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  1. I'm considering doing a "first look", but don't know if those who decide those thing will take a first look review. I have the F-35 on order too. Pacific Coast Models is accepting pre-orders on it. Same place I ordered the F-94C. They have some interesting stuff if you poke around their site. MaryEllen is a kick to talk to. I'd like to see a (current industry technology) P-80, T-33, F-89, F-94, F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104, F-105, F-106 and an F107. I know, I know there are kits out there for most, but current industry standards would be really nice to see. Most of those listed are pretty long in the tooth. I like 1/32 but 1/48 is good too.
  2. Check Ozmods. I don't know much about ships but they list Australian navy ships. They look like WWII destroyers to me. Resin kits for real modelers. <[;-) I see 1/700 on their site.
  3. Wow, I would second that request,!!! The F-101 is sweet. What are your thoughts on the Kittyhawk Models 1/48 F-94C? I am hoping to see mine Ina week or so.
  4. TheWalrus


    Really nice. I like the rotor droop and also the way all the decal film disappeared. What did you do for the tint of cockpit overhead clear "glass"?
  5. Robin, not to mention that the hologram of Earth was srikingly similar to what it now is, despite millions of years (?) of geological changes in the interim. Then of course after puking out of their stasis induced stupor they immediately exited the ship (Prometheus) and went exploring the target. No checking out the lay of the land, atmospheric and pressure compatablilities and any other potential dangers first. I must have been asleep when what's her face got preggers but I think it stemmed from the little black micro-bot or something that the other dude put in another dude's drink for some unexplained reason. How it got to what's her face is beyond me. There is the obvious explanation as to why the captain left the away party on their own without helping them by using the little mapping bots to help them out: i.e. "What to do, what to do?" - should I help the kids out of certain death in a gruesome manner or should I go do the deed with Charlize Theron? Oh, my. Decisions, decisions.
  6. Opinion?: Which do you think is #1 and #2 - Alien or Aliens I am already seeing stuff on the net comparing the films. Interesting reading. Amazon is already advertising pre-sales for the DVD's on Prometheus for when it is released. May or may not be a message there. My opinion for greatest sci-fi films is: "Forbidden Planet"; "War of the Worlds" (George Pal version); Alien and Aliens. The first two scared the heck out of me when I was a tike in knee pants. By the way, the list is not in order because a comparison would not be fair due to the SpFX technology gap.
  7. So, would you like a "box review" when I get it in the next week or so?
  8. Could be. They have an F-94C in 1:48 arriving next week also. Only place I am seeing anything on these is Pacific Coast Models. They seem to have other unusual or non-mainstream brands. Nice people, too.
  9. Saw the film yesterday. 3-D version. 3-D good. Film so-so. The first two "Alien" films are the best of all time at this point. "Prometheus" is not even close. My opinion.
  10. I am not allowed to ask where you are from, but since you say Kalamazoo I have suggestions for a CO2 supplier. I have found that sometimes NAPA stores carry them or other gas bottles such as Nitrogen. Also try local welding supply sellers. I also believe you might try drinking soda (Coke, Pepsi, etc. may sell you a bottle of (CO2). Kalamazoo can't be that small. I live near Port Townsend WA and it's not a very big place. I can get CO2 at the NAPA store and at Air Supply (a welding supply house). Both are national outlets. Good luck.
  11. What? No admiring comments on the pristine work area??? :gold-plane:
  12. Thanks. Will look forward to it.i bought aftermarket from Squadrom/True details. Looks just like the kit parts. Kit has no detail in the wells. Review posting look like they are taking quite a while to go up. Steve C. does the editing and has trouble getting the free time problems to do them. Probably has to make a living and feed his family. <{:-)
  13. Taping up for cement to cure. Another view Engine assy attached Oblique view of engine detailing Had a photo of cockpit area too, but it disappeared into the ether. Progress in last two weeks was mostly removal of the tape.
  14. I presume you mean Google SketchUp. It's from Trimble and is somehow connected to Google. The do have a free version and also sell a "Pro" version. Google it or just use this link: http://sketchup.google.com/intl/en/product/index.html
  15. Great. I forgot about "Future" floor polish. I had heard that a few drops added to a gloss paint for an automobile or race care will give a really high shine. Can't verify yet.
  16. Just a pin prick to see if you were paying attention. :D
  17. So what is your favorite modeling magazine and why? I have three: Airfix Magazine because it has a reasonable price compared to others from the UK. Also excellent content. AFV-Air Modeler because it is full of excellent detailed build articles that can teach Windsock Magazine because, although it is highly focused on WWI it is an outstanding history and model building magazine. The series of build articles over the last 12 or more months teach techniques applicable to any scale moideling genre or era.
  18. I liked the H&S also when I saw it at the Phoenix and Omaha conventions. I already had a Grex purchased at a local art supply store and found that I could control the tool easier due to the pistol style grip. It is also a double action but I could use a pre-set that made it more controlable because I have difficulty with fine motor skills in my hands. I never had a gravity feed brush before but decided to give it a try by swapping out the feed style from side siphon to side gravity attachment on the model I had. I now have decided that the gravity feed is the way to go for the reasons you stated. I switched from a compressor to CO2 and never looked back, several years ago. You won't regret it. All you really need to buy is the two stage regulator and perhaps a hose adapter. the bottle is cheap and once you have one you just take it back and they hand you an new one that is full. You just pay for the gas. It's silent and all you hear is the airbrush hissing while you are using it. That way you can sneak out of the bed in the middle of the night and paint at 0200 or so. Some people claim nitrogen is better, but I can't say one way or they other. I am still on my first CO2 bottle. The claim is that nitrogen is "dry" and you don't get condensation. I have never had a problem with that so can't verify. I know some guys who plumbed a manifold with fittings for multiple brushes so they don't have to switch. Mostly graphics artist people, but it can certainly apply to modelers. In my case, as far as thinning goes I just wing it. If it runs down the side of the mix container like skim milk I consider it good enough. Works for me. I used to use an eye-dropper and counted ou the drops of each, but what a pain, not to mention replacing the droppers on occasion. Ever tried airbrushing a figure? What do you use as a masking material? Frisket; tape; Parafilm? I never had much luck with the Silly Putty/Blue Tac stuff. I have seen some Brit magazines which demonstrate cutting a pattern and then using spaceres between the pattern and the surface to get a light feather. What do you think of that method? I, too, use the Tamiya paints. Really like the acrylics for coverage, clean-up, and genral quality. I don't know what your Tamiya lacquer thinner is. I use their "X-20A" acrylic thinner. to thin the paint, but then do the clean up using Windex.
  19. Gil, it also begs th question of the accuracy in scale of a particular scent. For example would anyone notice if a 1/32 tank in a forest diorama's scent was in 1/48 scale? For that matter how do you "scale" a scent? What if one of the rivet counters declares that the scent is a of a Blue Spruce when the forest is clearly consisting of Douglas Firs? Like everything, it gets complicated the more you think about it.
  20. Well, then, girls, if a lick or two on the warn status bar is a badge of honor and a good thing then being banned for 6-months is like the ultimate. I wear it proudly. If you manage to tick off enough of the right (wrong) people you must be doing something right. Especially when they feel the need to shut you up. Uuurah!! :drillsergeant:
  21. Whatever works for you is what's best. Perhaps each is used for different jobs on a project. Or perhaps over time a collection is assembled much like a mechanic or woodworker. For example I bought my first airbrush in '69. As a mechanic in one of my past life's I had several screwdrivers and multiple micrometers, gauges and meters. On the other hand perhaps some of us just like collecting airbrushed. Doesn't matter.
  22. But then consider the possibilities on the porn figures.
  23. Wow, the Badger 200 is the same I started out with in '69. Saw it on the net today and it hasn't changed a bit, other than the price. I had the same Paasche too. I really like the Grex Tritium series. The handle pistol grip makes it really easy for me with the hand control problems. It is double action which I can't easily control but you can pre-set the needle and effectively use it as a single action. Perfect for me. I discovered the brand at Phoenix convention. Jerry Carter Air Tools is the guy at the conventions. I recommend him highly. The Harder and Steenbruck line are also really good. Convention is a good place to try out all the different brands. You are right about the hands on feel and it may be more important than brand. Like all tools what works for the individual at the best quality you can swing financially will never cause regret.
  24. I am sure in the dark abyss of past topics it has been covered but I was wondering if anyone wants to share airbrush experiences. Ex. What brands and models do you use and why? Painting techniques Siphon feed vs. gravity Tip sizes you favor etc. My first was a Badger that was single action and siphon feed; then over the years I advanced to Paasche and then Thayer & Chandler; then I moved up to an Iwata which I still have. All are siphon feed. I liked them because of the "pistol" grip feel of control with the paint bottle on the bottom. My current favorite is the Grex Tritium TS2 because it gives me a really good had fit and control due to a growing arthritis and carpal tunnel problem. I am purchasing another Grex in the Tritium series but thd TG2 which is a gravity feed. I had heard that an ultrasonic cleaner would really do a nice job cleaning out dried paint but frankly I was less than impressed. Good thing it was under $20. My "air" supply is CO2. Very controllable and only noise is the airbrush hissing. No moisture problems either. I have heard some guys use notrogen bottles. So anybody want to jump in?
  25. Nothing but the finest oils and greases used for your dining pleasure.
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