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  1. Just IMHO but 2'x2' doesn't seem too much to me. It's literally a ceiling tile or 1/4th of an 8 foot table. Guess the answer is to read carefully and maybe email the organizers early to find out special rules for the event.

  2. That looks great and I have a thousand questions because I'm starting a similar project with 2 1/48th scale F-105's.

    1) What are the 1:1 scale dimensions of the walls. I know you said you went thicker because of the speaker but what are the original dimensions? I havent been able to find a source so far.

    2) Did you make the sign on the wall?


    Can't wait to see the rest of this! Great Job!

  3. I'm starting work on a Vietnam era scene with a 1/48 F-105D and I ran into two questions I'm struggling to find the answers to.

    1) Part of the scene is a tire change. Looking at modern tire changes on small A/C I see maintenance using a bottle jack on the bottom of the landing gear to lift the plane. Was that the practice in '66 with these jets or was there more to it?

    2) I know from a few pictures I've found so far that the jets had starter carts, what were their designation?


    Thanks in advance for any help

  4. I know IPMS rules state that a dio can't be more than 3'x3' without permission from the contest but whats average? I've never been to a contest before so I'm not knowledgeable. listening to a podcast the other night and the host seemed to feel that dio modelers go through a phase of wanting to make things big and it seemed like it was frowned upon. I fit into this category so help! lol


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