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  1. I was looking at the contest categories for Las Vegas and noted there are 13 in the aircraft categories 10, in the military vehicles and 3 in automotive.

    I found it odd the aircraft are scattered through the categories, while the tanks and cars are grouped together. Not that it makes any real difference, I guess.

    Carnage Hall, indeed!


  2. On 2/10/2021 at 9:13 AM, Ralph Nardone said:

    We need to stop the illusion that the current IPMS/USA contest format is good for modeling.  It may have been at one time, but I've seen too many cases of how it has turned into a ruthless and cutthroat blood-sport, where the guys who have cracked the code continue to win more and more while less experienced modelers wonder why they cannot "win", too.

    Looking at this again, I have to say I don’t think it is true. First, it is extremely rare, but not impossible, for a newbie to win the top awards at a National. It’s all in the work and what else is on the table on a particular day. 
    Second, there is no code to crack beyond work and dedication.

    Less experienced modelers are not normally super model builders. They have to gain that experience working with kits, coming to clubs, and contests to learn what categories best fit their interests and skills. Why would anyone assume a novice would automatically beat out an experienced modeler?

    You play, you learn, you get better. It is the same whether you are playing a violin, pitching a ball, shooting at a target, or building a model. The only way to to Carnage Hall is practice, practice, practice. 

    Far too many expect instant gratification. 


  3. 22 minutes ago, rcboater said:

    My personal perception is that a lot of OOB entrants (and winners?)  are people entering as a second chance to win with their Favorite subject/ kit build

    This is my basic perception, too. 

    As I have said, today’s kits make it much easier to build a very competitive entry with and OOB model.

    From the day they started OOB, the rules have been continually modified to accommodate various aspects. Rigging, drilled out guns and exhausts. Replacing decals, and on and on.

    IPMS members enjoy pushing the rules to the absolute limit. This puts some—who played by the rules—at a disadvantage when someone pushes a bit a gets a dispensation at the contest.

    If you want out OOB, then make it EXACTLY that. No additions or substitutions of any kind. But if you did, everyone would start screaming how unfair it is.

    The way it is done now just seems pointless except to create more categories.


  4. Over the years, I have seen a number of builders who did well at local contests, where they were the wunderkind, go to regionals and nationals only to get their...hat...handed to them. Insulted, and embarrassed they never come back. That is good because we don't want or need them. They spoil it for the rest of us. While an early win is a sure way to get them hooked---Las Vegas learned that long ago---it also creates unreasonable expectations. As Wall Street says---past performance is no guaranty of future performance.

    If you want to win, you have to play. I have entered many contests and come home with nothing but memories....and a lighter wallet. But I still play. Sometimes I bring a knife to the gunfight, but after 55 years of entering contests at all levels, I still show up to enter. That's the real secret to winning and having fun.

    The nationals generally are well run these days. That wasn't always the the case. It is also no reason to think this is the ONLY way to do it. Sometimes you have to take a risk and make changes. I think it is time to start doing away with OOB and create categories to replace them which refine the competition and still give beginners a chance to participate and learn without getting discouraged.


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  5. 36 minutes ago, ghodges said:

    IPMS should keep OOTB because those perceptions ARE important,


    Why? Most of us, the membership majority, are adults. They know what is going on, or at least should. All the current set up does is make more work for everyone for no real gain.

    In this photo you can see it replaced the kit string for the tow cable with a homemade wire cable. It is hardly a big thing and if I said nothing about it, it would probably go unnoticed. Yet, it totally excludes the model from OOB and forces it to compete with the "honchos". Wouldn't it be more "fair" to make the "honchos" compete separately?

    Personally, I don't think there really are "honchos". I think it is a myth created to justify categories for those who don't want to compete on a level field. The perpetuation of OOB does nothing but make IPMS look like a bunch of geeks playing with toys. And that is not true. About 90% of the models at Chattanooga were EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE and most of the OOB entries could have competed fairly in any category. The only "honchos" I saw were in the scratch and conversion categories.




  6. Of course, the same argument continues. That doesn’t mean it is invalid or unwanted. Nothing changes if no one debates the merits.

    Things change and periodically you have to revisit the same argument to see if the original concept is still valid. 


  7. I think when they started trying to charge for the flyer they totally screwed up. Why pay for the flyer when you can go on line and see what’s new for free?

    Well, that lasted about two months before they started sending them out again for free, but I bet they lost a lot of old, loyal customers from that. 


  8. I do not feel that a OOB  win is automatically an easy win. Particularly give the quality of kits and artistic ability at a National. Sure it is “popular” because people are now using the category as a way to hedge their bet. 

    If you build two Takom Tiger tanks, you enter one in the regular category and one in the OOB category. It gives you more chances to win.

    Now days, most entries seem to be high quality kits. In some cases, you don’t even need to drill out a machine gun barrel or exhaust. No one starts entering an IPMS National with an OOB Smer kit. This unit elitist model building, just reality. 

    When OOB was created, it had a purpose. Now, that need has past and there are better ways to expand the categories giving others a chance to win without the headache of the OOB rules.


  9. But Nick, if you bother to look at what is being entered in OOB, they are no longer old Monogram or Aurora kits, but modern kits with lots of details.

    The majority of people are now building models virtually from the box. The original intent of OOB has passed as a need.

    It just seems there could be better ways to diversify the categories without having to continually check rules to see a particular model follows them. OOB rules take up more space than any other class. This strikes me as ironic for a class of models that is supposed to be “simple”. 

    I just think OOB has reached the end of its need. 


  10. Lots of rumors, but we have yet to hear any formal information like Chapter II, or a WE ARE OUT OF BUSSINESS. It may be they are trying something we yet don't know about. Without a doubt they have had problems and something is going on. If they are out of business, why no formal announcement? Same with moving or changing owners?



  11. There are a number of reasons for their problems. Personally, I liked the old web design much better than the latest one. Taking on Eagle Quest instead of continuing to support Scalfest as they did did not help either.

    At any rate, I started doing business with them in the old Kalamazoo days. I still have copies of some of the Magazine/Catalog they put out in the old days.


  12. If it something I really want, I will probably find a way to buy it, even if I have to rent the grandkids out to pick melons in Mexico. There are some kits I think are over priced....Like Dragon, currently. That doesn't mean they are bad kits, just over priced for the market.

    I am reluctant to buy any cottage industry resin because about as soon as I buy it, someone releases It in plastic.



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