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  1. I don’t think I have ever seen anything disqualified, but just moved to the appropriate category. 

    Of course, that sometimes starts arguments. I once argued my V-1 should be in Field Rockety and the head judge wanted it in Jet Aircraft. 

    I was basing my opinion on how the V-1 was deployed and the unit operating it. Now days it gets put in Drones and UAVs. 🤔


  2. 4 hours ago, Nick Filippone said:


    Perhaps you are so well off and so sophisticated that mundane matters such as cost never have to concern you. How fortunate. Many members, I bet, are quite willing to do without the rose water in the lobby and free fluffy slippers of which you have so great a need, just to be able to attend a National at all! 

    Now, you are just being insulting for no reason. For many, this is a vacation and we like to be comfortable. I like a microwave and refrigerator in the room. I want a bathroom big enough that I don have to step in the bathtub to open the door. I don't want to be expected to tip everyone at the hotel, at every turn. ( I went down to the store and bought a soda and candy bar, and when done paying, the clerk said, "No tip?") I don't want to pay to park. Cost is part of my consideration for every convention. IMO, everyone got far more for their money at Omaha, than Columbus. For what Marriott charges, I felt ripped off in Columbus. I had a very good time at the show and thought they handled that part very well. I just found the hotel to be of poor quality. I have a room at the Chattanooga Marriott, but don't expect it to be as nice as the Embassy Suites.

    I am well aware of the difficulties of planning an event several years out and that some locations don't offer the accommodations I prefer. I am also aware there are not scads of chapters offering to put on a National. So, you take what comes because each event is almost unique. Still, I think more thought can be given to the venue amenities and how they will effect the costs for the convention goer.

    Disney World was a lousy venue. From all accounts, the vendors did poorly because so much money was spent at the park. Sure the families loved it, but I specifically did not go because I knew it would be far more expensive than I was willing to pay and based on what those who went said, I was correct.

    Maybe you enjoy roughing it, but I have reached a stage in life where I want to be comfortable. When you come to turn down my bed and put a mint on the pillow, don't expect a tip. 😀


  3. I disagree, Nick. Nit picking is complaining about the restaurant not having diet Dr. Pepper. Having to pay for daily parking or having to walk several blocks is not. That is incredibly poor planning by those hosting the show.

    I do know how hard it is to put on an event, but with no feed back, no one will try to make improvements. 

    Omaha and Loveland were great venues. The Marriott in Chattanooga May be wonderful, but based on my reading of their amenities, it doesn’t sound great. 

    In the future, perhaps those choosing the venue will be more thoughtful about the overall facility.


  4. Compared to the fine rooms at Omaha, the Marriot was a dump and all the staff had their hand out for a tip, at every turn. That may be fine for those at some business conference who can right it all off, but it cut into my ready cash and reduced my squandering it in the vendor's room.

    Tiny bathroom, no microwave in the room. Lousy parking.

    I'm just saying it might appeal to more people if we picked a venue hotel that provided better services.


  5. Actually, I am referring  to some old hands more than newbies. Several old hands I know have come up sharp because they failed to keep up with the rule changes. One, who was a long time National attendee and vendor, found his model un-expectedly put into the dioramas.


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  6. 56 minutes ago, Circuitrider said:

    Friends, just a reminder that the guidelines for posting on the forums can be found here: https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/guidelines/

    Please be reminded of this particular part of our forum guidelines:

    • Use of objectionable language or images. This means no pornographic, political, racial, or religious postings on the forum. Do not use profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, or swearing -- including thinly-disguised attempts to defeat the word filters by using asterisks or other characters to replace letters. Language used on NETWORK, prime time television should be your guide when posting on the forum. 

    Any post that explicitly mentions, or displays an explicit sexual act is prohibited by the guidelines and will be deleted.


    This is just the silly nonsense which drives many from IPMS. None here are calling names, we are all adults and the only “porongrahic” reference was in context of the discussion. It’s time IPMS grew up and accepted the bulk of its members are adults.

    I would agree profanity is ill-manner and posting insults are uncalled for. Non-IPMS politics are mostly off topic, but some things are pertinent to the conversation.

    Under the rules, posting about some of the policy’s of WWII would be a violation of policy. And you should update what you hear on prime time, there is plenty of stuff said suggestively there that can’t be said here. 


  7. What I do mostly is talk to people. Show them pictures on my phone. Write articles on almost every model I build and submit them to the Journal.

    i am currently working up some stuff.....photos and background to submit to local art museums. 

    We recently ran an ad in the local college newspaper. 


  8. My comment on ancestry was ment as a joke. I don’t really care about it one way or the other, except in historical context. In this day and time in America, it is a trivial thing to get hung up over. For me, I am an American, everything else is second, period. 

    My following remarks were about worthless censorship imposed on IPMS adults because someone MIGHT get offended. Censorship is one of the world’s greatest evil.

    The idea of videos on YouTube is merely an idea. I have no idea what is already up, but it falls in the parameters of cheap, easy, and can reach a lot of people.


  9. Personally, I don't care about ethnicity. Like the exact shade of paint, it is a silly thing to get upset about, in the United States. However, it is my experience that minority groups often take umbrage with words not intended as demeaning or insulting.

    But on the subject of what we can do to enlarge our "market share", the idea of videos on Youtube sounds better and better. While some tutorial stuff would be good, I think it would be better to show more of the finished work. Watching a model being built is pretty boring stuff, unless you have an immediate interest the particular subject or technique. Footage of contests showing all the highly skill works and the vast variety of stuff would draw a lot of intertest. I no idea what might be currently been done in this direction because I don't do more than occasionally graze YouTube.

    Maybe we should plan on making such an effort at the Chattanooga show, if someone isn't already doing such a thing.


  10. Noel,

    I disagree with you on the Civil War PC stuff. I was just out at Barnes & Noble where I saw numerous magazines related to the CW. At least one had a Confederate flag prominent on the cover. I think your take is a bit tainted with over conservatism. Times change and the attitude of people change. I grew up in the heart of Civil War country. My great-grandfathers fought for the South. One was part of the militia that captured John Brown and stood guard on his body. But I think a large portion of the Confederate monuments SHOULD be taken down because they are used as rally points for the neo-nazis and KKK. The world lost the right to the swastila because of Hitler and company. America gave up the confederate flag when the KKK and others started using it as a symbol of terror and no one spoke out against it.

    Things like the changing name of the Redskins is a result of pubic pressure. If the people as a whole didn't care, there would be no change. It is not always mere correctness, but a sea change in public awareness. The pictures from Dachau changed the way many felt about Jews, the war, and racial superiority, in general.

    I have no problem with re-enactors, or models of the Confederacy. I don't have a big problem with models of aircraft flown by hardcore Nazis like Rudel. But it does make me angry that stuff related to Rudel can be displayed at a contest, but a scene depicting something like the train at Dachau in 1945 is forbidden. I think IPMS has often acted on the opinions of a tiny handful obsessed with not offending anyone.

    BTW, my family goes back before the Revolution, so if you aren't Native American, you're all immigrants. LOL

    I think Richard Marmo has some very good ideas. Posting shots from a contest on YouTube would be a way to go. Put up something every year showing the National and the works displayed would be a good way to go. Show the stuff as ART. Show the content of the vendor's rooms. This is the kind of thing which spikes people's interest.


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