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  1. 8 hours ago, PeteJ said:

    New Orleans in August?? Not unless you want a bunch of modelers sitting on Bourbon street swilling down Hurricanes, Sazerac's and Mint Juleps to try to beat the heat!  Hmmmm, yea, ok, I'm down with  New Orleans!  Oyster bar instead of a banquet.  Do we need to bring a model!😉

    If we have to give up something, I'm suggesting the model.  Breakfast at the Camellia Grill, hit up the WWII Museum, down to Cafe du Monde for some beignets, and then to the bars.  Greatest Nats ever.

  2. It has been pointed out over and over, but it might bear being pointed out one more time.

    Judges are volunteers.  If you don't like the judging, volunteer and become one  yourself.  Then, I'm  sure, perfection will ensue.

    Besides, the pay rate for judges has nearly doubled over the last three Nats.

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  3. Panel lines is another area in which reality -- particularly in used and abused aircraft and used and abused vehicles -- is not at all necessarily neat or aligned or gap free.  But, at scale, most of those interesting variations from perfection disappear from view.  So, in the IPMS world, it has to be "perfect". 

    I note also that, when you compare a photo of a model that is blown up to the same visual scale as the real thing, the model is nowhere near as tidy and detailed as the real thing.  It is usually quite unbelievable as a representation of the real thing.  It is a coarse approximation.  But, hey, we do scale models ... not 1:1 models.

  4. In another hobby, which features an annual convention, the national headquarters had to step in and sponsor 2021's annual convention .... due to no bidders.  They did it virtually.  I have no idea how successful it was, though national claimed success.  2020 was slipped to 2022.  The national headquarters also sponsored the 2019 convention ... no bidders ... which they did as a cruise out of Florida.

    The national headquarters first move was to ask my club, which was committed to sponsor the nationals in 2020 to move it up a year to 2019.  We declined.  With the impact of COVID, we slid our nationals to 2021 and then again to 2022.  During that period we were asked to move back to 2021 from 2022.  We declined...it was possible, but the workload would have been extraordinary.

    To my knowledge, there is no bidder for next year.  Which leaves it in the national organization's hands.

  5. A common topic in my club is where the upcoming Nats will be, combined with where we would like them to be.  It usually boils down to an area that (1) hasn't had a Nats at all or had one in the last couple of decades or (2) has other attractions.  We talk about the Nats we really enjoyed ... one of our guys loved Chicago.  I really liked Anaheim and Oklahoma City.

    Our consensus recently has been Dayton OH ... so we could arrive a couple of days early and spend them at the AF Museum.  I lived in Dayton and I could easily spend three or four days visiting my old haunts.  New Orleans has been popular ... the WWII Museum is a big  attraction.  In my case, again, I've spent time there and can navigate the bus/streetcar system and know where to eat.

    There are many places that are attractive.  Even Hawaii and Alaska.  Once IPMS members get over the hurdle of understanding that hotel prices will never go back to what they used to be, we might see some exciting locations.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Neo said:

    ...The Hawaii guys have been asked about hosting a Nats many times...

    Are you sure you didn't mean that the Hawaii guys have been begged to host a Nats?

    As to transport, IPMS could charter a cruise ship.  However, if all of the rooms were taken up instantaneously, like within CONUS, not many who missed out would rent an outrigger as an alternate.

  7. From time to time, I get a wild hair and like to analyze stuff.  I wondered, by region, who supports IPMS by sponsoring a Nats.  Here's what I got over the last 20 years (2004 - 2023)


    2004 - Phoenix (R10)

    2005 - Atlanta (R3)

    2006 - Kansas City (R14)

    2007 - Anaheim (R8)

    2008 - Virginia Beach (R2)

    2009 - Columbus (R4)

    2010 - Phoenix (R10)

    2011 - Omaha (R14)

    2012 - Lake Buena Vista (R11)

    2013 - Loveland (R10)

    2014 - Hampton (R2)

    2015 - Columbus (R4)

    2016 - Columbia (R12)

    2017 - Omaha (R14)

    2018 - Phoenix (R10)

    2019 - Chattanooga (R3)

    2020 - Cancelled

    2021 - Las Vegas (R8)

    2022 - Omaha (R14)

    2023 - San Marcos (R6)


    Giving us:


    4 Nationals - Regions 10 and 14

    2 Nationals - Regions 2, 3, 4, and 8

    1 National - Regions 6. 11, and 12

    0 Nationals sponsored:  Regions 1, 5, 7, and 13.  Region 13, because of its nature, is unlikely to sponsor a Nats.


    Not going beyond satisfying my curiosity, but it is interesting to see which Regions have stepped up over the last two decades.  I am very appreciative of those Regions which have ... especially multiple times.  Good on you.

  8. Good point. 

    "Powered" entries are always interesting and they add to the quality of the contest.  The issue seems to be whether the contestant is going to be responsible for providing their own power ... or if the contest is going to subsidize them.  I was unaware that each Vegas powered entry cost the convention $110; that is quite a subsidy.

    HST, the option of an individual entrant "purchasing" power from the host site seems problematic.  It is one thing to pay for power; it is another to arrange and coordinate power for each powered entry.  Especially within the context of a contract with the host venue.  Who will arrange for the power -- the entrant or the host club's contest chairman?  What happens if an entrant decides, after arrangements have been made, that he doesn't want the power and doesn't pay ... or doesn't show up after arrangements have been made?  What happens if the entrant pays and then the venue doesn't provide the power -- with the common excuses about miscommunication and physical impossibility of providing power in a specific location with the required quality.

    I like the concept of having each powered entry be accompanied by its own independent power source ... provided by the entrant.  That places the responsibility for power on the entrant who decided to create a requirement for power.  And would, it seems, simplify the whole issue.

    Until someone wheels this in:

    Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator 9500 Rated and 12500 Peak Watts Gas or Propan...


  9. After attending closely to these interchanges, I conclude that the IPMS approach, although imperfect, is really pretty good.

    As I have said elsewhere, I was/am involved in a major national convention for another hobby.  The structure for that convention is that the National Office owns the convention while the local chapter largely organizes and executes it.  Thus National could and has and does direct various aspects of funding, programming, content, advertising, timing ... and theoretically has final say on most everything.  Which might be fair, because National signs all the contracts and pays all the bills.  So, if there is a disaster, National bites the bullet and our local chapter is financially in the clear.  The local club provides the foot soldiers and "middle management" for the national convention.

    HST, the issue here is that communication between National and the local club is critical, but has been problematic.  Thus, the local club makes decisions because someone has to and National -- which is not keeping itself constantly informed -- often asks if the decisions can be changed.  National can be pretty uninvolved until somebody at National wants to make a decision and discovers that it is really too late.  BTW, nobody has bid for 2023 or 2024 for a national convention.

    IPMS lays the responsibility on the local chapter ... where people know what is going on locally and can adapt and improvise and make timely decisions.  It seems that the IPMS Board pretty much runs the contest and has a few meeting and the local chapter does everything else ... and bears most of the financial responsibility.  It seems more efficient but is riskier for the locals.

  10. On 4/1/2022 at 8:25 PM, ShutterAce said:

    Once you interrupt a pattern of behavior it can be difficult to get it back. The fact that the process was interrupted for a year is most likely the cause...

    ...the convention has been a bargain for years. The cost is likely to rise greatly for the attendees in the near future. Perhaps it should have already. ...

    Interesting observations.  I quite agree that interrupted patterns are difficult to reestablish.  Whether the interruption was the primary cause is debatable; I personally don't adhere to that belief.  But it is, I think,, a factor.  Which leads us to ....

    In  other venues, on other threads, I have observed that the cost of attending a major convention has gone up, is going up. and will go up more.  My wife, who attends several in her areas of interest, has noted the same.  And we haven't factored in the cost of travel ... I checked some airline fares last night and noted that (1) they have really gone up, (2) flight availability and convenience has declined,  and (3) the flights are still filling up.  Combine that with the "cheap bastard" phenomenon and convention planners now have to be more concerned about attendance than previously.

    Yet another factor is the issue of having enough main convention hotel rooms to hold a significant fraction of the attendees, without regard to the cost.  My wife is attending a big quilting show/contest later this year and the convention hotel rooms went at $279  ... and sold out within three hours.  This fall, at another convention, the hotel has now released two additional blocks of rooms ... prices went from $129 to $159 to $189 ... and sold out.  However, even if the convention hotel is completely committed to the Con, it usually cannot hold enough attendees to make the convention a success -- there need to be some number of attendees staying at other hotels. 

    I have also noted that, in our neck of the woods, the number and the content of local contests has dwindled.  Apparently no regional again this year (BTW, IMHO, slapping a last minute "Regional" label onto an existing one day contest does not make it a Regional).  It seems that, other than the one day quickie, clubs have lost enthusiasm for larger, longer, more extensive contests.  I hold that the primary cause of lack of bids is the "let somebody else do it" zeitgeist.  If that spirit leads to a year without a Nats, IPMS will need to take a very hard look at what we are all about.

    It is getting interesting.

  11. 14:  Bases in General. Bases will be allowed in all categories and will not
    be considered in the judging, except in the Vignette/Diorama
    (Small/Large Composition) Categories. A base may be a piece of
    undecorated wood, plastic or glass or it may simulate the natural surface
    on which the prototype would be found. However, nothing other than that
    basic surface may be used. ...  Ships may be displayed in water (no dry
    docks). The base must not be the predominant feature of the entry and
    must be of a size proportionate to the model. ... So, if you want to compete in a single-subject category, don’t
    make a Vignette to see how far you can push the boundary


    In light of this, I note you have waves breaking over the sides of the model.  I'd say that moves the model from a simple water surface to an integrated kit/base .. Thus a vignette -- but the Head Ship Judge is the man who knows.  More problematic is the drilling out the cranes and funnel tops -- again, the Head Judge is the person who will make that decision.

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  12. On 2/2/2022 at 9:02 PM, jcorley said:

    From the minutes:

    "The board is open to proposals from all areas of the US to host the 2024 IPMS/USA National Convention. Hosting proposals can be put forth by individual chapters or regional "teams" with members from multiple chapters in key roles."


    Does this mean there are no bidders? What exactly does it mean?

    Yes, inquiring minds would like to know.

  13. To research — to buy.
    To build — perchance to enter: ay, there’s the rub!
    For in that toil of construct, what dreams may come
    When we have shuffled off to the Nats,
    BKB must give us pause.


    Hey, this is fun.  It is so fun, I demand a Shakespearean category ... which will have a BKB option.  One can enter Shakespeare's original remains as BKB ... or embellish them with shrouds and pointy shoes and pen and quill, resin or PE ... as a regular entry.  If you add Anne Hathaway, then it's a vignette.  Include the Globe and its a diorama.


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