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About Me

Good grief.
I've been building plastic models since I was a kid, starting around 1958 when I was ten years old.
I think my first model kit was a Revell USS Franklin D Roosevelt, CV-42. Testors tube glue and a 4-pak of Pactra 'ship model' paint and I was off to the races.
I build nearly everything that interests me.
Airplanes: are my favorites, esp. 1/72nd scale
Armor: but i sometimes I lose patience with all the little parts
Ships: always satisfying
Automobiles: are the most challenging of all

I was a regular Army enlisted soldier during the Viet Nam war where I served as a crew chief and gunner on UH-1D slicks with the 25th Infantry Division and later on a UH-1C (rockets and guns) with the 101st Airborne (A Btry 4/77 ARA). I spent 18 months in-country and accumulated 1250 combat and combat support flight hours.

I joined the Navy at the age of 33 and retired after 17 years. I was an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and served with Fighter Squadron Eleven, Fighter Squadron Fourteen, Patrol Squadron Thirty-One, and I was the IM-2 Division officer (airframes and powerplants) on the USS Enterprise CVN-65. I was on staff at COMNAVAIRLANT and finished my navy career as XO of NAMTRAGRUDET Oceana VA.

I've sailed under the Golden Gate bridge 27 times. I became a Shellback on my first of four extended deployments and I've been to every continent except Antarctica.

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