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  1. Guys,


    I've been busy working on IPMS stuff, and haven't been as timely as I should when it comes to our Forums... Please Welcome our new "Cars, Trucks" Moderator to the Forums...


    Matt LeBlanc!


    For three years now, he's been stuffing me with models, crawfish, and good humor - so I had to get some payback, and put him to work on the Forums just to get him off my back!


    Thanks, Matt, for pitching in and helping us out on the Board!



    Congraz on getting the moderator post. It's a tough job, but someone has to keep us all in line. ROTFL!!!


    Dave Wahl

    #46035 :smiley20:

  2. :smiley17: Hello friends!.


    Here is an old work from the year 2006; Panzerbeobachtungswagen of Gunze Sangyo, 1/35. The profile is some different. The gun is a wooden dummy, just a placeholder so it's harder to pick it out vs. a regular gun tank.


    This version was identified as "Entwurf 3" (third proposal) for an Artillerie-Panzer-Beobachtungswagen Fahrgestell Panther in November 10-11/1942 and the test project was developed in 1943. Was an artillery Observation vehicle.


    I hope you like it!.




















    That is a very nice looking piece of Armor. A little too clean given the November time frame. Still, I'm a BIG fan of Panther tanks.


    Dave Wahl

    member #46035

  3. That's right, I finally finished this M-113A1 that has been languishing on my bench for awhile. Now it's finished and I'm sending her for delivery to my US Army.






    Thanks all for looking, and comments are welcome.



    That 113 is killer. I have a 113 ACAV in my stash thats asking to be built. Its from some British company and the tracks and wheels are all cast together, so it should make assembly fairly easy. We'll see. I still say that is a nice looking vehicle. :smiley20:


    Dave Wahl

    IPMS #46035

  4. Thanks Dave and Ed. Dave, I'm pleased with the ambulance as well. I can't wait to do my M-113 Ambulance so I can complete my display of the "Evolution of the Battlefield Ambulance".


    Ed thanks for the incredible compliment. Sometimes when I see no replies on some of my posts, I actually feel that nobody likes what I posted and they're showing it by not posting replies. Then I come to my senses and realize that most people don't always check every Forum, much less read everything posted on them. That is if they even come to these Forums every day.


    Anyway, I'm very glad to see yours and Dave's posts here. Your comments are very appreciated and go a long way to keeping me building.


    Now to go and finish two more.....



    Are you also planning on doing some WWI and WWII Style Ambulances. I saw some Model T style trucks that could be used as Ambulances, and there are several different trucks that can be used from the WWII era, and they are in 1/72. :smiley20:


    Dave Wahl

  5. Once again, I was able to marathon some building during another rainy day. Because of that, I was able to finish my three Shermans I'd been working on. I also picked up another set of Revell AG Humvees so I could use the decals and finish off at least one of these Humvees.


    Without further ado, I give you my latest Armor completed today.


    This first one is Dragon's 1/72 scale M4 Sherman with the wading stacks. It seems to have gotten a bit dirty while coming ashore:









    Next up is my Dragon 1/72 scale Sherman Firefly Ic:









    And my final Sherman is the Dragon 1/72 scale M4A4 made up in British markings this time:






    And just for fun, here are all three of my latest Shermans all together:









    I also managed to finish my Revell of Germany M-997 Maxi Ambulance. Here she is:









    There they are. My latest completed armor for this year now delivered to my armed forces.


    Thanks for looking, comments are welcome.



    Those are all beautiful vehicles. I am a big fan of 1/72-76 Armor, simply because I got no room for many large scale Armor. I think they are all great. Nice job on the Hummer ambulance. I really like how it turned out. Thanks for sharing. :smiley20:


    Dave Wahl

  6. :smiley22: In my opinion, the best Sci-Fi films have got to be the Star Trek series, including the new one coming out in May, I believe. Rest in peace DeForest, Mark, The Great Bird of the Galaxy, and any others whom I didn't know passed. I think they all have excellent special effects for there times. I also like the digitally enhanced original series.


    Dave Wahl

    IPMS #46035

    Kitbashers Model Car Club

    Wellsville, N.Y.

  7. Well, it is the New Year and I might as well post the progress I've made on some of my projects since the New Year began.


    I'll start with the three Shermans I worked on at Hobby Day. One pic of the Sherman with wading stacks didn't come out so I omitted that photo. I do have one photo of all three together though. As mentioned before, these are all at the photo etch stage:


    1/72 scale Dragon Sherman Ic:




    1/72 scale Dragon M4A4:




    My apologies for the fuzzy pics. I didn't have a tripod at Hobby Day.


    Here are the three Shermans together:







    Later on the next day, I managed to get some more work done on some other models. I now have four Humvees at about the same stage of construction. These first ones are the two 1/72 scale Dragon Humvees in the Factory. One is the basic Humvee with TOW, the other one is the TOW Humvee with ASK armor on it:




    Next are the two 1/72 scale RevellAG Humvees. One is the TOW Humvee and the other is the ambulance:




    And finally, the last model is my Christmas gift from my friend Dave O'Barr. This is the 1/72 scale Academy Stryker that is almost ready for a basecoat of green:




    That is my progress I've made so far. I hope to have more progress posted for you later.


    Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.

    :smiley20: Those are some sweet looking armor models. One question though, was that Stryker hard to build? My brother used to work on them at the G/D plant in Anniston, Al. and I have been interested in them since I saw some pix. Most of the model armor I have is in 1/72-76 so I check out all the 1/72 projects shown.


    Dave Wahl


    Kitbashers Model Car Club

    Wellsville, N.Y. :smiley14:

  8. Mark:


    I'm a big fan of 1/72 Armor, in fact, I have mostly 1/72 with a few 1/35 in the store room. I have a twopack of Hummers by dragon, both 998's, one as a regular transport truck, and the other as an armored truck. I also have a couple of Shermans, one an old AIRFIX and the other is HASEGAWA. I am planning on having a great time buildin them, although I have some other plans for NOREASTCON at the end of April. I probably won't win anything, but hell I go to the shows for the comradery.


    Dave Wahl

  9. Raisin:


    Those are some fantastic kits. Personally, I like the 55 and 56 Chevies in the photos. The custom style is right up my alley. One question though, What color is that on the rear end of the 56?? Is it a brown or a burgundy color? :smiley24:


    Dave Wahl

    Kitbashers Model Car Club

    Wellsville, N.Y.

  10. I havent been able to make much progress on my models lately, I went back to work (YAY!) at the begining of december and that has cut into my building.


    I did paint and foil the Starliners body for the second time! This is a replica of the car my Dad bought new back in '60 and i cant believe I didnt notice that his car did not have the rocker panel moldings! So......I did a second body removing the said moldings, now I dont know what to do with the first body I made!


    Anyways here it is.............

    Thanks for looking,












    You could always take the spare body and make either a NASCAR style racer or as an AWB style Drag car out of it. Just a couple of ideas.


    Dave Wahl

    Kitbashers Model Car Club

    Wellsville, N.Y.

  11. Took a break from my usual planes and quick built this one. It's a Revell snap tite kit that was given to me. I will say I was impressed with the molding and fit. It's better than most standard kits. The body finish is Alalcad duraluminum and the wheels are airframe aluminum. The stars and stripes were masked and painted with enamels. I was just having fun with this one for a change of pace. Comments welcomed...












    Looks like all you need is an Austin Powers figure from the 63 Corvette kit and maybe a Union Jack clad Jag XK120 with the female figure from the Austin Powers movie. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Raisin:


    Nice to see a familiar name here in the IPMS site. That is gonna be a nice looking Ford when you are done. I have the custom version of that kit, although I am at odds with what color to do her in. I am thinking of doing here like the one in the book "Here is your Hobby, Model Car Building". I believe it was done in a deep blue color and had enlarged rear wheel wells. What color is yours going to be??? Just curious, so I don't copy yours.


    Dave Wahl

    Member #46035

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