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  1. Have you given any thought to giving some of the parts a go with Carbon Fiber decals? Scale auto has a nice article on working with those kinds of decals in either this current issue or the one before it. That is a neat little version of a coooool car.



  2. Duke:


    Those are all some pretty nice looking vehicles. I think you did an admirable job on them all. I gotta get moving on my Armor, because I need to work on a Tiger I for a build in another group I'm in. I have about a dozen irons in the fire right now, and I need to take some quality time to work on them. I haven't taken any modeling time except at club meetings and I don't work to my full potential because of general B.S. sessions at the meetings. Good work anyway on all that armor.



  3. Duke:


    I just looked over all the pix of your projects and they are fantastic. I like your German recon set. I can't wait till they get dullcoated for the more realistic look to them all. I'm not as keen on ships, but I even like what you are doing there. I am getting ready to build a Tiger I for a group build in another group I'm in. Should be lots 'o fun. I will try to get pix when I'm finished.



  4. I'd like to see a 1/72-76 scale model of the V-100 M-706 commando Military police/ Air Force Security Police armored car. Could be nice for me and the "Iron Duke" something interesting to try.

  5. I still say you are the "Iron Duke" even though the vehicles are plastic. Those are indeed some nice looking armor pieces. Very well done indeed. I hope to be modeling again soon, as I only need a good light source on the modeling table to get things going. Made some progress last Saturday night, although not in Armor. I got some more work done on some Car kits I'm plugging along on. Maybe I'll be able to ge hold of a decent Digital camera, so I can start learning how to post pix here. We'll see.


  6. Built this for a friend in the business. It's AMT/ERTL's 1997 Ford F-150 extended cab.



    Added the following to interior:

    • modified radio & siren controls from AMT Chevy Caprice kit
    • wired microphone
    • PR-24 from Taurus kit
    • CruiserMate modified from clipboard in AMT Caprice kit






    The chrome was striped off the wheels and bumpers, afterwhich they were painted semi-gloss black. Code 3 MX7000 lightbar and A-post spotlight came from Lindberg Ford Crown Vic kit. IBM and Ohio licence plate are self-made using VitaCal decal paper. "Emergency" and roof number decals are from Chimneyville Hobbies. Interior painted British ocean grey and floor painted grimy black. Lightbar painted using Tamiya clears (green, red and yellow.)


    How in the world did you come up with the green lightbars? I have been looking around for different colored lights, but haven't been very successful. Nice job on the modern style truck. I need to try one of those some day.

  7. That;s right, seven armor models finished.


    Thanks all for looking, comments are welcome.







    You truly are the "Iron Duke". Those pieces are beautiful. I like the artillery pieces and the Armor. All of them are very nicely done. Where in the world do you find the time to do that many at one time? I have a hard time keeping track of a couple projects, let alone seven! LOLOLOL. You do have some talent there. Nice work. :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:

  8. I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times of you guys, but I'm new to this forum and I always ask this of the new people I meet. Why did you get into making models? And what do you make? For me I always loved ships, not sure why. Maybe its their power and weight. Maybe its the way the slide through the water. Anyways, I look forward to your responses. Thanks for your time. Brian M.


    Well, Brian, to answer the first question, I used to model to get away from the troubles of reality-work, money, bills etc., Now its just a matter to get up there and try to build something. Mostly its during Club meetings that I get most building done, where I'm not distracted by life in general.


    Now the WHAT.


    1/24-25 scale cars and trucks, mostly Hot Rods and Customs, with a few stock models thrown in for good measure.


    1/72 scale WWII Aircraft. Mostly Fighters with a couple of early jets and a single WWI Fighter thrown in. Also have a couple 1/48 planes in the mix. These were given to me as they didn't know what scale I built.


    1/72 scale WWII armor, mostly American, British and German Armor and Halftracks, and Softskins. Also have a few 1/35 scale Armor that was given to me or I won as Doorprizes at contests.


    I also have Three ships to make. 1. PT109 simply because I like those boats. 2. Revell USS Ward going to be converted to resemble my late Father-in-laws ship from WWII. He was on the old Flush Deck Destroyers before and during the war. I have some of his pictures from the time period and plan on using them in building the ship. 3. An old Lindberg box scale model of the German pocket Battleship Scharhorst.


    I have been building since I was around 8 or 9, so I have seen my share of things come and go. :smiley17::smiley12::smiley17:

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