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  1. Have to agree once scales start getting smaller they become quite challenging, On the other hand larger scales have their challenges too. Very nice work Kevin!
  2. Since joining last year I've been working on some figures to improve my skills in this area. While I also need to improve my skills at model building overall one of my weaknesses that really needed attention is painting figures. My wife and daughter decided to challenge me (why oh why do they do this?) and having never made a diorama one of the pieces came with such a small base I needed to make a larger one. It's very basic and my first attempt for the Hermit Mage and Dog. The other 3 are on their respective bases. The Banshee Queen, The Female Elf Mage and the Necromancer. All of these are 3D printed. I really liked how his book came out. The Elf Mage and Banshee are 75mm Scale while the Necromancer and Hermit are 53mm. More to come....
  3. Beautiful work on the detailing and incorporating LED lights. I'll now go back into my closet and work on my skills LOL
  4. Some really nice looking kits in this thread. Carlos I see a potential Battle of the Bulge diorama with the WWII US Army figurines. How is the detail of the figures? I've seen a lot of MiniArt on Ebay and online hobby stores but never got any. I feel an investment coming on. That Tigercat should be fun little build Beautiful kits Mark I too like those old box covers they bring me back to the days when I was a kid.
  5. Well got a couple nice little items from EBay and a very nice ICM kit on Christmas from my wife. The ModelKasten M42 tracks for My T34/85, The Dragon Models Jagdpanther was a nice snag when Seller made a nice offer Same with the R35 and some French Infantry plus other odds and ends.
  6. Thanks Mike, I saw the email and finally had a moment to get things set up and a copy of my membership. I'm finally getting a chance to get to the forums so I just want to acknowledge you and Marie especially having to handle all us little boys 🙂 After I retire in June and decompress from years of having no time I am looking forward to eventually meeting members and attending some the shows. In the meantime I need to work on skills lol
  7. Happy holidays all, I signed up over a month ago and have not heard or seen anything in regards to my membership. Payment was made and it was received. I know things take time but honestly I would like to know please. Thank you
  8. I just joined over the weekend and received a confirmation but no member # Can someone check into this please Thanks
  9. Thanks Rusty The Sprue for applicators is a great idea! Looking at my storage shelf of future kits I have ample stock Ralph, thanks have to agree If its good enough for Sheppard. I'll check out those sites for sure. My wife agreed she uses those sites for her brushes as well as Jerry's Artarama The eye of the needle is another excellent idea. I'll have to get a set that I can modify. I have used wire for alot of different things I'll have to restock my wire supply Paperclips will now get repurposed and reshaped into applicators as well. WE can never have enough tools. Yes in person lets you see whether it meets the standard. A lot of places like Michaels and the closest hobby store (hobbyhut) are 50 miles away. We have a local Clubb store here but the quality is not there as far as brushes and other items. They don't have much in their hobby aisles. Anyway I'll have to make the trip there after the holidays I was wondering about Army painter I'll have to check them out Thanks guys great idea's Thanks again
  10. Having just returned this year to model building and figure painting I had roughly 20 brushes that while not in terrible condition were going to be replaced. These brushes were made in the USA and have held up fairly well over the past 30+ years even though they are Sable, camel and red sable hair brushes. So I decided to try various new brushes to have on hand both Synthetic and hair brushes. I have to say I was deeply disappointed with ones being made in China, The hair brushes would splay, and shed. They are poorly made and the synthetic ones also made in China were on the "meh" scale such as flat brushes that were not exactly flat more of filbert shape even though they are listed as flat and pointed brushes having strands that were curled and slightly longer than the tip. The latter ones were not noticeable till I used them. Needless to say I will end up trashing them or abuse them as dry brushes. These new brushes didn't even compare to my older brushes. I did also get new brushes from AmmoMIG and a Marta Kolinsky. The Ammo ones I like and I'll be using the new 5/0 Marta this weekend. I am interested in hearing what brushes Brand wise other modelers are using. Synthetic or Hair? Also using applicators I have used toothpicks for applying glues in tight spots but sometimes it's a a pain and I wonder if some the applicators I see online in the hobby stores are worth using or is their another trick/technique I might be missing
  11. Thanks all. So lets see for Figurines at the moment I have old Ral Partha's a witch, griffon, dwarf, undead horse with rider and sorcerer that are either not painted just primed or in some stage of being painted when I stopped. I have a Red Dragon my wife got me for my Birthday this year, a storm giant (sea side) and a wizard that are done (see attached) and a lot of 1/35th scale WWII figures that are in process as I learn to paint faces. Good thing I have lots of them 🙂 As for Compressor I am using an Iwata Silver Jet which is working great and very quiet considering I have tinnitus from years of abuse between playing in bands and working in construction as an electrician. On a shelf waiting to be built are 2 more 1/48 BF109's (another Hasegawa or should I call it horror-gawa lol and a Tamiya), 6 - 1/35th Tanks & tank destroyer, 3 - 1/35th Jeeps (1 US Army 2 German), and 10 Nozur's figurines that wife got me I like WWII era planes and Tanks. D&D Figurines. As for becoming a member thats the plan and good to know I definitely want to go to a show was going to see the one in Nebraska but it conflicts with other plans but after I retire next summer I'll have more time to enjoy
  12. Greetings all from the western slopes of CO. 30 years ago I stopped building models when I was just starting to get pretty good at it after doing it since I was 5 or 6. I won't get into the long tale as many of us have lived it (1st wife thought it was childish) 30 years later and a new and improved wife We discovered a box in storage I have been hauling around for 30 years with models and figurines. Imagine my surprise that the kits still unbuilt survived the many moves but some of the kits I had in the process of being built bought the farm. Now they're spare parts. Oh and my paints did not make it either My wife thought that I should take it back up again. So I started doing some research, subscribed to FSM again (very sad 6 months instead of 12 now), started buying new paints, tools, an airbrush ( an H&S gravity feed to accompany my old badger siphon) and a compressor!! I was amazed at all the changes that have happened since 1990. All the after market kits and tools that have improved (compressor?? last time I as using compressed air cans and I am pretty sure they were not environmentally friendly) not to mention that Floquil is not around and paints like Vallejo, Ammo-MIG etc. have taken up the mantle of making quality paints. I decided to see if there were any forums. I remember always seeing IMPS in my old Fine Scale and Military model mags and found this site. I haven't officially joined yet, but it is my game plan along with learning how to build and paint kits again. So thats my short version. We all have very long versions 🙂 Anyway my question to members is "Does a member of IMPS have to enter contest or can they just enjoy the comradery of other fellow modelers, get some tips to improve while contributing to a great hobby? Stay safe and keep building
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