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  1. On 8/28/2020 at 8:45 PM, Mark Deliduka said:

    Mike, you did an extraordinary job hosting the best nationals I'd ever been to! I am thrilled that I took this chance to come all the way out there and I appreciate all you've done to make it happen! You are an amazing man!

    Duke, you are too kind.  It was fantastic having you make the trip and display your collection.  I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!


  2. 1 hour ago, DaveSepos said:

    A quick shout out to everyone in Chattanooga for a wonderful convention. One of the most memorable that I have attended. I'd have to say the display only segment was a huge success and a great way to get more people involved in the annual convention.

    Thanks Dave.  We are definitely hoping that the display only concept takes root and grows.  To a certain extent it is dependent on having facilities that are big enough to support it without impinging on the contest space, but if enough people demand it, who knows what will happen!


  3. 2 minutes ago, Ian44836 said:


    I am from IPMS Livonia Mi. Myself and about 11 club members made the trip to the convention. The venue was top notch, the rooms nice, the organization excellent. Models for days, vendors a plenty and at the end of a hard day looking and shopping there was ample food and beverages within walking then stumbling distances to the hotel. To be honest it was just an all around excellent show. As judging and awards started to roll around I told some of my clubmates, "Winning anything here is going to be an honor. Look at how many models are on the tables". Dont care how good you think you are there was somebodys model that was even better. Just great stuff. You and your crew did a bang up job and your show is now the yardstick for all future shows. I will also congratulate you on not having a banquet and allowing all entrants to see the award ceremony. I feel that, that is one of the biggest let downs when you spend all the time and money to participate and then no seating for the awards. Enjoy the accolades and praise you and your team deserve all of it.


    Thanks Ian.  I'll make sure the whole team see's your kind words.


  4. 2 hours ago, John Walker said:


    I would like to let you and your crew know that I, and my 2 travel companions had a "grand time", and would like to thank you very much for all your hard work putting the show on. BTW, this was my first time in Nooga, and I enjoyed it immensely.

    Thanks again,

    John Walker

    Thanks so much John. I’ll let the whole team know. Glad to know you enjoyed your trip!


  5. 1 hour ago, VonL said:

    Just got home from this one and enjoyed it very much. Great accommodations (Staybridge), efficient admin & programming, excellent exhibit hall & vendor set-up, cool seminars and fantastic, inspiring work to see. Through my lens, the Display-Only and the non-banquet dessert-social ideas were very successful. (Only caveat might be to make any awards to previous Nats winners by 'popular vote' only.)

    Fun-factor: Pegged. Shipped booty: Enroute.

    Top marks, crew!

    Thank you Bob.  The success of the display only area is probably the part I'm personally most proud of.  I had high hopes for it, but 1700 models out for display only far, far, far exceeded my wildest expectations!  Hell, even if you take The Duke's 750 models out of the picture, we still had 950 models just out for display!


  6. 1 hour ago, VonL said:

    Maybe the way to square the corner on that food & beverage requirement is to plus-up the Chattanooga format to a ticketed, catered buffet & cash bar; keep the informality while offering table reservations, overflow seating (and the cash bar) for the awards session and go from there. Perfect way to do a Texas BBQ, for example.


    What you're talking about is essentially what Phoenix did last year.  They had a buffet dinner.  I thought the food was actually pretty good, but being a hotel/convention facility, you are locked into ONE catering service and the dinner was probably double to triple what you might expect to pay at your typical restaurant, which leaves many out by choice because they decide not to pay that much, and many out by necessity, because they simply can't afford a meal that is that expensive.  We looked at several options for Saturday night.  A table service sit down dinner, a buffet BBQ dinner, heavy hors derves, you name it, we probably looked at it.  No matter what we concocted, we ended up with a dinner ticket that was going to costs us as hosts north of $40 per head.  So we tried to encourage folks to go get a meal of their choice and then come back for a $5 dessert.  I think the idea was well received, and many thanked us for it.  We did not however, execute it well, and that falls completely on my shoulders.

    Your comment about reserved tables might be worth looking into.  I don't know what it might add to costs, but I suspect it would be negligible.  But what would you do about reserving less than a full table?  Besides, the times I've been to the banquet and had to sit with strangers have been great.  It was a great way to "force" me to make new friends.

    The real problem though is with your idea of over-flow seating.  We were blessed in Chattanooga to have a facility that was almost perfectly sized, and that included our banquet hall.  We had plenty of space for seating not only those who were willing to pony up the princely sum of $5 for dessert that ran out, we were also able to set up another few hundred seats in a theater format for those who only wanted to see the awards.  Trust me, all convention hosts would like to be able to do that.  But space is like time...it can't be extended. 


  7. 1 hour ago, RandallCox said:

    I believe the response from the dessert bar in lieu of a banquet has put the knife in the heart of any further awards banquets. 

    It would be nice to have table service for drinks during the awards ceremony and open bars on the surrounding walls.  They had one in Chattanooga, but the room was so large (and full of people) that navigating around was difficult.  It might be nice, also, to consider table reservations for club members and spouses.  (That may be a bridge to far, I get it.) 

    How many square feet did the Nooga Nats vender room have?  The contest room?  I think it was the biggest single vendor room I've seen. 

    Well done Chattanooga.  You pulled it off.

    Looking forward to Las Vegas.  I hope the Nellis tours come to fruition.  They had a good presentation and I expect a great show.  No excuses for great attendance from the west coast.  And the absolute cheapest air fare from the east coast.  AND the best room rate in memory. 

    I'm sure all will miss the Bill and Aris show, and I wish Bill all the best as he steps aside as head aircraft judge.   I've learned much from him during the night of judging. 



    First off, thanks for your kind words.  We tried hard and I think it showed.

    Second, the vendor room was 64,000sf, and the model room was 36,000sf.  I believe both are the largest ever.

    Third, while we did indeed try something new instead of a banquet and despite the trouble we had with it, it did seem well received, I wouldn't put the proverbial fork in the awards banquet yet.  We were fortunate in that the Chattanooga Convention Center has a large, reasonably priced banquet hall and that we weren't tied to a food and beverage requirement.  Many of the facilities that IPMS National Conventions go to have a food and beverage requirement and the only way to meet that is to hold a banquet.  In other words, we had some freedom that others probably don't and won't.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the convention!

    Mike Moore

    2019 Convention Chairman

  8. I'm sorry to take so long getting back here to answer your question.  There are lot's of parking options near the convention center, but it is a downtown venue, so none of them are free.  There is a parking garage attached to the convention center that is $8 per day.  There is another good sized garage behind the convention center, between it and the Chattanoogan hotel that is $9 per day.  There are several open air lots that are $5 per day.  There are parking meters on all the streets around the convention center, but they are enforced every day up to 6pm.


  9. Folks...We have now sold out THREE hotels near the convention center and just opened a block at a fourth.  We have 25 rooms available at the Staybridge Suites, which is directly across the street from the convention center.  In fact, other than having to go outside and cross the street, your room will be closer to the convention action than a room at the Marriott.  The rates are a little higher than the other hotels, but you can cram more guys into a room there (each one has a queen sized pull out for instance) and breakfast is included.  The rates are $154 for a "studio" and $164 for a "double suite", and parking is $9 per day.  Check the convention website here:


    Also, if you've already made a reservation at the Staybridge (or know someone who has) PLEASE contact me at mmoore1132@gmail.com.  If you contact me before May 1st, I can get your reservation transferred into our block.  If your room rate is higher than the convention rates, the hotel will honor the convention rate; and if your current rate is lower, the hotel will honor your current rate.  But in either case, if I can get your reservation moved into our block by May 1st, the convention will get credit for the room nights, which is really important.  I know many folks have made reservations there already, so please, please, please, let me know if you have so I can confirm it with the hotel!

    Thanks, and see you in August!


  10. 1 hour ago, dhamilton said:

    With no banquet being planned, will there be a listing of restaurants close to the facility, or within short driving distance?

    Looking forward to coming up to see you folks!!



    Hi Doug,

    We can absolutely do that.  To be honest the variety of restaurants within 3/4 of a mile of the convention center is so broad that we hadn't even thought of putting up a list, but it's not a bad idea at all.  I really think that within a comfortable walk, drive, trip on the free shuttle or Uber/Lyft ride everyone will be able to find a place that fits their taste and budget.

    We have lots of things to work on in the near term, but look for some restaurant listings on the convention web site at some point.


  11. Duke, I sure hope you're  able to make it.  I'll give you room for more display models than you had last year if you do!  As for the banquet, while we may be forgoing the dinner, we think the desert reception makes a great opportunity to get together with everyone at the end of the convention, and since it doesn't cost a small fortune, we're hoping EVERYONE makes it and makes it a great party to wrap up on.



  12. All,

    While we've been quiet on the website front, we have been very busy behind the scenes.  

    Registration is now live.  We have a link to the IPMS store shopping cart for on-line registration, and we have a fillable PDF downloadable for those who prefer to register by mail.  Model registration will follow later.

    We've announced two off site events.  One is a tour to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville AL, the other is a BBQ dinner at the Songbirds Guitar Museum in Chattanooga.  Both of these will be excellent activities.  Check the site for more info on both.

    We've got a list of vendors who have reserved tables posted.  It's a MONSTER list and it's turning into a historic vendor hall.  The current record for vendor tables at a Nats is 424 in Atlanta in 2005.  We currently have 431 tables reserved.  With 5 months to go before the convention, even with some drop outs we really like our chances for setting a record for number of vendor tables.

    In a huge change from past conventions, we are going without a banquet.  See the website for more details, but we're going to have a $5 desert reception to be followed by the awards. We should have seating for over 1000 for the reception and awards, and we're really hoping to have a huge party to wrap up this year's convention.

    We also have a rather extensive list of seminars that we're working on.  Topics and presenters are currently listed on the website, and a schedule will follow soon.

    Finally, for now, we are really trying to emphasize display only models.  We want to see as many as folks are willing to bring.  Again, see the website for details.

    Any questions?  Let me know.  My email is on the Home page of the Convention Website!


    Mike Moore

    2019 Convention Chairman

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