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In nutshell I spent that last 30 years as an electrician and musician. I started building models when my dad introduced me to it at age 5 with our first model a Lindberg B-24 and every year after on my birthday and at Christmas mom and dad would buy me a kit. then like many of us after I turned 16 it kind of fell to the way side. Joined the Army and after was in the twilight zone. I did build a few kits but never seem to have the time or make time. During that period I started to paint D&D figures by the end of the 80's I had collected over 25 - 30 kits and into a box they went having good intentions to build them. Along the way I ended up donating most of the kits to the Boy's Club of America saving only 10. Those kits along with a dozen figures traveled with me all over until recently in 2020 -2021 with my 2nd wife we were going through boxes and I rediscovered these kits and figures. She thought it would be great for me to take it back up which made the kid in me smile. So here I am Soon to retire and taking up something I really enjoy

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