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  1. I was tremendously saddened to read this, although it was not a complete surprise. All good things come to an end. I grew up in Irving in the 50's and 60's and my Saturdays, from age 8 or so onward, were spent going to the Saturday matinee at the Irving Theater across the street and then wandering to MAL to spend whatever I had left of my allowance while waiting for my parents to pick me up. I remember Sr and mom, as well as Jr quite well. The shop would let us modelers display our 'creations' in the display case in the front of the shop for a few weeks, rotating models out as other kids brought in assembled kits. I learned about Airfix kits and Floquil (sp?) model paints at MAL and remember watching Jr build his HO scale layout in the front of the shop. I also bought a few Tyco and Bachman HO scale engines and rolling stock when I switched from plastic kits to HO scale railroading. MAL was a tremendous part of my childhood and early adulthood and I loved every minute I spent there. Later in life, I also acquired two of Sr's balsa kits, the 'Flying Aces' 'Mr Mulligan' and 'Al Williams Gulfhawk', both of which are absolutely great kits. So many memories of the Seays and MAL. RIP Jr, and also MAL. The end of an era.
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