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  1. Bob, I love how your Nomad turned out. It is a killer ride. I have a 65 Chevelle wagon that I'm doing "surf style". I got a few surf boards from looking around for spare parts bags while shopping at our local IPMS show, BUFCON. I always manage to snag several sets of parts bags while there, and managed to get several surfboards in the search. Plus theres also the boards you get with the Surf Woody and the '41 Ford woody. Those are all good alternatives.



  2. I went to Bufcon this past April. I managed to get my hands on some nice kits. I won a Polish WWII era tank in 1/35scale, and purchasedan AMT/Round2 repop of the double Dragster kit,an Airfix WWI British tank, two Revell triple kits of WWI fighters, and a couple older modeling mags. I didn't find any parts boxes or Car Model magazines like I have in the past. All in all, I still had a gtreat time, as always.



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  3. I was thinking the other day at work what that Woodie would look like with a slight custom treatment done to it. Use the extra grill treatment from the new 48 coupe kit and dress it up. Just set it up as a mild street rod. I think it would be pretty cool to see. I'd like to try all three (Coupe, Ragtop, and Woodie) with the Rod treatment from both the Coupe and Roadster kits.



  4. Duke:


    I'd still be doing some braggin if I won that many times. I know you saw my 1/72 Kubelwagen that I took 2nd place with at Buffcon a few years back. That is still one of my big accomplishments. With the volume you produce, you should get more prizes. Have you ever entered the Nationals, or do you do just the Local/Regional type shows? Just curious.



  5. Lets see:


    All AMT car and truck kits from 1959-66 including Stylines and JR. Craftsman kits in 1/25


    Monogram 1/24 and 1/32 car kits from the 60s


    Revells early fighter plane three packs of both WWI & WWII planes


    Between the wars American Armor in 1/72


    Those would make me very happy to find out for sale.



  6. Dude, I'm liking how that Little Deuce turned out. Now ya need to do up a Green Hornet, a Blue Beetle ( In the newer package, but painted in the Blue/White color scheme), and a Black Widow to add to the collection. Now I only wish they'd come out with a re-hash of the Red Chariot and the Yellow Jacket. That would be totally sweet. Nice job anyway.



  7. Donnie:


    I really like both the before and after pix. The original color is sweet, but, like you stated, you had an accident and the model was damaged beyond a regular re-build and the new color is nice as well. Congrats on both contests you took it to. Best I'v ever been able to do has been a third in the shows in Buffalo (Buffcon) and Watkins Glen ( former Glen Modeling Experience) but thats cool anyway. Nice job.



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