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  1. Finishing up the WNW H-B W.12. Using resin for the water. The top layer will be artist gel to crate some wave action, Figures are from Wings Cockpits. As you can see in the photo, there is a crewman standing on the float pretty much how these will be posed.






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  2. 1 hour ago, ShutterAce said:

    A vehicle diorama is 2 or more vehicles. That is what I based my opinion on.

    That is not what the rules say. Two or more vehicles is a large comp diorama. But there is nothing that says you can’t have ten vehicles and one figure in figure diorama. The ten vehicles would just make it large comp. 

    I.E. Tank Man and ten T-59s. 😉


  3. 24 minutes ago, EFGrune said:

    But perhaps stick a piece of tape over the 'Captured SdKfz ... ' plaque on the front of the base.   It confuses the story you want to tell.

    I disagree, Ed. The whole scene was inspired by the captured half-tracks in the picture and the desire to show the Germans surrendering. Without the figures, some people would not get the significance of the stars on the vehicle. In my opinion, the 25 figures dominate the scene and tell the story. If the 251 was removed, it would not change the story. The halftrack is merely background, like the wall.

    And they won't be judging the plaque. Noting that it is captured is an effort to inform those that are confused by a Nazi vehicle with American markings. I didn't want someone thinking it is part of some German deception like Panzer Brigade 150.

    The rules say nothing about what separates vehicle dioramas from figure dioramas.


  4. 27 minutes ago, Rusty White said:

    This sort of thing is exactly what the category is for.  Always remember (I'm sure you're aware of this) the story the diorama tells, and how well it tells it, (plus the workmanship of course) is the key.

    Rusty, that is my take, also, but I have others feel my opinion is grossly wrong. In 2011, I had one with a vehicle which I enter in figure diorama and it got moved removed from where it had a good chance at a win (IMO) to the vehicle category where it got lost in the crowd.

    The contest rules have vague points in them and people seem to have a fit when there is a challenge. I just don't want a big argument at the show because this surprises someone. Nothing actually states what is the clear defining line between diorama categories.

    Viva Las Vegas!


  5. Just got back from Las Vegas. This was a trip for gambling, a granddaughter's volleyball tournament and sight-seeing. For those going for the first time in August, I can recommend the NMoAT. Take the 202 line bus for $2. The Mob Museum is also good. There is a speakeasy in the basement of the Mob Museum.

    One thing I found at the NMoAT was this picture of a Ki-61 Tony that was assigned to Kamikazes. I have never seen it before. The artwork is a plane crashing on a ship.

    Parking is no longer free in the big casinos. 

    They have plexiglass shields up between seats at the gambling tables.

    I don't know if everything will be the same in August, but many restaurants check you temperature before they let you in.

    Lots of pot smoking. I smelled it everywhere.





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  6. There are several photos of the aircraft. I included on on the plague on the base. There didn’t seem to be anything on the wings in the photo. I did take artistic license by leaving the rear canopy in place. I believe the pilot jettisoned it before landing. 



  7. These are two Masterbox figures in 1/24th to go with a car model I am currently working on. I haven't seen many done, but they look pretty good when you get them together. There are a bunch of men and women in the series, mostly in modern attire. As you can see, the one girl comes with a mobile phone.

    MB never quite matches their box art and they have some seams and flash.  I used a hot knife to enhance the hair. These are all done in enamels.








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