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  1. I have a Hasagawa Bf 109-G , which is not big deal to build. However, for a project I have every aftermarket improvement doo-dad that I could find. Plus I am planning a complicated winter camo and decal motif, (Gruppenkommandeur Horst Carganico Mickey Mouse). I tried something similar in 2009 but it was a bust so I resolve to try try again.



  2. I joined IPMS last year after resuming my on and off romance building models, when as a "mature" man I wanted to hone my skills over and above the past.


    I started building models after my father, career USN, introduced me to the hobby with some USN jets. The first plane I built at age 6 was a Revell Douglas A-3D Skywarrior. I can still remember it after all these years - I loved the box illustration and had it on my different bedroom walls for years. I continued building through college years but then life moved on and building models did not. Only one plane survives on my shelf from those days; a Tamiya (I think) Brewster Buffalo B-339, that I inaccurately built as a Model 239 in Finnish service.




    Thirty years later I start again. The kids are older and don’t need me, my wife is fine with a harmless hobby, (I don’t think she realizes how much I have spent on tools, supplies, after market stuff and a small stash. I am not going to tell her!), and work is not so all encompassing that I am paralyzed. I have space available in my home to build a man cave, and don’t look back. Since 2006 I have built twelve 1/48 planes, mostly Axis, and ten 1/48 armor kits, mostly Axis soft side.




    And wow am I happy doing this! And I have learned an awful lot from IPMS. Thanks one million!

  3. Like many people, I started building models as a young boy and thereafter moved into and out of the hobby through out my life. Currently I am building 1/48 WWII Axis planes and support equipment. Why? I think in order to be alone in an otherwise chaotic (normal) life. While anarchy reigns at work and home, I can slip into my man-cave and go one-on-one with my plastic. I am accountable to myself and produce for myself. Success is what I make it. No one complains if something doesn't quite works out, except perhaps me and I am pretty easy on myself.


    In fact, that might be the bottom line - I am pretty easy on myself.


    And I keep getting better with the models I make.



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