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  1. Hello Dmytro! You may post your photos here, however the FIGURES section of the forum would be more suitable. Excellent work! David
  2. No issues on my end. Worked fine.
  3. Friends, let's strive to keep this discussion regarding the use of paper towels in modeling on topic, please. Thank you!
  4. I worked in law enforcement for 13 years as an avocation. I have to admit, there was little more satisfying than catching one of these little miscreants in the act.
  5. Gents, I'll forward this thread to our office manager. Sorry for the problems!
  6. I see what you're talking about. I seriously doubt it was intended as an improvement. Probably just a simple error that we all tend to make, occasionally. I'm on it!
  7. Hi Kip! It takes between 2-3 weeks. If you haven't received anything by 3-4 April, drop me a note.
  8. A FB post to the IPMS/USA FB page from Marie, the IPMS Office Manager, on January 6, 2021 reads: "IPMS/USA Journal V32J6, November/December issue is at our printer. Thank you for your membership and patience. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy during these trying times. Let's hope 2021 is better for everyone."
  9. Hey Joe! Welcome! The short answer to your question is "yes". Our office manager will collect your info, get it entered, and send out your member packet. I think it takes somewhere between 2-3 weeks, but I could be wrong.
  10. After discussion with Forum/IPMS leadership it has been decided that The Bull Pen section of the Members Forum will be deleted. This action is taken to keep our Forum in line with its stated purpose as well as the the purpose of the IPMS. Model on!
  11. Here's a link to a tutorial from Indy AMPS, and another one from YouTube. YT has quite a few videos on the subject.
  12. Eric, According to the IPMS office, you should be receiving your new info any day now!
  13. Hey Eric! I'll check with our office manager. Either she, or I, will get back with you ASAP via your registered e-mail!
  14. I second that. Its drying time, hold, and ease of clean up are the best I've used, by far.
  15. Just picked up two of Tamiya's Easy-8 (35346) kits for $12.49 each in the clearance section of my local HL. Not sure if they have them everywhere but it might be worth checking if you have one nearby.
  16. Have a look at scalehobbyist.com. It's my go-to.
  17. Sorry! PM sent regarding your membership status.
  18. Ron and Gil have both spoken monumental truth! I live in Florida too and opted for a CO2 tank. One of the best modelling moves I've ever made.
  19. Friends, let me jump in right here and remind us all of this very important rule regarding the use of these forums: Prohibited behavior: Trolling. Do not annoy or provoke other members or forum staff to "stir the pot" or encourage discord (see Wil Wheaton rule above). Do not "flame" or incite other members to perpetuate an argument. Personal attacks or name-calling are not permitted and will get you kicked from the forums quicker than any other action. Thus far this thread has been relatively civil with the exception of a couple of posts that skirt the line of violating the above listed rule. Keep it civil. Let's look at this thread as a way to share our ideas (peacefully and respectfully) with our fellow modelers, particularly those making decisions related to The Nats, in an effort to help them make the best choice possible. Thanks for your support.
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