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  1. 49 minutes ago, AndrewWhite said:

    Hays County requires masks...I.e. where the Nats is being held requires masks...there will be MASKS!

    Is this a new requirement or the one that expires on July 20th? And what exemptions are there?

    Of course, they could come out and mandate masks everywhere all the time in public. I’m betting on that because they don’t want a shut down. 


  2. Nick,

    This is what I don’t get. It is such a small thing that can help so much and the top people on the pandemic are recommending it!

    I have spent 30 years working in an  environment that requires safety gear. I even worked with radioactive materials. Wearing a mask is no big deal  

    Those opposed to masks run to videos and such which show masks don’t guarantee protection and have problems if worn too long. They ignore that no one says they absolutely guarantee protection. Like all safety equipment, they only improve your odds. 


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  3. I have heard a rumor that the San Marcos Convention only has about a hundred pre-registered attendees. I do not know if this is typical or not as I always register as early as possible and never given it much thought, however, it does not sound good. I expected to see some drop off because of loss of income and illness or fear of contracting the Covid19 virus, but I have know idea how much.

    A good clear statement is needed from the convention and IPMS leadership to clarify the situation. And to clearly establish what safety steps they plan to take assuming it all goes on as planned. Masks, or no masks, social distancing, will the hotel bar be open, what specifically is the hotel requiring convention attendees to do? I know things can change over night, but we know it won't before the better.

    Keeping people clearly informed is the best way to instill confidence.


  4. Then those who don’t want to wear a mask should not attend, IMO. 


    8 minutes ago, John Walker said:


    I was sitting here thinking a response to Kevin, but you beat me to it and hit every point I would have made. 


    People disagree, you may be correct, you may not be. You make decisions for you and I'll make decisions for me. OK?




  5. Repeated tests are showing masks of any type are better than no mask in REDUCING the spread. No one says anything but distance really stops it.

    In a room with a couple hundred people at any given time, the temperature and humidity go up.

    In the vendor’s room, we will have the added effect of people touch lots of stuff. People will get closer together than they should.

    Throughout the world we daily rely on safety equipment. None of it is guaranteed to stop anything, but it gives you a fighting chance.

    We also accept many things in today’s society we would not 30 years ago.

    We currently worry about a child seeing a naked lady, concentration camp stuff, or a soldier peeing. But some how, asking everyone to wear a mask is a horrid violation of your civil rights.

    If a family comes to the show and contracts Covid19 resulting in a long hospitalization or death, IPMS could be held responsible if we do not follow CDC guidelines.

    We can’t guarantee no one will catch something. But we can take precautions. Simply requiring the wearing of masks is good faith start.

    A lot can happen in 36 days. Today,Texas hit 112,944 documented cases with 2191 fatalities, according to John Hopkins  Start watching the daily spikes.



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  6. 15 minutes ago, John Walker said:


    If you are wearing a mask to protect yourself as in your paint fumes example above, why do you then need others to wear a mask too? How does that further protect you? 

    Honestly, at this point I'd like to just say let's agree to disagree. This is going pretty far afield and neither of us is going to convince the other of anything.


    In this case John, we are in a public, but closed space, and your casual cough may spread your asymptomatic Covid19 filled spittle into the air I'm breathing, or deposit it onto the table I happen to touch a few minutes after your cough. You would not just throw a snot filled tissue on the floor of the model room, would you? You would not just spit on the floor either...I hope.

    I remember sitting in restaurants with cigarette smoke drifting across from the next table. Now we know second hand smoke is dangerous too.

    Like I say, you guys win. The Covid19 crisis is all made up and there is no problem.


  7. 11 minutes ago, Chris Bucholtz said:

    "Why being required to wear a mask upsets so many, ....is such an unbearable burden....I will never understand."

    Agreed. It's meant to protect others, in case you're infected and don't know it. To me, not wearing a mask is like purposely farting in public, only with possibly fatal consequences.


    A most excellent point!


  8. Well, I’m already registered and have sponsored two trophy packages. Three, if you count my club sponsoring one.

    Certainly, you can tell people what to do and wear. 

    No shirt, no shoes, no service is seen in many businesses. You are required to wear seatbelts in most states. Hard hats on construction sites. Do you ignore the seatbelt light on the airplane? Would you take your gun into a store with a no firearms sign? I remember the outrage over stopping people from smoking in a restaurant. IT WAS THEIR RIGHT TO SMOKE ANYWHERE THEY WANTED! Or so they thought.

    We now say you can’t take pictures during judging. Isn’t that my right as as a paid attendee and member of IPMS. What is a personal right is often dependent on the venue.

    Why being required to wear a mask upsets so many, ....is such an unbearable burden....I will never understand. I can sympathize with the blackout wardens during the Blitz.

    What will you do if the hotel or local government requires wearing masks? Will you comply or stay home in protest?


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  9. Ok guys, you win. Covid19 is nothing to be concerned about. Masks don’t work so there is no point in even trying. 

    Filter masks don’t stop you from breathing in paint fumes when you airbrush your model. Asbestos and smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Drinking alcohol doesn’t impare driving. Hard hats and safety goggles are worthless. Seatbelts and airbags have no effect. Sharks aren’t attracted to blood. Smoking at the gas pump is perfectly safe. Denial is a wonderful thing. 

    So, when IPMS gets sued because they failed to follow CDC guidelines and several die, we can deal with that then. 

    We’ll never be sued? We have worried about a lot less over the years. 

    FYI, I have four nurses in my family and they will not go out without a mask these days.


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  10. Regardless of the specific local rate of infection is, the overall death rate in the USA has been 5-6% of those catching the virus. 

    Also, these local figures are based of a period of shut down, not the latest data. And they are local data    not accounting for an influx of people from other areas into a small venue versus walking around in an the open air.

    And it doesn’t mean demanding the wearing masks is a bad idea  


  11. Note, based on what those who attended SoonerCon told me, only about 1/3rd wore masks. I resigned from IPMS/Metro because I suggested they maintain a contact tracing list of attendees and was mocked. At least one of the members said the Covid19 was fake and only an excuse to embarrass Trump. I felt that was a callous disregard for the safety of others.

    I want to have a National Convention, but the Covid19 numbers for Austin and Texas, as a whole are climbing. I also want to live to enjoy any awards and models I bring home.

    My son and daughter-in-law just got back and reported that Vegas is not as open as some would think. Paris and several other casinos were closed when they were there last week. They wore masks everywhere they went.

    Masks in the contest area and vendor rooms should be mandatory. And I don't see how we can judge and maintain social distancing, so masks should be required for that, too. I certainly don't want to hang with people who have such a careless disregard for the safety of others. You can't smoke or drip pizza grease on the models, and wearing a mask to reduce the spread of a deadly virus seems to be a small thing.


  12. Well, You appear to be in the area of six or seven local chapters around the bay area. Check the chapter listings off the Home page of the website.


    As for publications, I recommend AFV Modeller and Airmodeller magazines along with Airfix Model World and Tamiya Modeling Magazine. Military Illustrated is also good. FineScale Modeler also puts out a magazine called Damaged which has some good articles. All are available through various sources. Tile grout makes great dirt.


  13. Hobby Boss kit with MiniArt commander (with Alpine head), Alpine driver, and MK35 MP. Stowage gear is from Squadron. The pigeons are from MiniArt.

    Kit has all the armor and stowage baskets. Fit is very good. Tracks are from the kit and are single link, snap together. They work very well. Sorry the images aren't bigger, but I only was allowed .61MB.


  14. I have the kit. Got a good deal at my local shop for about $60. I plan on starting it tonight, so we will know soon how well it goes together. Good or bad, I will have another article for the Journal. 


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  15. This is the Tamiya 1/12th Ducati 900SS with the Tamiya Street Rider figure. The pictures make it look a bit better than it really is. I managed to screw up things attaching the windscreen so it has a bad spot. The helmet comes with the figure. I used Alclad on the engine and exhausts. The tires were soaked in Armorall before I put them on the model. The University of Oklahoma markings were made with Woodland Scenic dry transfers. The rider also sports a Oklahoma Historical Modelers Society club logo and nose art on his jacket.






  16. This is a 3D printed1/35th Cape Buffalo figure from Shapeways. I'd post bigger images , but the forums is only giving me .71MB to work with. The figure comes as one piece molded in white. The hunting rifle mon the ground is an old H&R white metal casting with a lead foil strap. The animals weigh in at about 2000lb and often kill more people than Lions or crocodiles.




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  17. On 11/4/2019 at 12:45 PM, John Walker said:

    I do not understand why this question was started here on the IPMS/USA  website, or what it has to do with GENERAL MODELLING, All About Building Models. How does asking this question relate to building models? We are not supposed to bring politics into discussions on this site, but that is where this thread appears to be headed where people state their personal biases on what they do, or do not build and then make comparisons to current politics as justification. I do not believe that anyone has deliberately tried to be insulting, but I have read comments that I believe are biased and if I were thinned skinned could cause insult, and for that, and the above reason,  I do not think that these types of discussions belong here on a modelling site such as this one.  I feel that this discussion should be shut down before it goes any further, if for no other reason that it has nothing to do with modelling.

    What is has to do with general modeling is how it effects what we show on the website and at the contests. If we do not discuss these things, then people begin to feel disenfranchised when they are not allowed to enter a favorite model at a show. Also, the people righting the rules need feed back from the membership. Many years ago, the contest committee made a bunch of very arbitrary rules without good feed back and that cost IPMS members and still effects the shows to this day. I have had heat discussions with several of those posting here and yet nothing said here seems political. Only by ignoring the subjects do we create problems down the line.

    I don't see the Baron as a serial killer....at least in a criminal sense. I just felt that was a good place to start the discussion.

    I like pretty girls, so nude or sexy figures don't bother me in the least. However, there are some subjects I do find inappropriate for public display at a convention....that sadomasochistic stuff. It generally doesn't "offend' me, but I can see why it might surprise and offend those not expecting at a model show. Of course, the only people I know who have purchased things like the Mascot figures have never built them. LOL

    I don't see any difference between McVeigh's car and Galland's Me-262. The only difference to me is time: the OKC attack is too close for some people. Some things are just going to offend some people. One guy I know thinks models which display any human remains or children's toys (dolls, tricycles, or teddy bears) should not be allowed. My friend Foster did a superb Mercedes 170 delivery van vignette with the title Arbeit Macht Hungrig and someone was offended by it. One reason he used that title was his Jewish ancestry.

    This year at Chattanooga, Mike Fleckenstein did a very nice vignette Will Someone Say Kadish For Them. I really liked it, yet I know there were some that felt it should not have been there.

    Personally, I have been doing "Germany in defeat" for about a quarter century. (The only exception being the Battle of France.) Yet, I would never ban a swastika as an historical marking. I also see myself as an artist and the models...particularly the dioramas...tell a story and show something I want the public to see. I recently did a ADGZ armored car placed in the town of Lidice, Czechoslovakia because I want people to remember.


  18. The Baron, stalked his prey and attacked from behind and kept trophies of his kills. Just like a serial killer. Is it appropriate to do a model of a serial killer's stuff?

    I was looking at the contest rules and those that have won over the years and wonder what most serious members think is an inappropriate model or contest entry.

    Personally, I'm an artist at heart and find very few things offensive enough to be band or remove it from a contest.

    However, I am aware others may not feel that way. So, what offends you and why? Would a model of one of the 9/11 planes be ok? If so, how is it different from the plane that sank the Arizona? Is a model of Timothy McVeigh's Car ok form the National? If not, why would a model of Hitler's big six wheeled car be ok?

    We do swastikas and naked girls all over airplanes, but showing a dead body seems to upset many. Seems strange to me.



  19. 7 hours ago, noelsmith said:

    and no one has ever said to me when exhibiting my models about my plain colours being too dark!

    Have you posed the model beside the real thing? At least, Panzer Grey and Olive Drab look way to dark if you don't lighten them.

    Now, what about seams that SHOULD be there, but have been removed or filled by the builder? I see this a lot on aircraft undercarriage and the rubber tires on tank roadwheels, in particular. Thoughts?


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