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  1. Hello. I left IPMS in 2002 after being an IPMS member, a moderator on the forums here, and a modeler. At the time of my departure, I didn't have time or heart to build models any longer - it was personal things that took me away from the hobby and IPMS. Not IPMS-related. I am not a member of any chapter, and at this point, not sure if I'll even compete again. Just glad to be back. Things have certainly changed in the model world. Every kit that wasn't available and I had to make a major conversion to an existing kit seems to have come... and gone, while I was away. Decal makers are gone, to be replaced by others. Tenax 7R is history. Testors. Monogram, and the original Revell as well. What was seven bucks is now forty. Cheers! Kev
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