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  1. Hurt feelings are a fact of life! And if the Eboard does NOT consider that sometimes their "rejection" is taken very personally, then they need to open their eyes.


    I'm not implying that the Ebaord ever does things in an dishonest manner...(ok, perhaps awarding Sacramento way back when, when we could have had the convention on the Queen Mary in Long Beach was very questionable) :smiley2: I'm saying that sometimes bidders come in with certain expectations that are not met, and they're left to wonder why.


    I've attended a LOT of bid sessions, and I've seen good bids, not as good bids, and ill prepared bids (or bid presenters). We get to hear a lot of facts as well as projected financial info. Then, the Eboard retires to a private setting and decides "we're going to "________"; which they announce at the banquet that evening. But why did they choose THAT bid? Sure, we get the idea that they thought one was better than the other, but WHAT was better? THAT is what we don't hear. THAT is what needs to change! THAT is what leads to some very hurt feelings!


    That explanation doesn't need to be made that night, It can be made here on the forums and in the Journal in the months to come. But, the point is that someone on the Eboard (the 2nd vp?) NEEDS to put forth the specifics of that decision. Will they be opening themselves up to questioning? Sure, but NOT much more than now, and it eliminates the specter of "rumors" as to what swayed their thinking. I'd rather defend specific choices than have the integrity of the Eboard questioned after almost every bid session.


    We'll never see the Orlando guys host another show (by the way, the last Disney World show was hosted by St. Pete!) due to their personal disappointment. We'll probably never see Dayton bid for another show after they lost out in 2003, the 100th anniversary of flight! Don't plan on going back to Atlanta after the way their crew was lambasted after the awards show fell apart. We might never see Phoenix bid again unless they're given an explanation as to why they were asked to bid this year when there (evidently) was another, SUPER bid already in the works. Some of these hard feelings are merited, others grew out of misunderstandings blown out of proportion, and yet others came in expecting something when they shouldn't. But, all of their hurt feelings are real, and will make a difference as to whether they'll ever even try to bid for the Nats ever again!


    GIL :smiley16:




    Add St. Louis to the clubs that will not bid again



  2. I just picked up the Rob Walker Team Lotus Type 72C 1970 The decals seem sort of tame ,lame Ect.... I was looking for the sponser decals. Any leads would be of great help. Also I would like to wire up the engine. I would think I could use old Tamiya F1 car to guide me there. I anyone can point me in the right direction that would help very much. Thank you.




    Mike at Indycals can help you



    I also think he will be at the Nats this year.



  3. I do not know if it has been posted.


    Bill Lastovich of Revell/Monogram passed away Thursday. Bill was usually the person manning the Revell table at the nationals and was always happy to see that we made it from St. Louis for the ihobby show in Chicago.


    I did not know Bill well but he was always pleasent to talk to and always wanted to know what we would like to have come out of the model companies.


    I will miss seing him at the Nationals and the ihobby show


    a litle more about Bill's passing




  4. At the Indy Show yesterday I guy entered her Diecast Car with Autographed Pic....Nice display. Saw Terry Bushmann and Mike George....they were headed to the Speedway!!!


    Yes I was.


    I think the person mentioned who does some of the resin indy stuff is Bill Jorgensen. I think he only sells by ebay.


    Also from Indy is Lance Sellers who does some nice resin Indy cars. A person entered two of Lance's kits this weekend at the Indy show. The McLaren/Peter Revson car and the Sunoco Car. Both very nice. His website is www.lsresincars.com/



  5. Excellent work. I mostly do aircraft but this weekend I pulled a kit off the stack which is the MPM? Ohio George Montgomery "Multi Maverick drag racer. I was all over the internet looking for references and I`m not sure this car ever existed. Even George Montgomerys website does not mention it. Its looks like you have an interest in these type of cars. Any ideas?

    Hot Rod Magazine had an article about the car, January 1971 issue. I have the magazine and will scan it for you when I find it. It will probably be after the 1st til I can look for it. I do not believe it was ever raced. as I have not seen any race photos of it. Later in the year he raced the previous years Mustang, but had gone to turbos instead of the blower. If I remember correctly.


    Let me know if you want a scan of the article.



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