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  1. Given the design of modern kits and the instruction sheet, combined with the limited time for judging, a builder can get away with all sorts of stuff that violates the letter and spirit of the rules. If someone traded out some parts from a better kit, who would notice? I would bet you could replace a kit cockpit with aftermarket resin and no one would catch it. When the model is done and painted, can you tell the parts are three or four plastic ones or one big resin one?

    Personally, I think OOB is obsolescent in this day and time. It does create more categories for contestants, but we could do that anyway.


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  2. Work in progress. Eduard Bf-109 E4 "yellow 10" crash landed on Sept 28, 1940 near East Langdon, Kent. More figures will be added. Eduard 1/32nd kit with civilians from various sources. Figures are a little glossy because they have not been dull coated yet.





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  3. This is a mid-production Hummel of the 4th Panzer division abandoned on the retreat in to Courland peninsula in the spring of 1945.

    The DML kit with for Stalingrad and one Alpine figures. There is an interior in the lower hull which has a splendid horror story behind it. But for that you will have to read the Journal article whenever it comes out.






  4. Working on a diorama based around a forklift. The Aoshima kit with the MiniArt hand truck. The propane tank is also from the MiniArt set. The bumper stickers came from Gofer racing Decals. They are a little big, but I think they add to the model.









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  5. With the national called off, I got busy doing some figure painting. The busts are from Nuts Planet, and Youngs miniatures. The girls with the goggles is Honey Bee and I have no idea what company made her (she was a gift). I cheat and use Archer eyes and some other decals on parts of the figures. I did paint the leopard skins on the Hussars free hand. I do make my own bases. The armor I did with Alclad. The rest is oils over enamels.

    The Opalinski brothers are real people that are also characters in some books by Eric Flint.






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  6. I have always said keep people informed. Even when you know nothing and have no information, tell people that. It really does calm things.  Silence begets rumors. Rumors create fear.

    If the various parties are waiting for Texas or the local community to make decisions, then say so.

    They could also put a clear plan out in case it all does work out for us. Let everyone know what to expect as an attendee or vendor. Masks, tracking list, limited numbers in the  model room, maybe taking temps, etc.

    Silence only breeds uncertainty. Uncertainty destroys confidence.


  7. It’s all moot until we know what the State of Texas will be doing in a month.

    A secondary aspect is if they get enough to register for the event  

    My bet is they will end up in a new lock down prohibiting large gatherings because they failed to set stringent guidelines for reopening.

    If the convention comes off, it will mean things like wearing masks, and limited numbers in the model and vendor’s rooms at one time. 

    The banquet would need more space to achieve adequate social distancing.


  8. I’ve already decided to reduce the number of my entries to one or two, if it comes off. 

    I have come to accept the National probably won’t happen this year because the Texas government can’t get their act together to deal with a pandemic. 

    I’m sorry to be with the negative waves like Moriarty, but I’m not seeing a good ending for this. 


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