yep, that Protar Alfa is a rare one alright. Are any of those other kits for sale?
  12. Really? Than why is this part of the forum for IPMS members only? I would hardly call that open. Not only that, you say in the first sentence of your last post all are welcome, but then tell me to go elsewhere in the very next sentence, Incredible.
  13. Or you can report offensive posts or Avatar pics....done.
  14. For you people replying to me telling me I'm entitled to my opinion...you also seem to be using yours to tell me I'm wrong to have the one I do. I'm fully aware I can "change the channel", and trust me, I do. In addition, the picture of the dead seal in Montgomery's avatar space is EXTREMELY offensive to me, and I ask that it be removed immediately. Disgusting.
  15. Well, I consider ALL signatures inappropriate, but I'm guessing that won't carry much weight. I would make a small correction on one of your observations....it should be "insecure people like praise". I would argue the "spike" in postings is people artificially inflating their post count just to move up a rung, which leads to having to cull through more waste to find useful content. Personally, I would love to see a thread where people post their work and people can critique it to help the builder build better, not just massage their egos, and inflate post count.
  16. Is this really needed? It's bad enough I have to look at people signatures and IPMS # in posts, now more wasted space? This is known as the "gold chains" of the internet.
  17. Nice Pete....most car builders are A/C and Armor builders that have evolved...
  18. Oh no, leave me out of this....my only prerequisite for building something is, I have to like it. I'm a Japanese car guy since the US stopped making decent vehicles in the late 60's. Fun fact...did you know the Fiero drive train was a Chevy Citation front engine front drive assembly stuck in the Fiero with the uprights locked straight? Also, the fist year(and maybe later) when water drained into the engine compartment, and then happened to freeze, it also froze some of the pulleys and drive belts....how's that for design excellence? Thanks Pete for the explanation!
  19. It's spelled Edsel.. Pete...what are you talking about? ;) Are we supposed to guess? No one mentioned the Pontiac Fiero?!?
  20. Yup, I have the day off tomorrow, and it's Dentist, hardware store, mow the lawn....I might get an hour in there, but am sure something else will come up. Another....getting a part stuck to ME, not the model...you can't even throw it in anger! :)
  21. Chris Graeter..you know my opinion on your event....you guys put on a great show, and your judging was excellent with no issues with judges voices carrying. You responded to the one small thing I mentioned quickly and I'm sure that was an oversight more than anything. I am my fellow club members are looking forward to next year! At the club I'm a member of's event....the first thing usually mentioned at the judge's meeting is BE RESPECTFUL in any criticism you have. Keep your voice so only the other judges can hear you, and if you hear another judge badmouthing an entrant, report it immedi
  22. Why don't we just give everyone a prize and be done with it?
  23. Christopher...since you mentioned you're not a small guy and have weight training in your bio...take it from another "not small" guy(6'8" 280) they will only tell you what they think you want to hear. ;)
  24. Agree 100% about cheerleading...The way I look at it, Pete\Christopher, is if you enter an event, you'd better be prepared to takes the lumps with the praise...most people can do it here in Region 1, but there are always some that can't. The best way to improve is to let other eyes inspect your work. This can be done without hurting the builders feelings. Seeing some of the other posts in here reminds me of some more... An IPMS RC who come into an event and tried to throw their weight around like they owned the place, and then whined to the event host when they all but DEMANDED to be
  25. It is when there's a tie, and the firing order is documented, Pete! ;)
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