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  1. 23 hours ago, ghodges said:

    Sorry Nick, but I totally disagree, not with what you say about the masks, but your giving them a pass on ignoring this forum.

    I may not always be an agreeable person when it comes to IPMSUSA policies, but I do believe I've always been a FAIR person. I am NOT asking for Mark to change any policy he's empowered to make. I'm asking for an update!

    The very suggestion you wrote would be a perfect example of such an update...."we're not sure at this point, but we MIGHT need to still require masks, so be prepared"! The problem is, it comes from you, and not from Mark or another NCC member empowered by Mark to pass along an "official" update.

    There are enough Eboard members here, past and present, that this forum stays up to date on their business. In fact THEY post their minutes here somewhat regularly for the few of us interested in the business of the Society. And yes, you are correct in that does represent very few of the entire membership; and yet THEY do so. What makes the NCC think they're less responsible to the membership than the Eboard?

    On the other hand, the NCC ONLY posts once a year in the Journal. They've never even bothered to simply repost what they put in the Journal HERE, and how hard would that be? Heck, up until a couple of years ago, until myself and a few others pushed the issue, the NCC meeting at the Nats was CLOSED to the general membership, and generally not even posted so anyone interested would know when to attend if they desired! It was even clear they did not really want any of the judges there either. EVERY public action they've taken for decades has only reinforced the idea of the NCC being some sort of secret Cabal that looks down on the members it serves!

    Sorry, but asking them to monitor and use this forum hand-in-hand with the Journal is NOT asking too much of the NCC, though it seems to be more than they are willing to do.


    Gil :cool:


    So basically this is all a contrived controversy to further a political (within IPMS) agenda?


    It's bad enough that politics infiltrates every aspect of modern life, but it's really frustrating when it makes an appearance in our hobby, our escape.


    Bring a mask, place it in back pocket, play it by ear.  Problem solved

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